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Title: Beginners Guide for MODELS,ACTORS


You've probably seen magazine ads, commercials and television shows featuring people that are very similar to yourself, and wondered if you could have a successful career in the industry. Regardless of your age, if this is something that you have always wanted to do, then let's do it! There is a wide demand for all types, sizes, ages of people who have the availability of time and desire to work... not just 'beautiful' people. There is work for all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. Your success depends on YOU. Though not every person can be a superstar, there are certainly many opportunities for of all types of people that have the time and commitment. Sarah Parker Model & Talent Agency books hundreds of people every year that enjoy being on the set and earning extra money. We have the experience in placing models/talent and can show you the steps you need to take to launch YOUR career wherever you live.

What do you need to get started in the modeling and intertainment industry? If you have never done anything in modeling or acting and know very little; this is the ebook for you. Sarah Parker's Guide for the Beginning Model and Actor® Ebook has all the information you need. Don't spend money unnecessarily... Get started in

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Category: Entertainment, Manuals, Music

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Title: Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions
Author: Duane Shinn

Who else wants to learn chords for one buck a lesson?

39 Lessons on Power-Piano Chords

  • The "Oh Duh!" Chord Progression
  • The "Creep" Chord Progression
  • The "Blue Moon" Chord Progression
  • The "12 Bar Blues" Chord Progression
  • Gospel Chord Progression #2 - "Get On That V7 Chord!"
  • Gospel Chord Progression #1 - "Get On That Church!"
  • Embedded Chord Subs In The "Blue Moon" Chord Progression
  • Embedded Chord Subs In The "12 Bar Blues" Chord Progression
  • "What You Need To Know About Musical Form
  • "What Chords Do I Absolutely, Positively Need To Know?"
  • "The Three Diminished 7th Chords"
  • "The 'VI - II - V7 - I' Chord Progression"
  • "The 'II - V7 - I' Chord Progression"
  • "Suspensions"
  • "Slash Chords"
  • "Oops! I forgot Minor 7th Chords!"
  • "It's Graduation Day!"
  • "Inversions: Chords On Their Heads"
  • "How To Find The Key of a Song When There Are Sharps In The Key Signature"
  • "How To Find The Key of a Song When There Are Flats In The Key Signature"
  • "How To Create Unlimited Original Chord Progressions Using Chord Substitutions - Part 3"
  • "How To Create Unlimited Original Chord Progressions Using Chord
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Ebook Type: PDFVideo Included,
Category: Jobs, Manuals

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Title: 5S Implementation Manual
Author: Catherine Parrill & Bob Rosinski

Implement 5S Quickly and Easily

- Use this step-by-step ebook to the 1st Lean building block!

Real Benefits:

By using the time-tested methods found in the "5S Implementation Manual", you can find cost savings at the same time you are training your team and actually implementing your own 5S and Visual Controls system - in your own facility.

The information contained in this ebook is easy to read and understand, but it is not abbreviated and simplistic. It is thorough, with everything you need to know to launch a great 5S program.

The 5S processes of stabilizing and organizing are the initial basic steps required for a successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation.

5S and Lean works effectively in every type of company, and industry, not just manufacturing. In just a few hours YOU can successfully install a 5S program in:

  • Production areas
  • Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Information and data flow systems
  • Office / administrative areas
  • Service companies

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Category: Body, Manuals

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Hard Gainer Reveals Secrets To Packing On Mass
"Are You Getting Bigger & Stronger Every Week?"

Have you been beating your brains out in the gym with no results? Are you frustrated with your bodybuilding gains?

Are you ready to get started on a real training breakthrough to propel your muscle mass gains through the roof?

these secrets that I had learned.

Here's why I am sharing this valuable SECRET bodybuilding wisdom.

Which brings me to why I wrote the ebook "The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program." I couldn't disappoint these guys at the gym who had been struggling and not making any gains, just like I had done before I met my mentor. I had to share this program with them. So I wrote this ebook with the hope that I could save other hard gainers from wasting years of effort like I did.

"The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Program"contains:

  • A special exercises, when done as instructed, supercharge your entire body, and stimulate massive increases in size and strength.
  • The The Bio-Genetic Muscle Gain Diet for packing on
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: E-Business, For Authors, Manuals

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Title: Blog Inferno
Author: Colleen Slater

WARNING: Other, More Expensive Blogging Products Leave Out Critical Elements...

Blog Just 30-60 Minutes A Day And Make Over $100,000 A Year!*

Introducing ...

the Blog Inferno System

This is a system that will show you how to explode you income working just 30-60 minutes a day.

And there are a few secrets I'll share with you right now...

Having coached a number of people, three major roadblocks face them:

  • Mindset -- what I call "Where Do I Start?"
  • Specific Knowledge -- all the major and minor pieces you need in "How To Do It"
  • Step-by-Step Plans -- what I call "How Do I Keep Going?"


Wanna see the chapter titles? Sure...here they are...

  • Effective SEO Tips For Blog Posts And Pages
  • Creating A Visitor Profile
  • How To Get Backlinks To Your Blog
  • Getting High Quality Links From Government, Education And Organizations Online
  • Why Blog
  • Finding Potential Niches Through Affiliate Program Directories And Websites
  • Creating A
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: History, Hobbies, Manuals

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Title: How To Create Life History Videos

Every so often in life, something comes along that should make you sit up and think about what's important. Many people believe "How To Create Life History Videos" does that.

