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Title: Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia: Start winning matches against players you've never beaten before
Author: Tomaz Mencinger

The only way to quickly improve your tennis is to play a smarter tactical game. In fact, smarter play is what separates champions from average tennis players...

"The Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia"
"Start Winning Against Players You've Never Beaten Before!"

This is an ebook in Adobe PDF format that you can immediately download to your computer.
It is truly an encyclopedia of tennis strategies and tactics for every level of play, whether you are a beginner or an expert tennis player.

Actually as you will discover expert players base most of their game on very simple tactics that are suitable even for beginners. And only on top of those basic patterns they choose more advanced and expert tactical combinations.

So the encyclopedia teaches players of every level how to play better tennis and use their potential to the maximum.

Then what can you learn from it?

You get more than 100 pages of condensed and organized information showing you:

  • The secret to playing good tennis (It's NOT trying to beat your opponent!)
  • Learn the basic tennis tactics that Roger Federer and Andre Agassi used 64% of the time in their 2005 US Open final.
  • The 6 general tennis strategies that
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Category: Manuals, Mind, Psychology

Top Tactics To Easily Aviod Procrastination

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Title: Top Tactics To Easily Aviod Procrastination

Now YOU Can Finally Figure Out How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Accomplishing. Order Today!

Don't put off another task, job or the time you finish reading this manual, you'll be able to handle ANYTHING put in front of you!

Top Tactics To Easily Aviod Procrastination
Dead in its Tracks

Completely Unique Solutions to Fix That Procrastinating!

2 Of The Main Benefits to Kicking Procrastination to the Curb

1) It increases productivity and more things tend to get done.

This one was pretty much a given, but it's definately the truth. If you don't procrastinate, things get done. On top of that, you become less likely to put other things off in the future, which creates a trickle down effect to all areas of your life.

2) Less anxiety and more enjoyment

Sure, the things you procrastinate about may not give you more enjoyment, but the time away from those tasks will be alot more enjoyable. Without the anxiety and stress of trying to avoid doing something that needs to be done, you can enjoy the rest of your time much more.

Here is what you will discover inside this manual...

  • What are the results of procrastination? Now that you know why you might be procrastinating, you'll find out what can happen as a result. Do you know how detrimental procrastination
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Mind

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Title: Miracle Mind Manifesting Program
Author: Erik J. Loebl

Miracles are only a shift in consciousness away!
Are you ready to make that shift?

Below are just SOME of the wealth of insights you will discover in the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program:

  • Discover why most people get visualization wrong and the essential secrets of visualization if you want to massively accelerate the pace of manifesting your desires.
  • Why having fun will attract success like iron-filings to a magnet! Let play pave your way to success.
  • How to 'create the space' in your reality for your dream to manifest
  • How to create a compelling 'master goals' list
  • What fuels all the juicy, positive thoughts and feelings integral to manifesting your goals
  • 2 Powerful Meditations so you can directly implement the techniques, work directly with your subconscious mind and engage the law of attraction on all levels in a tangible effortless way.
  • How to create a 'Vision Template' and 'Synergy Template' of your desired goals to effectively encode them in your unconscious mind to maximize your manifesting success.
  • The essential difference between desire and need and why they are poles apart when it comes to attracting what you want
  • Why abundance consciousness is your natural state
  • How exercise can be used for energising your goals
  • How you ask the universe for what you
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Category: Health, Mind

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Title: Memory Loss or Cognitive Malfunction
Author: Anne Mills

Management of Memory Loss or Cognitive Malfunction is no longer a Secret

Memory failure is well documented as a symptom of CFS/FM and sometimes the devastating effect on the sufferer is alluded to, but it is actually terrifying - you cannot recall the simplest things that you know so well, and start to believe that you cannot function as a person as such a basic attribute has disappeared.

Inability to articulate is the result of various cognitive functions not performing. We cannot understand what is said to us, we cannot fathom words, pictures or diagrams, we cannot call on our former vocabulary and even simple words elude - if we dare to speak it is likely to be gibberish. When we are able to seize a word, pronunciation often goes haywire. Our confidence evaporates, we become mute.

Selections taken from this ebook

More recently, I have been using a PDA/Pocket PC as my 'memory'. It is a miniature computer and phone that is easily popped into a pocket or bag, or clipped to a waistband. The best feature is that it comes with a multitude of alarms and reminders. Each alarm has a subject field attached so when alerted to something, they also tell me what to do!

More permanent alarms can be set for a time for every day of the week for regular items, such as "Take p.m. supplements" with other alarms that can be set as required such as "Phone Betty".

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Category: Mind, SEO and Promotion

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Author: Brad Callen

"Finally, SEO Master Reveals His Private,'Slap-Proof', Tactics for
Staying On Top of Google & Creating a Massive Flow of Buyers Cash In Hand... 100% Guaranteed!"

Inside, you will discover...

  • How to make your site totally IMMUNE to "Google Slaps". Even better, you will love the slaps because you'll move up as the fad sites get shoved out the door!
  • How search engines "think" because when you understand this, you know exactly what to give them to make them happy...
  • The 3 key factors Google uses to establish your page ranking and the specific type of anchor text Google expects to see to really boost your site up.
  • How to customize your SEO strategy for maximum effectiveness. Despite what some people say, every site must take a custom approach and I tell you exactly how to do it.
  • What are the true search engine ranking factors and exactly how to maximize them on your site for "Front-Page" treatment...
  • A complete "Master SEO Plan" that will position your site on top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for years to come. (Naturally, you get the traffic and sales that come with it too)
  • The ONE true way to get indexed as fast as possible and boost your rankings at the same time
  • What easy tweaks and changes you can make to your web pages today so Google falls in with them tomorrow (and blasts your site up
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Category: Education, Mind

The Speed Reading Monster Course

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Title: The Speed Reading Monster Course

"How to Effectively Double Your Reading Speed and Accelerate Your Learning Abilities to the Extreme!"

