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Title: The TEN Dirty Little Secrets of Mortgage Financing

Here is a summary of the fantastic benefits you receive in this breakthrough mortgage program:

  • The Seven (7) most important questions to ask any lender.

    Learn to ask the questions that put lenders on the spot and keeps them from using "smoke and mirrors" to confuse you into spending more money.

  • Simple but very powerful techniques to avoid overpaying tens-of-thousands too much in mortgage interest.

    Keep more money in your pocket and out of the bank's hands over the long-haul... unless you like giving all your money to the bank.

  • Learn the most VALUABLE negotiating tool you have as a buyer.

    Have the same power in negotiations as a buyer who is paying CASH. By taking this step you will ALWAYS negotiate from a position of POWER with any agent or realtor you deal with.

  • How to avoid being rushed by a lender into making a loan choice you may regret for the rest of your life.

    Most lenders want you to make up your mind and lock in your rate so you won't shop around on them. They are motivated to make you "hurry up" so you can't go anywhere else with your loan. Learn how to avoid this common practice.

  • How to choose a motivated lender instead of the "loan shark" or the "traditional banker".

    Learn to quickly identify which lenders want to lend money at competitive rates and which ones either want to bilk you out of every last cent or could care less whether your loan ever closes!

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Category: Green Products, Home, How To

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Title: The Solarlutions International Energy and Solar Power Collection
Author: Robert McMahon

Volume 1 and 2 - Solar Energy and Solar Electricity

Volume 1 includes chapters on:

  • What you need to get started
  • Solar Electricity Resources
  • Power Stations
  • How to save energy
  • Climate change
  • Benefits of Solar Energy
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Solar Energy

Volume 2 includes chapters on:

  • World environmental leaders actions and comments
  • World Wide Energy Saving Measures
  • Solar Power Resources
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Mr. Solar Energy Questions and Answers
  • Mr. Solar Energy Crossword puzzle
  • Global Warming Causes
  • Energy Efficient appliances and devices
  • Motor-Fuels

"An Introduction to Solar Energy"; Volume 1 - Is an informative and interesting read that most people can't put down once they pick it up

"Solarlutions International"; Volume 2 - Includes a wide range of interesting must read topics and includes numerous sketches, cartoons, ideas, tips and even puzzles for your enjoyment

Here are some of the reasons why you NEED this collection of books TODAY!


  • You will understand more about Solar Energy, Solar Power and Alternative Fuels.
  • You will discover the hidden truth behind running those
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Category: Family, Home

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Title: Dig Out Of Debt

After receiving so many reader requests, we are pleased to bring you Dig Out Of Debt: 1,000 of the Best Ideas, a series of 5 ebooks containing a total of 229 pages of the most popular information from the web site. This ebook series includes the same information as the printed Dig Out of Debt book.

Living On A Dime is known as one of the very best resources of its kind to help you get out of debt without depriving yourself. We've brought you literally hundreds of money saving articles, strategies, tips and recipes.

Getting Out of Debt Is Easier Than You Think!

Tawra and Jill explain:

  • Too tired to shop? Learn tips for shopping when you're ill.
  • Do you eat out several times a week because there's no time to cook? Saving thousands preparing meals in 30 minutes or less is a breeze with Jill's tips.
  • Are you throwing away $1,000 a year? How to reduce food waste at home can you save thousands!
  • How Tawra's spends $300 a month to feed a family of five. Learn why using coupons is not always the best way to save money!
  • Do you frequently buy something and then discover you already had it? Learn how to organize your pantry and get your grocery budget in shape!


Dig Out Of Debt Teaches You Kids Cents!

Did you know that you

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Home

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Title: Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results
Author: Leon Edward

"How to Program Your Mind to Change Your Attitude and Emotions, Fulfill Your Goals, and Attain Almost Anything You Desire!

It's So Simple and Easy Anyone Can Apply It!"

