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Internet Income Code Ebook

Internet Income Code
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Ebook cover: Internet Income Code


Title: Internet Income Code

The Step-By-Step Internet Business System That Rakes At Least $7,000 Of Sustainable & Passive Income In My Bank Account!

The Market Concept & Revolutionary Market Research

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

  • How to use the 3 Circles Of Market Domination that will destroy and crush all your competitors to dust in the long run!
  • What it really means to have a laser FOCUS, and how this FOCUS can set you free to unlimited hoards of cash forever!
  • The secret tool that you have all along in your firefox browser to spy legally on your competitors' traffic sources. (Until now, no one have ever taught you how you can track your competitors' traffic sources)
  • Why 99% of the people is not making lots of money from their websites... biggest mistake of choosing your niche and how you can avoid this misery.
  • The 5 MUST-DO competitive intelligence that you must prepare on your competitors and find out exactly what is working for them - model their strategies and you'll shorten your route to success by half
  • My secret tool that I've been using to track the slightest tweaks on my competitors' landing page to find out exactly what converts for them. [watch the video #3.3]
  • Why 93% of the people have set themselves into the bottomless pit of unprofitable internet businesses... and how you can avoid this by doing the market profitability research
  • How to enter a competitive market and dominate the market even though it is very competitive
  • 8 free market competition research tool that uncover profitable marketing campaigns that your competition has been using over and over again.
  • What's stopping most marketers from making more than $1,000 every month - You can simply avoid this by following this simple rule
  • How to discover your internet gold mine that you have been sitting on for a long time - Turning your passion into a money making profitable business that could generate income for you that you could never dream of.
  • How to gain maximum leverage to achieve the most results that boost your business exponentially - Start making money within 30 days!

Preparing Your Internet Income System

In this module, you'll discover...

  • 10 crucial elements to create a salesletter that sells - Create a salesletter that converts as much as 3-5%!
  • The fastest way to write your profit producing salesletter from scratch!
  • My favorite FREE program that you can use to create or edit unique squeeze pages or salesletter for your websites!
  • The #1 important factor that makes your website a success or a flop - This is exactly how you can make your website sustainable and growing in the long run
  • The most important reason why you want to create a blog and how to fully optimize your blog - Generate viral traffic and makes your list fall in love with you
  • How to create top-notch EBook or report (100 pages) for as little as $350 - $500. Discover my superb outsourcing strategy that I've been using to create best-selling products!
  • 3 different kinds of crazy squeeze pages - the perfect moment for using each of them that will maximize your opt-in rates to the roof!
  • How to gather VALUABLE & USEFUL research to make your own product like a winner!
  • How to build POSITIVE relationship with your list and subscribers, transforming them to become hyper-responsive such that they buy from you over and over again.
  • How to create highly valuable products even you are not an expert in the market and eventually become a bestseller in the market!
  • Grab my personal squeeze templates that I've been using to convert as much as 30%, 40% or even as high as 54% conversion rates!
  • The profitable system that the gurus have been using to make at least $5.00 from every lead they get!
  • How to search, keep, and hire the top notch writers to write or create ultimate profitable products for you.
  • The 4 step system to build your internet empire that will make you at least $7,000 every month. (I hope someone had told me this before and I could have achieve so much more with this system)
  • 3 key ingredients to turn your visitors into rabid prospects that are hunger for your valuable information that you are feeding to them
  • 5 attention grabbing techniques that practically glued your visitors eyeballs to the screen as you present your products.
  • The most important factor to skyrocket your squeeze page conversion to as much as 60-70% opt-in rates!
  • The 4 scarcity method that can turn your visitors into FRANTIC buyers that click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase your product on the spot.
  • My favourite sources to get professionally designed salesletter (like internet income code) done at a ridiculously low price of less than $50!
  • How to super-charge your post script (P.S.) such that it could increase your conversion rates by 150%. Advanced marketer will be wondering why haven't I done this yet!
  • How to prepare your blog to transform into a traffic killer machine that brings in at least 1,000 visitors every single day!

How To Attract Swarms Of Targeted Visitors

In this module, you'll discover...

  • How to set up your profit system with social media sites such that you can buzz your social media friends on autopilot - all your messages will continue to be sent out and generate traffic and income for you!
  • How to drive hoards of targeted visitors to your website through articles marketing (If people are going to tell you article marketing is a waste of time and money, I’ll show you the secrets involved to make it lucrative)
  • My SEO strategy that push my websites to the #1 page of Google in some competitive keywords, kicking the competitors out of the game.
  • Multiply your articles exposure to the infinite possibilities - how to send swarms of traffic from countless article directories.
  • How to set your articles marketing totally on autopilot! - Learn how I train my writers to write killer articles and distribute to KEY articles directories for maximum exposure
  • How to multiply your traffic just by your description tag if your website is ranked in the search engine - If you haven't done this to your description tag, you'll be losing half the opportunity!
  • How to multiply the EXPOSURE of every message by at least 35 times to magnify the value your provide to your followers or friends.
  • The #1 FREE social media tool that you must definitely use to fully automate your marketing campaigns and escalate it to the fullest!
  • How to attract more than 34,000 followers for Twitter in just a short 2 months and turn them into your word of mouth machine!
  • The ultimate traffic generation that breaks down super competitive market - With this strategy, the more competitive the market, the easier for you to execute... (Pg. 64)
  • The 3 effective ways to leverage on Facebook and build your brand instead of spamming - Spamming don't work!
  • 4 ways to discover highly successful blogs that would open their arms and welcome you - And you don't have to pay these blogs at all!
  • This ultimate simple strategy to drive over 200-400 subscribers in a single day - Repeat this process and you'll explode your autoresponder!
  • How to approach forum marketing the right way - You can forget everything you know about forum marketing
  • The 3 crucial factors that determine your search engine rankings. You don't want to mess this up or your website might get banned!
  • One simple task that you want to consistently do for your social media profiles and forum marketing over a period of time - This will turn your business into a 6 figures income in the long run.
  • The 4 advanced linking principles that you want to pay attention that helps to push your website to the #1 position in your targeted keywords
  • How to conceive spell-binding titles that will mesmerize your readers to your website!

And many more!

Ebook cover: Internet Income Code
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