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How to Raise Sheep Ebook

How to Raise Sheep
Ebook cover: How to Raise Sheep


Title: How to Raise Sheep

Discover the Simple Steps on How To Raise Sheep Easily and Correctly and AVOID the Costly and Deadly Mistakes that Sheep Owners are Prone to!

Whether you are starting a few head of sheep or a large flock, a small farm or vast ranch…this information will slash your learning time in Half by Using Techniques That Give You Immediate Results!!

Here are short descriptions of what you'll discover in this guide ebook:

  • Uncover the history of sheep and how you can appreciate this animal from where it begin
  • Discover 8 key reasons why you want to raise goats?
  • Find out the basic sheep behavior to help make raising and handling sheep less stressful
  • Learn the terminology of sheep so that you can speak the same lingo when speaking with other sheep owners without feeling out of place
  • Know exactly how to differentiate the sheep from the goats using these 6 critical factors
  • Learn about the different common wool sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively
  • Find out about the different common meat sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively
  • Discover about the different common multi-purpose sheep breeds together with the history and characteristics respectively
  • Discover the 7 major areas that you should be able to do in order to successfully evaluate livestock
  • Learn exactly why you need to obtain the knowledge and skill to judge a sheep livestock
  • Know exactly the 27 different parts of a sheep, characteristics of an ideal female and characteristics of an ideal market sheep
  • Learn the system to evaluate a sheep so that you can be a good judge of livestock and don’t need to depend on non-trusted sources to make any future decision
  • 4 little known pointers to help you judge a class or group of sheep systematically
  • 5 key major categories of nutrient required by sheep to maintain overall productivity, health and well-being
  • Learn the feeding program for growing and finishing lambs during winter and spring-lambing production systems respectively
  • Discover the 3 distinct stages of ewe of production for ewe and how by knowing the ewe body weight and condition score can improve the decision affecting feeding management
  • Find out the feeding requirements for ram before the beginning of the breeding season to avoid frequent cause of ram mortality
  • Feed for the ewe flock represents the largest production cost in sheep enterprise. Learn about nutritional management program to avoid over-nutrition and under-nutrition
  • 7 primary type of feeds which you can consider to use to keep your sheep healthy
  • Discover the 5 basic nutrient groups and a deficiency in any one can reduce performance and productivity
  • Find out the nutritional requirements of your ewe flock and how these change over a yearly production cycle in 5 periods
  • Get to know the 15 essential minerals for sheep divided into 2 groups, whether macro or trace minerals and the ratio in the diets
  • Distinguish 2 broad areas of grazing management systems and when it is appropriate to apply it to enhance and ensure optimum production of your sheep
  • Learn the 4 important sheep housing needs to consider for new sheep owners when building new yards
  • Learn about the body condition scoring system from 1 to 5 and discover how it can help producers make important feed management decisions
  • Bedding provides warmth, insulation and comfort to housed sheep. Discover 9 various types of bedding and the absorption factor to know which is easy and appropriate to use compared to one another
  • Know the key factor in keeping sheep outside in the winter and still be able to stay warm
  • Does your sheep require shelter and shade when kept outside?
  • Find out the necessary and optional facilities and equipments of a sheep project without having to spend unnecessarily
  • Discover the 5 types of recommended perimeter fencing and when to use for different environment and situations
  • Fencing is usually the largest capital expenditure on sheep farm. Learn the 2 types of fencing which are required
  • Learn the 4 fencing attributes that best fits your outdoor sheep facility
  • Uncover the pros and cons for the different fencing types and learn when to best use it
  • Find out the 3 different materials that can be used to construct temporary electric fences
  • Surveys show that 10 to 15% of rams examined are unsatisfactory potential breeders. Learn the breeding soundness examination procedures to select a ram that has potential in efficient growth
  • Discover the importance of reproduction management of the ewe flock and the ram to increase the reproductive rate
  • Find out the 5 factors that can influence the reproduction rate in sheep and how this can determine the profitability of a sheep enterprise
  • Get to know the effect of temperature on the reproduction rate and the impact to the internal system of sheep
  • 6 guidelines that can be used when selecting replacement lambs to improve reproduction by genetic selection
  • Uncover the nutrition and management techniques that can be used to improve reproductive efficiency in sheep
  • What you need to do to minimize the stress during handling and transportation else this may result in skin injuries, bruising and even sudden death
  • Discover how to use the basic concept of flight zone to the handlers’ advantage when handling sheep
  • Learn and understand sheep behavior thoroughly in order to provide a conducive environment and help owner to handle them properly and use proper management techniques
  • Uncover the point of balance concept and the mistakes that many people make while trying to get sheep to move forward through a chute
  • Setting a sheep on its rump is called tipping and learn 11 methods for tipping sheep when you want to trim a sheep’s hooves or gain access to its underside
  • Get to know the easiest way to lead the sheep to a catch pen without chasing them and causing unnecessary stress
  • Learn about the important pointers when you are considering to use a herding dog to gather, hold or move the sheep
  • You will also discover the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods for each of the diseases and disorders respectively
  • Learn about the 3 diseases and 5 disorders commonly seen in ewes just prior to or shortly after lambing
  • 7 characteristics in individual which are necessary to be successful in the sheep business. Ask yourself similar questions to assess your context if you are ready
  • How much land is needed to raise sheep?
  • Who will help a new producer get started in the sheep business?
  • How to get started raising sheep?
  • Find out the importance of record keeping and the intervals recommended
  • Learn about the labor requirements to raise sheep. This will be an important consideration before you start so that you have the right expectation
  • Learn the steps on how to become a better sheep manager if you are thinking to be one and whether you fit for the role
Ebook cover: How to Raise Sheep
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