Fortunately, a report entitled Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results has been created to help you achieve anything that your mind can conceive, and allow you to enjoy lifetime benefits.

Here are some of the things that you'll discover when you purchase Subconscious Programming for Maximum Results:

  • How to control your subconscious mind.
  • How to use visualization in programming your mind.
  • How to reprogram yourself.
  • How to make the universe conspire with your every wish and dream!
  • How the mind could be compared to a garden.
  • How to replace old beliefs with new beliefs.
  • How to find success within your reach.
  • The importance of having a sense of gratitude.
  • Why people commit self-sabotage.
  • Tips on how to feel contented in life.
  • Vital tips to have a positive attitude.
  • Why it is important to accept your flaws.
  • How to become more productive in your endeavors.
  • How to attract more love.
  • How to realize your unlimited potentials.
  • How your thoughts can
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Action, Home, Manuals

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Title: Save Your Photos... ...and Your Sanity
Author: Christine Sutton and Tracey DuBois

"How to organize and protect your entire photo collection in as little as 10 days...
. . . .without losing your mind."


With Save Your Photos and Your Sanity™ you'll be able to:

Learn why your procrastination--and even your attempts at organizing--may be destroying your precious photographs!

It goes without saying that your inaction may be destroying your precious photographs, but would you believe that your attempts at organizing might actually be accelerating the deterioration of your photographs?

Here are some typical organizing steps that may actually do more harm that good:

  • Using self-stick notes on top of photographs to keep track of memories.
  • Storing photographs in their original photo-developing envelopes. Talk about unfairness! Who would ever imagine that your photos would not be safe in the very envelopes they come in? I know this is hard to believe, so if you'd like to see this for yourself, click here for an example of the damage caused simply by storing photos in a standard film developing envelope.
  • Using plastic baggies, or standard index cards to separate photographs.
  • Using a ball-point pen to write dates and information on the back of your... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Green Products, Home, Nature

Building Your Own Greenhouse 2

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Title: Building Your Own Greenhouse 2

Attention: You Might Just End Up Spending More Time In Planning Your Greenhouse Than Your Home...
Don't Blame Us If Your Wife Gets Mad...!

Don't Be A Conventional Greenhouse Dreamer! Come Out Of The Mould, Build Your Own And Let Your Greenhouse Give A Better Yield Than Any Other In Town! Discover How You Can Start Your Own Greenhouse With Healthier Plants... Anytime Of The Year!

Finally! You Can Now Instantly Discover Some Awesome Tips To Take Greenhouse Growing To The Next Level! Learn How You Can Get A Better Yield, And Even Better Maintenance Ideas! And See Your Buddies' Jaws Drop To The Floor In Sheer Amazement...!


Valuable Information About Everything You Want To Know About Building And Maintaining Your Own Greenhouse. 

Dear Friend,

Have you ever longed to have a greenhouse, but could not because you did not know much about it? The eBook, "Building Your Own Greenhouse," simplifies the task of greenhouse building and maintenance. The tips that this eBook presents not only inform you about the various types of greenhouses, but also about greenhouse equipment. In addition, it offers valuable tips on growing amazing greenhouse plants.

These Are Some Of The Tips You Will Find In The Book :

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Garden, Home

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Title: Chicken Coop

"Discover How To Easily Build An Attractive And Affordable Chicken Coop That ProtectsYour Chickens From PredatorsMaintains Their Health And Delivers More Delicious Eggs"

Introducing to "Building A Chicken Coop"...

  • Easy To Build Plans - With easy to follow cross-sectional diagrams that include exact dimensions and required materials
  • Print off as many plans as required - our downloadable ebook format allows you to print off as many copies as you want. No need to worry about getting the plans dirty or having to share plans with helpers
  • Save money by building your own coop - Based on our analysis you normally save over 50% by building your own coop. That can be hundreds of dollars saved on larger coops
  • No fancy tools required - We have especially design our plans so that anyone with basic tools like a handsaw, hammer, drill etc can build our coops

Here is just a small taste of all the things you will find in your copy...


