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Title: The Pandoran War
Author: Dante D'Anthony

The Pandoran War is a retro epic in the tradition of Asimov's Foundation Series,an updated "5th Element" style sporty elan, and a Robert Bly eye to the symbolic. Pirate mercenaries from the Pleiades Star cluster are in league with a fleet general gone rad operating with a Cybernetic Overlord to desperately find a defense for humanity as psychopathic entities from another dimension swarm ours.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Animals, Children, Illustrated Picture Books

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Title: Silly Stream
Author: Sean McLaughlin

Hi, my name is Sean McLaughlin and this is the first children's book that I have written and illustrated. The main character is a wild salmon named Sam, and he is just being born alone and on his own in the beautiful Callahan River. He has no clue of the adventures that lie ahead or of the different creatures that he will come across. This is only the first book of a lasting series that I hope to create, and eventually make into a cartoon one day as well. I want this book to not just entertain and inspire young minds, but parents and adults alike as well. I want it to capture and bring to life, in animated form, the amazing and awe-inspiring journey that this beautiful God-given creature takes upstream; in hopes of not just surviving but thriving as well. This is a book that I am confident your kid will love with a character that he or she can root for to pull through until the end. The inspiration that I get watching the salmon fight his was upstream on the nature channel, was enough for me to get down and write this story bringing it to life. Enjoy!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Adventure, Illustrated Picture Books, Sports

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Title: 'Snow Tales And Powder Trails'
Author: Steve Baldwin

   Adventures on skis

   "Snow Tales and Powder Trails" is a collection of my stories and images from several years of living in the mountains, including snowy adventures in the Alps, Western Canada, and Japan.

   Using snow and skis, combined with gravity as artistic media, I describe my deep soulful connection with the Earth. My skis connect me through the snow to the mountain, and the deeper the snow, the more intense the connection.

   The deepest snow can transport me into another dimension, and the fluffy air-filled snow seems to be just like a cloud. Snow is one of the most magical of all substances known to humans.

   The mountains in winter time can create an almost surreal world, far removed from the cities of this human existence. As I ski through deep fresh snow, my track is temporarily there for all to see, and the notion of measured time takes on a different meaning, as that track will disappear with the next snowfall. It is almost as if it never exists at all!

   The e-book is available as an .epub and .mobi file.

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