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I Create Millions (Free version) (Ebook)
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I Create Millions (Free version) Ebook

I Create Millions (Free version)
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Ebook cover: I Create Millions (Free version)


Title: I Create Millions (Free version)
How You Can Manifest Your Millions with 34 Specific Money Mastery Methods!

FREE Version with 34 Money Mastery Methods

Discover the secrets to having the resources you need to live the life you've always dreamed of. Learn the 34 practices, attitudes, and programs that the experts use to increase the flow of money.

Now You Can Use Them Too!

Take The 30 Day Challenge and You Can Begin Money Flow by

Just 30 Days From Today! This is the 30 Day Challenge. I'll pay you double your money back if in 30 Days you don't receive all six of the benefits below.

Feel Richer and More Abundant Enjoy Your Life and Relationships More Expand Your Vision of What is Possible for You Increase Your Passive Income Feel More Confident in Your Money Skills Think of (at least) Twenty Ways to Increase Your Money Flow

Yes, not just one benefit, but all six, or I will pay you!

I'll send you a personal check - guaranteed.

With I Create Millions, You Will ...

Discover the Mental Shifts necessary for your Million!

Learn why Ten Million New Millionaires are being created

Know and Use the specific Money Mastery Methods of 13 Creators

Increase your Imagination, Creativity, Confidence, and Skill

Learn the real difference between Money and Wealth

Experience an amazing Variety of Practical Money Ideas

Dear Friend,

If you want the extra money flow and feeling of wealth that comes from Mastering Money, the satisfaction and joy that comes from knowing how to produce value, and if you want the increased focus and success that mastering yourself creates.. then this might be the most important information you'll ever read.

Wouldn't it be amazing to see your debts decline, and your income rise steadily? You can, and here's why.

I'll teach you how to think and act like a rich person, through using the 87 specific techniques in this book. That sounds like a big promise, but you take the 30 day challenge for yourself and try it. Some of these money mastery methods are mine, and others come from successful authors, life coaches, and finance experts.

The truth is, there is no get rich quick scheme! Don't listen to anyone who claims otherwise. Yet there are beliefs you must develop, thoughts you must think, and habits to form. That's where "I Create Millions" can help you.


In a New York high-rise apartment, a crack developed on the 42nd floor. An engineer was called in to take a look and see what could be done. When the engineer came, the owner of the building went up to the 42nd floor and couldn't find the engineer. He called down to his secretary - who said the engineer was in the 6th basement.

The owner took the elevator down and told the engineer, "The problem is on the 42nd floor, what are you doing down here?" The engineer replied, "The visible result may be on the 42nd floor, but the problem in down here - in your foundation."

Most people are like the owner of this building, trying to fix the symptom without addressing the cause. With the money mastery methods in this book, you go straight to the foundation - your attitudes, beliefs, and money programs.

Read these 87 techniques and methods and change your core programming. Then enjoy the changes in your visible world!

Table of Contents

About Christopher Westra
Introduction to the Money Mastery Methods
Method 1. The Manifesting Envelope
Method 2. The Art of Leaving Money Around
Method 3. Writing On Money
Method 4. Let Your Expenses Work For You
Method 5. Creating an Abundance Check
Method 6. The Money Downpour Visualization
Method 7. Forming New Money Habits of Mind
Method 8. Always Carry Cash
Method 9. Buy the Best for Yourself
Method 10. Create Money Opportunities, not Money Emergencies
Method 11. Seek Ye First
Method 12. Let Go of Money Attachments
Method 13. Demonstrate Your Wealth with a Money Mantra
Method 14. Improve Your Money Talk
Method 15. Be Happy First, Right Now!
Method 18. Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow
Method 21. Act Boldly in Money Ventures
Method 24. Use a Personalized Money Script or Affirmation
Method 25. Go For Money Freedom and Joy
Method 26. Spend Only What You Own
Method 27. Trust the Money Promises (Puzzle)
Method 28. Play the $100 Bill Game
Method 29. Pay Yourself First
Method 30. Make Meta-Decisions
Method 31. Use Your Whole (Holographic) Brain
Method 32. Expand the Thresholds of Your Mind
Method 45. Create Automatic Money Systems
Method 46. Know Your Reasons for Not Making Money
Method 50. Read Books on Money
Method 51. Listen to a Money Meditation Audio
Method 62. Harness the Power of Imagination
Method 63. Think Big, Dream Bigger
Method 77. Feed Your Mind and Your Body
Method 86. Create Some Space for the New
Summary of I Create Millions - Version 4.0 (Free Version)

Here are just some of the methods, techniques, and attitudes this book will teach you!

