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Category: Fiction, Mystery

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Title: Nick PT Barnum - Cross-Over Murders
Author: Frank Atanacio

When illegal aliens (foreigners we presume, not extra-terrestrials) are used to replace unionised workers somebody sets out for revenge. A series of murders takes place in Bridgeport in mysterious circumstances. This is arguably one of the best in the Nick PT Barnum series.

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Category: Action, Fiction, Mystery

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Title: Wiretap
Author: Valerie Biamonte

Amanda Stephens creates business plans to help companies in trouble. In this economy, there's no lack of business. Unfortunately, she's the one in trouble now!

Homicide Detective Lou Mason shows up at Amanda's firm with a warrant for her surveillance footage. He also asks for a date. Her firm gathers much of their information through surveillance then suggests new directions for upper-management. Her newest client-Moyer Metals-has a different problem: one of their employees was just murdered on their property.

Police arrest a Moyer employee whose brother is a high-powered defense attorney-and Amanda's old sweetheart. He's determined to win his brother's case and Amanda's heart. Amanda and business partner Julio continue their work for Moyer. While reviewing audio files, Amanda overhears a second worker die a painful death. She calls Lou and their date becomes an investigation.

When the suspect makes bail, Julio goes missing, and the killer stalks Amanda-can she come up with a plan to save herself?

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: Action, Adventure, Mystery

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Title: Curtin Express
Author: Mike Dixon

. David Paget should have been more careful when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Australia. The contents look too old to be threatening. But appearances can be deceptive. Like a genie from a bottle the past rushes in. Events develop with alarming speed and David is propelled on a mad flight through the vastness of Australia, pursued by hired killers. His friends mount a rescue operation. To succeed, they must delve into the past and uncover the reason for David's plight. Mystery thriller. Free as ebook for a limited time.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction

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Title: The Two Mrs. Hendersons
Author: Sharon Oliver

Strange how tragedy, infidelities and one very mysterious door can keep two people together? Lyle and Lucinda Henderson's household is anything but pleasant. Penny Henderson, who has worked a maid for Lucinda, feels as if she has been in their employ for what seems like an eternity. Maybe she has.

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Ebook Type: ePUB
Category: Mystery

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Title: The Keystone
Author: Ethan Holmes

When you go to live at The Keystone, you're supposed to die at The Keystone. No one gets real excited when people die of apparent causes at the hotel until the residents start "riding the gargoyle", "bird-caging" or disappearing in the elevators. That attracts the unwanted attention of the State of Pennsylvania and The Keystone is suddenly in danger of going belly up instead of being a cash cow for Violetta Carbona and the rest of the family that comprises the board of directors.
Titus Kofi, private investigator and former cop gets called in to investigate suspected embezzlement at The Keystone and finds himself embroiled in controversy with local law enforcement as they point their investigation in every direction but the right one.
It's up to Titus to find out who is behind the multiple and bizarre murders at The Keystone.

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Ebook Type: ePUBAudio Included,
Category: Fiction, Mystery, Romance

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Title: Broken Branches
Author: Brenda M. Spalding

Broken Branches is set in present day Salem Ma in the weeks running up to Halloween.

Megan Halloway travels to Salem from her art gallery in NY to attend the funeral of her grandmother .

Thigs are not as they seem with strange occourances in the house Megan inherits.

Saved by a stranger for a speeding vehicle she feel an unexplainable connection to her savior. Did she know him him from before in some past life.

Since recieving her grandmothers Claddagh ring at the reading of the will she is plagued by visions of the past. Is it her past?

The ring comes with a letter from her Gran set in a riddle.

Will the riddles help sovle her Gran's murder? Why kill an old lady?

When Gran's best friend and head of the Salem Historical Society is also killed she wonders if they are connected. Did the friend know something?

The old house suffers a series of break-ins. What is in the old house of value?

Megans visions of the past  lead her to solve the riddles and find a future she never dreamed of.


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Category: Adventure, Children, Mystery

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Title: The Mystery on Lighthouse Island
Author: Robin Rowles

The Mystery on Lighthouse Island, is Book 1 of: The Fabulous Four Mystery Series:

This children's and adventure series is set in 1960s Britain. It will delight children of all ages.

