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Title: Sticks - A Golfer's Tale
Author: Walt Sautter

I wrote "Sticks" not just as an entertaining story but also as a satire of the spectacular claims made by golf manufacturers about their equipment.

Playing golf is a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, playing it well requires skill, practice, patience and dedication. These are the things which most of us are unwilling or incapable of doing.

Most, myself included, would like to find a short cut to success whether it be in golf or anything else.

In golf, the short cut is usually a new well-advertised driver, the latest putter or even a "super ball" guaranteed to add an extra fifty yard to your drive. These rarely if ever, fulfill the average golfer's dream of spectacular play. The only improvement of his game that they might make is that his wallet is a bit lighter and his walk around the links is then possibly a bit less tiring.

So is there really a magic piece of equipment that will allow one to circumvent all required hard work?

"Sticks" addresses the question - "What if?

What if a magic shortcut really did exist and someone found it?"

Bob Andrews, the book's central character, may have found it!

How did he find it and what happens when he does?

You'll find out when you read "Sticks - A Golfer's Tale", the ultimate golf fantasy.

More Books By Walt

  • Skeet Shoot
  • Fish Farm
  • The Three Dollar
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Humor, Romance, Young Adult

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Title: The Perfect Guy
Author: Ann Herrick

Rebecca is crushing on her new stepbrother, Pres. Celeste, her friend, tells her that Pres could feel differently, but Rebecca ignores the advice. Celeste's brother, Josh, who is also friends with Pres, volunteers to help Rebeccca with a school project, and Rebecca comes to depend on his help more than she realizes.

Rebecca also struggles to find a way to connect with her new stepfather. Through several twists and turns, Rebecca learns that perfect is not necessarily what she first thought.

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Category: Poetry, Nature, Humor

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Title: Modern Day Japanese Haiku
Author: Denise Morgan

Besides painting and writing fiction, another of my passions is poetry... especially raw, free verse, without rhyming. However, I just love writing haikus! Traditional Japanese Haiku, pronounced high-koo, or, some language connoisseur of accents actually pronounce it, 'ha-ku', is a short poem of seventeen syllables in three lines of five, seven, five, usually inspired by the observation of the natural world. Modern Day Japanese Haiku has kept close to the structure and essence of a traditional haiku but in some of the haiku poems, stray away from the natural world as its main subject. Modern Day Japanese Haiku, give meaning to the insignificant and the mundanities of everyday life which provokes an emotional reaction. Of the one-hundred-and-seventy-two or so haikus in this amazing and tantalizing poetry book, some are thought provoking, comical, sensual, erotic, silly... a few mind-blowing.

Here are a few below for you to sample and enjoy.

Inflated by love

Deflated by rejection

Heart's fluctuation.


He and I are one,

the other face of the mask-

Standing back to back.


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Ebook Type: ePUB
Category: Children, Family, Humor

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Change it is said, is inevitable !  Moreso, this being the age of internet, we seem to be struggling a lot to keep pace with the new developments taking place around us.  However, the good values that we learn from our elders never change and remains the same down the ages.   In my book "Women Home Excelled Men", I have written sixteen essays about the lessons I have learnt in life when I was a young girl.  You will come to know about my struggles with integrity in trying to follow the truth, no matter what, about the country doctor who taught me to take things as they come, my realization of what true beauty is all about, the value of money, about contentment and about how at times, we have to step down from adulthood and let the child in us peek out.  

The essays are sure to enlighten you and they are chicken soup for your soul.  

The New year has just begun, and if reading more books happen to be your New Year Resolution, this could be the best book to start with.  Why !, in fact, this could be the ideal gift you could give to your children or someone you love !

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Category: Music, Humor, Entertainment

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Title: The Rock and Roll Bathroom Reader
Author: Peter Kimmich

The Rock and Roll Bathroom Reader is a compilation of witty, unique and sometimes quite irate music articles penned by independent music writer Peter Kimmich, whose writing has created avalanches of discussion and commentary, even inspiring copycat and revenge posts.

This collection of sometimes-satirical, sometimes-earnest, sometimes-fuming commentary observes rock and indie phenomena such as cumbersome band names, drug-inspired songs, rock star behavior, and brushes with rock celebrity, all taken with a grain of salt. Or perhaps a full salt shaker.

Downloadable in PDF format to be compatible with most browser-equipped smartphones and tablets, the Rock and Roll Bathroom Reader is perfect for those who are looking for a quick, entertaining read ... wherever they may currently be.

Length: 48 pages
Format: PDF

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Humor

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Title: How to Throw A Zombie Party
Author: Gary Wittmann

World War Z has hit the movies. The Zombie are alive again. The dead is walking. This book How to throw a Zombie Party will give you ideas in costumes, food, decoration, movies and games. Great pictures of the dead. It might be time to have a zombie party or go the the movies dress as a zombie.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Humor, Women

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Title: Moms are Nuts

Moms are Nuts is full of funny stories about how crazy mothers can be, written by comedians about their own mothers. Only you know just how nuts your mother can be, but you'll see a little bit of your own mother in each one of these hilarious tales.

Mothers who can't stop cleaning, mothers who misunderstand nearly everything you say, mothers who don't understand your political views and think they know better, mothers who turned your backyard into a pet cemetery over the years... Crazy mothers come in all shapes and colors!

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