Preserve Your Heritage

Grandmothers and grandfathers... Children... Mothers and fathers...

How quickly these loved ones travel through our lives. But how faded our memories become over the years.

  • How valuable would it be to have the chance to share your philosophies of life and give advice to your children long after your gone?
  • What would it be worth for you to hear the sound of your beloved grandmother's voice and watch her as she tells you about her childhood or the days of your father's youth?

Those opportunities would be priceless, right?

Good News! We are going to share our 20-plus years of experience of producing Life History Videos to help you create and archive these treasured memories in our new ebook, "How To Create Life History Videos".

We're going to show you how to do it right the first time with the camera you already own. If you don't own a camera...no problem! We've got you covered too. Every step of the way, we'll share the experiences that will help you make your first Life History Video a success.

It seems a safe bet to say the

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Adventure, Manuals, Travel

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Title: Immigration to CANADA

"Discover How You Can Immigrate to Canada"

...Without Spending Thousands of Dollars Paying for Consulting Services... Now You Can!

"A Step- By- Step On HOW To Do And WHAT To Do It All"

From establishing the Immigration Class you best fit in, what is required, how to PROPERLY evaluate yourself, where and how to apply and finally your preparation for a successful interview at the Canadian Embassy.

Federal Skilled Worker and Professional Class - Based on Skills

Step 1 - Meet the Minimum Requirements

  • Your Occupation Must be Listed on NOL
  • Six Selection Factors and Pass Mark
    • Language Skills
    • Adaptability
    • Arranged Employment
    • Age
    • Education
    • Work Experience
    Jobs Available in Canada for Skilled Workers
  • How to Increase Your Score Points by Obtaining a Job Offer
  • List of Hundreds of Canadian Employers In Need of Skilled Foreign Workers to Fill Labour Shortages in Canada.

Step 2 - Initial Application

  • Filing Supporting Documents Processing Time
  • Fees You Must Pay
    • The Processing Fee
    • Right of Permanent Residence
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Category: Education, Manuals

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Title: Winners' Guide to SAT Reading Comprehension

This ebook will help you Identify & rectify your 'Reading Blocks' & Triple your reading speed within a few days.

Here is a look at the Contents of the ebook:

  • Establish Purpose
  • Phrase reading
  • Breathing and reading
  • Take in more words at a time
  • Overcoming REGRESSIONS
  • Why Reading is like exercising a muscle
  • The Eye and its Movements
  • Revise Purpose
  • Structure Questions
  • Answers with Explanations
  • Overcoming Subvocalization
  • Techniques
  • Scanning
  • How did Lee double his speed without feeling the difference?
  • Sharper focus
  • Associative Networks
  • The roots of slow reading
  • How do winners read fast without sacrificing comprehension?
  • Subvocalisation & the Thought-Stream
  • Study in Depth
  • Active reading
  • Stop talking to yourself when you read
  • How can you Consciously force yourself to read faster
  • Mind Maps
  • 'Reading to study' type of reading
  • Keep practicing
  • Read first sentence
  • Eye Span
  • Five types of reading
  • Reducing learning time with the SQ3R method
  • Reading for SAT
  • In-Depth Reading Techniques
  • How Winners' overcome these limiting factors
  • Does age influence one's ability
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Category: Business, Internet, Manuals

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Title: Joomla Template Secrets
Author: James Tan

Looking for Free Joomla Templates?
Stop Wasting Your Time! Are you tired of searching for FREE Joomla templates over and over again? Stop doing that because you're killing your invaluable time...

"Do You Want to Find Out The Websites That You Can Download Unlimited FREE Joomla Templates
and Learn The Secrets of Using Joomla Template That Joomla Pro Never Want To Let You Know?"

"Time has never been so good before, I fount out that there are 3500+ FREE Joomla Templates are available for you to download instantly today. Every Joomla Webmaster need to know these fast before they're gone.... I feel sorry if you missed this"

What Are The Advantages You May Benefit Out of This Book?

  • The Special 3-Way Techniques to Spot and Avoid the Junkie Templates Websites - No more keep on registering, logging on Joomla template website just to download 1 or 2 templates! (TIPS:- Stay away from these HASSLE if you can!)
  • Precise and Concise Joomla Template Directories
  • Live Example How to Edit and Modify Joomla Templates - Practice makes Perfect! I'll show you the real live example on how to edit and modify Joomla templates,
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Business, E-Business, Manuals

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Title: Adore Business Card Psychology
Author: Yick Tan

You Can Incredibly Increase Your Business Profit By Using Business Card Psychology. This Is How You Do It...

Adore Business Card Psychology is designed to help businessmen, businesswomen and entrepreneurs attain higher profit by applying the psychology principles on their business cards.

What can Adore Business Card Psychology Do

Everything you want to know about your company, your prospects' companies, and your customers' companies; are all subconsciously printed on the business cards. With Adore Business Card Psychology, you can decode the hidden messages, in identifying

  • the expansion power of your company.
  • the loyalty & capabilities of the employees in your company.
  • the financial status of your company; whether at the status of profitability or at risk of bankruptcy.
  • the management support of your company.
  • the strengths & weaknesses of your company.


Solution :

From Adore business Card Psychology, you will learn how to redesign your business card to :

  • Stay away from unproductive and problematic employees & obtain loyal and professional employees.
  • Revive dying business & expand your business at a faster speed.
  • Change commodity like products & services into unique, highly demanded
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