  • How to build a self enclosed midsize chicken coop for up to 4 chickens using for just a small fraction of the price of buying a new one
  • How to build a small portable chicken coop ark that makes cleaning simple and provides nutritious fertilizer for your garden
  • How to build a large double-story chicken coop
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Cooking, Family, Home

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Title: Dining On A Dime

Save $10,000 a year on food?

Without cutting coupons! Unbelievable? Read Tawra Jean Kellam and Jill Cooper's advice in their ebook: Dining on a Dime (formerly Not Just Beans) and find out that it really is possible.

Tawra has told her story to millions of listeners and readers on the radio, on the web and in women's magazines (including Woman's Day and Woman's World) and now she's put her best tips and tricks into a 476 page ebook. Using these tips and suggestions, Tawra shows how anyone can tighten his or her food budget.

Dining on a Dime is packed with over 1,200 money saving recipes and tips, kids tips and snack ideas, gift baskets, menus, food storage directions, Cleaning Cents and Pretty for Pennies. The recipes are easy to cook with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. To make shopping easy and economical, Tawra has also included a pantry list and a shopping list.

  • Make three meals from one chicken? Yes, Dining on a Dime has this, too!
  • Did you know that dirty dishes cause debt?
  • Got leftovers in the fridge? Use them up!!! Dining on a Dime has a complete index of recipes using nothing but leftovers.
  • Need a specific money saving idea? Dining on a Dime has a special index just for tips.
  • Need fast snack ideas for hungry kids?
  • Drive right by the pricey gift basket boutique--
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Home

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Title: Looney for Looms

Knitting loom patterns ebook
"Looney for Looms"
Round loom knitting

Dear Loom Knitter,

I am always disappointed by the sheer lack of patterns for loom knitting. Loom knitting is just perfect for a quick project and/or for people that just can't get a handle on knitting with two needles.

Loom knitting eliminates the needles and makes knitting quick as a breeze. No machine needed, the looms are very portable and handy for just about anyplace you want to take them.

So I sat down and proceeded to work on some patterns for my family and friends. When people started asking me about the patterns and how they could get them. I decided there was a need for this ebook. It took some time and effort but I believe it is well worth it.

Knit loom projects don't have to be expensive
You can buy expensive looms or make one yourself. If your pegs are spaced correctly you will be able to use any pattern in this ebook. The price or make of the loom makes no difference in the patterns.

Make your own knitting loom
Many will try to sell you some expensive loom for your knitting but that is not necessary.

Of course if you want the expensive looms and can afford them there is no problem with that either.

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Home

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Title: You Can Sell Your House Kit
Author: Jeffrey Leiser

What realtors don't want you to know

I'm going to give you all of the realty world's best secrets so you can get someone to buy your house, and keep the commission too. In fact, I used to be a realtor, as well as a property manager, and I figure it's high time you get to use that knowledge for yourself. I'm doing this because I love real estate, and I love people, and I think it's everyone's right to know as much as possible about their home, including how to sell it.

I'm also going to provide you with the real estate contract you need, an open house sign-in sheet, a disclosure sheet, and seven other forms necessary to a successful closing.

With the You Can Sell Your House kit

  •  You'll successfully field calls from potential buyers
  •  You'll provide your buyer with every form needed to make your sale legal
  •  You'll protect yourself by knowing the legalities of selling a house
  •  You'll prequalify potential buyers, long before showing your house to them, saving yourself time and energy
  • You'll know what one thing brings over 85% of potential buyers to any house
  •  You'll know what inspections are necessary, and who should pay for them
  •  You'll know what VITAL steps to take in the week before closing
  •  You'll know how to handle a buyer who already has a realtor
  •  You'll get a free comparative analysis of
... Click here to read the full description!

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