  • A powerful way to break your lack mentality by consciously leaving money around. This changes your love/hate relationship with money and allows it to be "just money".
  • How to use the manifesting envelope to develop patience, discipline, and a sense of wealth by watching the amount grow, as you work toward a specific reward.
  • How to write on money, and what to write, to give yourself amazingly strong messages that sink into your subconscious and change your core beliefs.
  • How to write an abundance check to increase your inner value and confidence. Many of the worlds richest people did this at one time, on their way towards creating wealth!
  • A way to let your expenses work for you that puts money back into your pocket.  I've received hundreds of dollars from this simple technique.
  • The money downpour visualization from this secret life coach that allows you to explore these super wealthy sensations in your imagination.
  • Why it's difficult to feel financially abundant and prosperous when you're constantly walking around broke, and how you can carry cash with you at all times to reprogram your life.
  • The two points in your day to actively focus on a new belief about abundance, and how you can use these two times to form new money habits of mind.
  • How to harness the laws of mind to attract quality products and items into your life. Buying quality will pay off in the long run in two different ways.
  • The method of attracting the inflow by giving first. The outflow brings the inflow - decreed by law! People who live in true abundance always give freely.
  • How people actually create money problems and money emergencies by incorrect focus, and how you can create money opportunities by doing just the opposite!
  • Why you need to let go of the emotional "charge" connected with money and your desperate craving for money. Instead, cultivate a "divine unconcern" towards wealth. Use power, not force.
  • Specific techniques to improve the way you talk about money. Yes, what you say does make a difference!
  • The proper way to use a money mantra to reprogram your money beliefs into the beliefs that will get you what you want. A simple yet effective way to change your thoughts.
  • Why money doesn't bring happiness, but why happiness does attract money! Learn the master secret and be happy right now.
  • Why money favors the bold, and is attracted to people who decide and act with speed and vision! Learn why boldness has genius, power, and magic in it, and how you can start thinking boldly.
  • Why you will become wealthy more easily when you do what you love to do, rather than copying the formulas of others, and how to leverage your mind to gain income from what you love.
  • Why you need to be specific when setting money goals, and how to generate a personalized money script you can read day and night. In fact, I'll create one for you and email it to you!
  • A way to spend only what you own by using the advantages of a debit card, with the security of a credit card! I use this technique and it keeps me so organized.
  • How to seek for the emotional and spiritual wealth you truly desire, and manifest the freedom you really seek. Feeling free will actually attract the money to you.
  • How to trust in God's money promises by using a fun puzzle. You'll be amazed at how it works, if you can figure it out! Yes, God has given us promises of abundance. Memorize them.
  • Why you need to pay yourself first, and specifically what it means to pay yourself! How you can start even if you haven't paid yourself before.
  • How you can create a vacuum that draws more money into your life by playing the $100 Bill Game. How to stop worrying and start trusting in abundance.
  • Learn what meta-decisions you can make that will powerfully change your life for years to come. Become a decisive and confident decision maker by understanding meta-decisions.
  • Ways to expand the threshold of your mind and increase your personal potential. Expand your mental, physical, emotional, and financial potential. All these life aspects are linked!
  • How to use your whole brain in an integrated fashion like money masters do. See the results you get from a fragmented linear brain, and to become whole for valuable financial profit.
  • How you can create automatic money systems and automatic value delivery systems with the internet. How you can test your automated system by taking vacations (a fun way to test).
  • Explore your reasons for not wanting money. Yes, you have some, and these limiting ideas are holding you back. Gain freedom through clarity and awareness. Become conscious and wealthy.


Ebook cover: I Create Millions (Free version)
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Reviewed by Luningning on
My Rate 5
this book is inspiring becouse of this book im getting more confidents not im being more positive,good job ebook

Reviewed by Maged Awad on
My Rate 5
Feel Richer and More Abundant Enjoy Your Life and Relationships More Expand Your Vision of What is Possible for You Increase Your Passive Income Feel More Confident in Your Money Skills Think of (at least) Twenty Ways to Increase Your Money Flow

Reviewed by gino ain on
My Rate 4
good ebook. Most people want to be a millionaire and this book is right for them.

Reviewed by Marilyn on
My Rate 4
The book is very helpful. It really makes you unafraid of dealing with money. It actually makes money seem like fun and what feels like fun tends to have a better staying power for me. Gone are my feeling of not deserving money. Thanks!

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