The Fabulous Four are: Julian (11), Lucy (10), and Anne and Stan (6). The children are feeling very excited about their school summer holidays!

Their initial holiday plans have to be changed at the last moment - due to an unexpected and frightening event!

However, all is not lost for the expectant children. Another unexpected family event creates another opportunity for them!  They are soon enjoying a lovely family holiday, down on the coast with their Aunt Alice and Uncle John.

Julian, Lucy, Anne and Stan are delighted when they discover that their Uncle John works as a lighthouse-keeper on Lighthouse Island. 

And, even more exciting - the children discover a mystery on Lighthouse Island!

Will the Fabulous Four be able to track down the culprits? Will justice be done? - It's time to find out!

Join The Fabulous Four on their fun, challenging and surprising adventures. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

This story is an entertaining and cozy mystery. It is suitable and ideal for family reading.

There is no violence or bad language in this story - only fun, excitement, challenges and adventure!


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Category: Mystery, Romance, Thrillers

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Title: Lydia's Secret
Author: Ditter Kellen

Lydia's Secret is fast paced and thrilling yet emotionally touching. This story takes place in and around Atlanta in the middle of a winter storm. Lydia Hughes seems to be an every day Joe Average with a normal job and life until one dark and stormy night in a dark alley where she is attacked, then saved within a matter of seconds. This is only the beginning as her mind begins to unravel and her normal life changes forever. Full of vivid characters such as vampires and shifters, Lydia gets involved in something she could have never imagined, a past that she never knew existed. A past that has come calling. Lydia's daughter, Jacie, also gets involved while touching the hearts of everyone she meets. There are twists and turns around every corner and Lydia and Jacie are caught in the center of it all. If you like thrillers and suspense with a touch of humor and hot romance, then this is a story for you. So... step into a world of Vampires and Shifters and blur the line between lust, love and deception.

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Category: Mystery, Romance, Sports

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Title: Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track
Author: Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Sports Crime Romance Novel, Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track. During the turbulent years of 1960s, the rise of a new generation of alternative lifestyles and greed occurred. At the end of the decade a murder 
shocked Toronto community when Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison witnessed the killing of her fiance, an American draft dodger at Woodbine Racetrack.

Frannie Harrison, the youngest child of a wealthy but alcoholic and dysfunctional family, sets out to find her own life. Ultimately, she ends up in Yorkville Village, Toronto's hippie community, filled with drop-outs and losers, druggies and draft-dodgers. Young and innocent, she falls in love with an ambitious American who works at Woodbine Racetrack and convinces Frannie to take a job there. Suspecting that he is into drug dealing in a small way, she is by no means prepared to witness his violent murder, days before they are to be married. 

Devastated, she grieves, stuggling with denial and complicated relationships before escaping to Europe, leaving her friends behind. 

Unable to conquer the demons from living a life on the fast track, she travels until petitioned for trial. Frannie returns to Toronto to deal with the painful ordeal, a murder trial sufficating with courtroom drama that produces shocking testimonies.

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Category: Fiction, Mystery, Entertainment

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Reviewed by lekan on 2016-06-04
My Rate 4
great book, i love this book. well its cool for everyone.

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Title: The Broken Wings of Forgiveness
Author: Richard Shekari

Michael, a humble, devoted, kind and a caring father was struck by a tragedy that weakens his faith in good. He abandons everything to seek and sever cold justice to those behind it. As he joins forces with a powerful and mysterious deity on the condition that he has to save mankind and most importatntly, track down his real enemies. The battle he faces makes him embrace his sole purpose in life, but what he later discovers will either make him or break him.


                    About the Author

Richard Shekari is a song writer, singer and poet from Abuja, Nigeria. He is a humanitarian officer officer with the National Emergency Management Agency and an architect by profession.

Richard Shekari enjoys sci-fi, comedy and adventure movies. He is also a recording artist and has been writing from a young age.

You can search for his single Celebrate Life by Rex Razor.

Please if you enjoy this book kindly share link with friends.

Thank you for your profound support

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