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Category: Fiction, Horror

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Title: Wet Linda: A Novel of Liquid Horror
Author: Paul Parducci

Publisher: Dark Canyon Press

Actor/Filmmaker Paul Parducci's first novel explores both Body image and Consumerism in modern American Suburbia.

Mandy Helger an overweight and awkward eighteen year old moves to a new neighborhood for her Senior Year.
The social environment is a brutal and the painfully self-conscious teen decides to transform herself through exercise.
She finds her outlet at a mysteriously unused community pool.

Over the days and weeks Mandy sheds weight and gains confidence as she learns the horrifying reason why the pool has been abandoned and comes under the direct control of the disturbing and violent force that exists there.

If you are looking for a Horror novel that isn't afraid to explore deeper themes along with its chills then this one is for you.

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: Horror

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Title: Heart Of Red River

This  book  is  about  horror  emotion  of  young  man,  from  teenager  to  adult  people  will  always  meet a  lot  of  growing  problems,  the  changing  emotion  is  always  controlled  by  bad  guy,  the  real  bad  guy  is  mixed  with  other  unreal  emotion  thinking,  self  struggle  will  influence  the  decision,  someone's  death  is  an  example  to  make  young  man  grow  up  and  be  responsible  for  the  family,  this  book  is  recommended  to  readers  for  the  new  understanding  of  fear,  everyone  will  deal  with  unwilling  things,  so  confidence  and  love  are  the  key.  

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Category: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

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Title: Inking Ashore
Author: KN Schultz

From the dawn of the New World, the fresh waters of the rivers flowing through the Cities and the Wild have teemed everso with the distinct taint of inking black tentacles masses of evil. Forced into the watery prison, the beasts grow larger and more vile, feeding off the souls of those unfortunate living souls caught within their reach. These demonic Shadows of many limbs, eyes, fangs, hatred, and violence torment the world that cast them down for their mutations and wait for their day of reckoning upon all of humanity.

An unassuming part of lower class City workers of particular unimportance aims to rid the world of the inking nightmares polluting their waters. However, the party's leader, Fang remains missing in action with her destructive part left undone. Her two comrades Rat, a sewer alchemist of limited design, and Nails, a witch forge master of forgotten eras, follow her trail beneath the city inside the water filtration tunnels to find her and drop fearsome death upon the water demons they've been battling since their livelihood was chosen for them.

What ensues is the start of a new war as the abominable evil slithers ashore to feast on the murdereous mayhem of mass extinction.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Action, Horror, Thrillers

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Title: Dead Weight
Author: Jon Schafer

After the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors are trying to get a 10 year old girl. who is immune to the virus that is bringing the dead back to life to kill and eat the living, to a place where she can be studied and a cure found.
it follows the survivors as they finally reach land and see how bad the devastation really is. In a land now populated by the dead, entire cities have been destroyed by fire and looting.
Running across another group of survivors, they agree to take them along as they make there way across a land full of the walking dead.

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Category: Action, Horror, Science Fiction

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Title: Dead End (Book Four of The Dead Series)
Author: Jon Schafer

The fourth, and last, book in The Dead Series.

With hundreds of miles to travel across a land teeming with the living dead, Steve and his group must first find a way out of the Happy Hallow Insane Asylum.

Thwarted at every turn by the thousands of reanimated corpses that surround them, they try numerous ways to lure the dead away, but they all fail.

Relying on everyone's expertise, the group finally escapes in a hail of bullets and improvised explosives, to be met with new difficulties as they run into more of the dead. But these are not the only lethal things they must face.

In a world where the dead challenge the living for control of the earth, the living can be much more deadly than the walking corpses that now populate it.

Brigands and gangs travel across the United States, seeking only to rob, rape and murder anyone that crosses their path. 

With the near collapse of the government, they group must rely on themselves to carry the last hope for a cure across a ravaged landscape.

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Category: Fiction, Horror, Thrillers

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Title: The Black Chronicle (Part 1)
Author: Oldrich Stibor

Could  you  take  the  life  of  a  stranger  to  save  the  life  of  someone  you  love?


When an enigmatic and infamous serial killer simply known as 'Mister' brings retired FBI specialist and forensic psychologist, Dr. Jeremy Foster, into his orchestra of terror that's exactly what we must answer.


For three long hellish years Mister has terrorized the state of California with his killings, and the FBI are not any closer to discovering his identity. To add insult to injury, Mister frequently engages the public with videos of his killing, ridiculing authorities for their inability to catch him.


When Dr. Jeremy Foster inadvertently becomes enmeshed in the Mister case, he sees an opportunity to help put the serial killer away once and for all...but at what personal cost?



* * * * This story deals with extreme violence. Please note, this is part ONE of TWO, both currently available on Amazon. * * * *





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