Trivia: Did you know that some people can read more than a thousand words per minute as compared to an average college student who can only read between 250 and 350 wpm?

That's true!

Anyone can double their speed in reading without the fear of not being able to understand the materials being read.

Most people find reading rapidly difficult and risky. They are afraid that as they increase the speed of reading, they might not be able to grasp the idea of what they are reading.

That's why they have to settle with slow reading speed that makes them finish a novel over a month, or worse, not being able to find what they are looking for in an academic textbook for an assignment in school before the due date.

What they do not know is that, according to studies, the relationship between reading speed and comprehension is directly proportional to each other. That is, an increase in rate entails an increase in comprehension.

Want to double your reading speed and increase your understanding of the materials being read? Then take a look at this:

The Speed Reading Monster Course: Accelerate Your Reading and Learning Abilities to the Extreme!

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Category: Mind


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Title: Dreams

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Mean?

Unlock the Power of Your Mind by Interpreting Your Dreams!

Dear Friend,

Are you like hundreds of other people out there who want to know what their dreams are telling them? Are you struggling with a problem and don't know how to solve it? Do you have unresolved issues and are unsure which way to go to tackle them?

Do you have a dream that you can't explain? Are you worried by a nightmare or concerned that a bad dream may be a portent of the future? Do you have a particularity nasty dream that keeps coming back to haunt you?

It's likely that your subconscious is trying to draw your attention to an unresolved issue that needs sorting out. Perhaps with a little help and guidance from this book, you could get to the bottom of what it is that's behind that dream.

Believe it or not, your sub-conscious talks to you through your dream images. When you unlock the mystery of the dream world, you will gain an insight into yourself and your life that you have never known! Our book "Dreams" will teach you how to open that knowledge and put it to use in your life.

This E-Book Provides A Wealth Of Information About Your Dreams In One Neat Little Package!

What can you learn in this e-book? More than you can imagine!

  • How to remember your dreams
  • Expert theories on
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Mind, Self Help

Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

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Title: Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

Fact: Memory is like a muscle - the more it is used, the better it gets; and the more it is neglected, the worse it gets.

"How to Easily Remember Names, Faces, Numbers, Events, and Almost Any Information - Using Simple yet Powerful Techniques Even a 12-Year Old Can Apply!"

Dear friend,

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you find it difficult to recognize someone you've been acquainted to earlier?
  • Have you ever experienced forgetting the next few lines to utter in an important speech?
  • Do you always have to look for your friend's phone number in your address book before dialing his number?
  • Do you have a hard time passing the exams because you just can't seem to recall the lessons you've studied?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then your memory needs some work. Some might say, "So I have a bad memory. No big deal."

What some might not know is that unless affected by injury or illness...

"No One is Born with a Bad Memory. It Just Needs to Be Sharpened to Improve Its Efficiency"

Contrary to the belief of many people that sharpening your memory takes a lot of time and effort, you don't have to be a genius to quickly know, understand, and recall what you have read or learned.

Can you imagine what your life would be

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Mind

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Title: Creative Problem Solver
Author: Amanda Goldston

"How to Generate a Flood of Creative Ideas to Quickly and Easily Solve Any of Life's Challenges..."

Creative Problem Solver Workbook and Audio Relaxation Package

Imagine If:

You could tap into the same level of creativity as an 11 year old child who got her own internet business up and running in under 21 days.

You could come up with a flood of creative and original ideas just when you need them to finish off a business or work project.

You could thoroughly explore potential options BEFORE having to make any important decisions and know with Crystal Clear Certainty how to go forward? How much more effective could you be?

You could find creative, constructive ways to deal with difficult people.

How to get maximum benefit from this package 

  • Then put your feet up, relax and turn it over to your Creative Mind to refine your ideas or to come up with something even better.
  • Use the workbook to generate as many ideas as you can logically- beware of judging them too soon!
  • Remember to take ACTION on the fabulous ideas you have just generated.

Be prepared for inspirational ideas to pop into your head at any time.

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Ebook Type: Audio Included,
Category: Mind, Psychology

Unleashing the Creative New You!

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Title: Unleashing the Creative New You!

Attention: Now you can think like a genius!

"Who Else Wants to Develop Super Creative Abilities to Generate Highly Innovative Ideas, Solve the Most Difficult Problems With Ease, and Attain Enormous Success in Life?"

They snickered as I strode the length of the conference room, to the podium. I was prepared to address the committee.

"Is this some kind of joke?" whispered a fellow associate, as I moved past him. I was new in the department, and have not yet bowled them over with my great ideas.

"Not exactly an idea generator, what's that person trying to prove?" muttered one of the department supervisors.

I laid the folder containing my presentation on the podium, and opened it slowly. Clearing my throat, I said, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming."

I looked into the eyes of my new co-workers and saw a mixture of amusement, disbelief, and bafflement. It's true I have not exactly wowed my new team with my contributions since I was hired.

What they didn't know was that I've been keeping something from them. Should I tell them about the secret of my success?

I smiled at the assembled committee and began to lay out my ideas for the company's new advertising campaign. Mouths started dropping. Folks started nodding and smiling. Soon there were whispers around the conference room and smiles. When I finished my

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