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Horse Training Ebook

Horse Training


Ebook cover: Horse Training
Horse Training

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Category: Animals, Horse
eBook Title: Horse Training
eBook Description:

Discover The Secrets to Becoming A Horse Trainer!

And lead them into the 2 main benefits below...

Teach Your Horse Whose the Lead Mare

  • You can train your horse to go in the direction you need him to go. You will train him on stopping. You will train him to go forward, turn right and to turn left.
  • You want your horse to think you are the lead mare. Then he will look to you for instructions. There is a way you can get your horse to think of you as the lead mare. As your horses lead mare, he will follow you and wait for you to tell him where to go.


Table of Contents

  • Tips on Buying a Horse
  • Secret to Training Your Horse
  • Use Horse Training to Solve a Problem With Your Horse
  • Lead Training
  • Get Your Horse to Obey and Look to You for Instructions
  • Mistakes Horse Owners Often Make When Loading Their Horse
  • Teaching Your Horse Longer Sliding Stops
  • Mistakes Horse Owners Make
  • Tips for Beginning Trainers
  • Leading Your Horse to Get Control
  • Another Method of Loading a Horse in a Trailer
  • Training the Horse to Know Voice Commands

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Price: 4.95
Date: 2010-01-02
Visits: 1324
Ebook Type: PDF
Editor: Alex Smit

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