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Title: Manuale del perfetto seduttore
Language: Italian

Scopri come conquistare la donna dei tuoi sogni!

Leggi il Manuale della Seduzione, scritto dalla redazione tutta femminile di

Seduttori si diventa! L'universo femminile non è impossibie da conquistare... basta usare la testa e vedrai che (quasi) ogni donna cadrà ai tuoi piedi... non ci credi? Scarica la nostra guida e prova!

Quanto sono diverse le donne dagli uomini? Di cosa hanno bisogno? Il segreto è rassicurarle! Come? Scoprilo con noi!

Nel manuale vengono descritte tutte le situazioni che potrebbero capitarti, dal massaggino all'incontri tet a tet, dalla situazione romantica a quella imbarazzante.

Non sei curioso?

Il manuale contiene i capitoli:

- Seduttori di diventa

- Conosci l'universo femminile?

- Qualcosa di più sull'universo femminile

- Che cosa cercano le donne in un uomo?

- AAA cercasi donna dei sogni

- Le regole dell'attrazione: imparare a piacersi per piacere

- 4 segreti per sedurre

- La conversazione: seduci con la parola

- La seduzione passa attraverso un messaggio

- 5 regole d'oro per non combinare guai con i tuoi incontri sui social

- Come districarsi dalle situazioni imbarazzanti


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: How To, Nonfiction, Wedding

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Title: Something New: The Bride's Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes
Author: Rachel Wood Daniels and Emily Wood Smith

"Something New: The Bride's Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes" was written out of a desire to help brides and grooms, and even parents of brides and grooms, save time writing their wedding thank you notes.  Co-Author Emily Wood Smith decided that there was a void that needed to be filled in the wedding thank you note book market after she graduated from law school, took the bar exam, married, and moved across the country from Alabama to California all in less than six months.  Although Emily knew how to write thank you notes, there was so much going on in her life at this time, she needed help to make the time she spent on thank you notes efficient and effective.  She researched various books on the market, but she could not find the comprehensive guide she needed.  Thus the idea for "Something New: The Bride's Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes" was born.  

"Something New: The Bride's Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes" was written over the course of three years as Emily and her sister Rachel researched etiquette guidelines as well as real wedding registries.  This book includes over 200 gift specific thank you note samples, as well as etiquette information for addressing envelopes, choosing stationery and wedding cards, and much more.  It also employs completely modern wording and references so the reader is not relying on sample thank you notes from the early 1900s.  The Table of Contents and

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Category: How To, Self Help

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Title: How To Build a Water Biofilter
  • Using this special filtration system that can be built for less than $10, you and your family will have hundreds of gallons of fresh, pure, drinking water.
  • This must-have "how to" guide shows you how to turn your aquaponics system into a backup source of fresh drinking water during an emergency.
  • You don't have to worry about storing mass-supplies of water. You don't have to worry about what will happen when your main water source becomes contaminated with sewage, hazardous waste, or bacteria.

You'll be free from the terror of realizing that your bottled water is expired, your family is thirsty, and you don't have a backup plan...

Bonus to the "Backyard Liberty"

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Category: How To, Mind, Self Help

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Title: Re-Energize Your Life
Author: Mark Tinney

If you find it hard to get ahead and things rarely seem to go your way, you're going to find the words of wisdom in this book to be extremely helpful. Life can be more than a random roll of the dice. You have the skills and the power to have an influence over the things that happen in your life and you need to learn to master that power. There are two approaches you can take to living your life. You can bounce from situation to situation and hope the world is kind to you...or you can start to influence the events that happen in your life; you can bounce out of bed every morning with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and where you are heading. In this book you will learn the secret to a happy life. You will learn about the things that hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams and what you can do about them. In this book you will learn the secret to a happy, successful, super-charged life. If you're looking for a way to re-energize and reinvigorate your existence, this is the perfect book for you. Give your life a new purpose and a new direction. Put yourself on track to the achievement of the goals and dreams you desire.

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Category: Education, Family, How To

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Title: Finding My Life Through The Children's Home
Author: Janet L. Mancini

My ebook is about time I spent in a children's home, my adoption and finding my biological family, which I never knew I had.  My birth mother placed me in the children's home along with my twin brother in 1957, in Uniontown, PA died a few days later.  Lived there for 11 months.  We left on Memorial Day 1958.  Went to my adopted home.  Adoption was finalized on Christmas Eve 1958.  This was the happiest day of our lives.  Then in 2000, my adopted mother died, and I became curious about my birth mother.  My twin brother had searched years earlier, but now is when I felt my time had come to find my roots.  So he gave me my birth mothers name and I started my search.  I was able to find the building that was left standing that was the children's home.  So left my contact information if anyone should ask.  The building was now the Eastear Seal Society.  A week later I decided to call I was so excited.  There had been a woman who worked in the home and a man who had been in the home with me there a week earlier.  This was in 2003.


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Category: How To, Self Help, Women

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Title: Superhero Leadership: The Superbook for a Leadership Mindset
Author: Anna Marie Godfrey

What makes superheroes so magnetic?

Superheroes enthrall and enchant us with their powerful abilities, but we root for them because of their knack for great leadership.

Anna Marie Godfrey's book, Superhero Leadership, is an 8-chapter framework for developing the mindset held by both fictional and real heroes.

This book is for you if you're ready to stop being a bystander and start tapping in to your full potential as a leader.

Anna Godfrey is a loving wife, mother of two, and CEO of her own home-based business. Her entrepreneurial path combined with a lifelong love of superheroes led her to write down the lessons and practices that got her to where she is. Today, Godfrey is a leader within her company and spends time teaching others how to accomplish the success that she did.

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Category: How To, Law and Legal, Nonfiction

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Title: Child Support Kills: How To Avoid Becoming A Child Support Casualty
Author: Montez DeCarlo

Child Support Kills is the only book of its kind to highlight the tragic events of Child Support as well as provide the reader guidance (not legal advice) on how to avoid becoming a Child Support casualty.

Family laws are certainly necessary to make sure “deadbeat” parents are held responsible for co-creating a life and providing the basic necessities and resources to sustain that life. However, rather than approaching each child support case or situation objectively, adjudicators have consistently abused their discretion under the “best interest of the child” premise—which has significantly contributed to the systematic manufacturing of “deadbeat dads”. It is this type of abuse that has destroyed bonds between parent and child, driven a great number of non-custodial parents to kill senselessly, or caused parents and children to commit suicide—hence the title of this book—Child Support Kills.

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