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Title: The Ultimate Guide of Speed Cleaning Secrets
Author: Veronica Bettencourt

Find out the Secrets to Cleaning Your House Quicker And Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

Learn How to Get Your House
Spick and Span Clean In a Flash ...

Here's Just A Few Things That You Will Find Out in this Ebook:
The best weapons for getting rid of dirt - and how to get them to maximum usage!
How to instantly reduce the amount of clutter in your home ...and then keep it from ever happening again!
What clothes to wear on speed cleaning day to help improve your cleaning performance!
How to get rooms cleaner than ever by following simple strategies and techniques!
What everybody must know to maximize their cleaning efforts!
How to pick the right cleaning supplies - because ultimately some cleaners work better than others really
How to avoid common cleaning mistakes -these points will aid in not getting frustrated with cleaning
What cleaning solutions to use for madimum results!
Discover what supplies you actually need to do a great job and which ones are just a waste of your cash!
How to clean each room of your house like a professional does it
How to change your thinking about cleaning
Complete blueprints for how to clean a whole house in no time flat!
What accessories you need and which are a waste of money!
Step-by-step easy-to-understand speed cleaning methods that will allow you to clean your home much faster than it

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Category: Home

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Title: Build Your Own Handrail

Build Your Own Interior Wood Handrail

Are you looking for some good instructions for building a handrail or help regarding hand railings?

If you are thinking of building a stair hand railing or updating a hand railing you can save the costs of hiring a professional.

So put that money back in your pocket and read on.

Enjoy These Benefits Instantly That Cost Me Money To Learn

  • Transferring all the angles of a stairway to the railing easily
  • Making the correct saw cuts of this expensive trim wood
  • Proper nailing and screwing
  • Making the critical saw cuts for proper lengths, heights and tight fits
  • Maintaining Osha codes while building the hand railing



The greatest benefit you will enjoy is the simplicity of how this eBook is written. Simple enough for anyone to understand and follow.

Enjoy These Benefits You Would Need To Learn


  • A list of the tools needed for the job and the brands of tools I use
  • Also the formula for spindle or balluster spacing with the Osha codes.
  • Your new handrail eBook will guide you through the process step by step with confidence
  • Inside your
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Green Products, Home, How To

Solar Power For Energy!

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Title: Solar Power For Energy!

"Save Money & At The Same Time Save The Environment By Powering Up With Solar Power For Energy!"

"It's Time To Do YOUR Bit For The Planet!"

Dear Friend,

You have probably heard about solar power and how it is the new and upcoming alternative energy source of the future. It's just not a buzzword anymore. It is a viable way for you to save time and money, while at the same time make a conscious effort to save the environment and the planet. Solar power has been revolutionized and new technology is allowing it to not only power your home, but to power personal devices such as cell phones, personal entertainment systems, and other electronic devices that you could use in virtually any situation.

Whether you are a first responder to an emergency situation, you want to go camping, or you just want a radio on your next boating trip to work without batteries, personal solar power is the new-age way to get the power without using batteries or other environmentally damaging power sources.

Solar power is now affordable to everyone and is available in a variety of ways to help save the environment.

Where solar power used to be laughed at by skeptics, it is now being embraced as the alternative energy source that rivals hydrogen, hybrids, and other forms of alternative energy. As we try to break our addiction to fossil fuels,

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Home

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Title: Killer Tips to Conquering Clutter

Who Else Wants to Learn the Secret of How to Reduce Clutters in Just 7 Days

Learn Ways to Organize Your Home In Just 7 Days

Here's what you'll discover in Killer Tips to Conquering Clutter: Simplifying Your House, ReCharging Your Life, ReNewing Your Spirit Ebook:

  • You'll discover in just a few short minutes "M.A.P.P."; Motivation, Assessment, Preparation & Planning...
  • How often to use these techniques...
  • The once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows you to make your living space work for you...
  • Secret of expert organization specialists that few people ever know about...
  • 3 proven steps to organizing your home room by room...
  • WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to trying to reduce the clutter in your home...
  • When to look to a professional...
  • How to understand the benefits of an organized home...
  • 3 little known, yet simple ways to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to be separated from your stuffs" ...
  • How to prepare your home for "de-clutterization"...
  • 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to cleaning out your closets...
  • 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for de-cluttering your life...
  • A pennies on the dollar approach to organizing your home...
  • 6 time tested and proven
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Category: Home

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Title: MakeNaturalPower

Systems like ours are sold for over $3000. This ebook will tell you how you can build your own professional power system for under $200!

Why should you make your own power at home?

  • The system will pay for itself within a month or two.
  • Knowing that you are helping to solve the energy crisis and global warming is a great feeling!
  • Doing what you can for the environment is great, and your children will be proud of your action's in helping to secure their future.
  • Instead of paying for power, you will be able to use the money that you have saved to do more important things
  • Your power bill will be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.
  • The instructions are clear enough for a complete novice to complete this in a few hours.
  • Its fun to do! Using step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations and diagrams.



  • Schematics for building your own solar panels & information on how to obtain the materials for free or at massively discounted prices.
  • Detailed instructions and diagrams for each different system and configuration including the portable solar power system, inter-tied grid, or
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Category: Home

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Title: Transform Your House

"Learn the Top 5 High-Impact Projects To Dramatically & Affordably Increase the Value of Your Home"

Expert on Affordable Home Remodeling Reveals Her Secrets on How To Transform Your House

Introducing Transform Your House: How to Dramatically Update and Upgrade (Without Major Remodeling), a revolutionary ebook that's jam-packed with tips, hints, design ideas, and example projects from my own experiences to help you succeed in transforming your house. In my brand new Second Edition, I unveil the following secrets:

  • Home staging tips brought down to earth for the rest of us (it's not just for real estate people anymore!)
  • Budget conscious upgrades for both the interior and exterior of your home (you're going to love these!)
  • How to add as much as 10% to the value of a home and get people stopping traffic in front of your house, simply by enhancing its curb appeal.
  • The 3 Critical Steps for Success when remodeling a home for resale. Leave out any one of them, and your chances for success are greatly diminished
  • Use a Realtor or sell on your own? -- I address this controversial question (my answer may surprise you)
  • The Top 5 High-Impact Projects that will instantly elevate your home's look and feel from ho-hum to fabulous
  • Amazing tips and invaluable advice on colors, textures, and
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Category: Finance, Home

Retirement Planning: The Online Retirement Guide

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Title: Retirement Planning: The Online Retirement Guide

"No More Worries About Your Future Or The Future Of Your Investments."

Let Us Show You How To Secure Your retirement As Well As your Investments In This Easy To Read Ebook.

Dear Friend:

The average life expectancy of a human being today is set at an average of 78 years old. When you consider that most people retire at age 65 that leaves 13 years of life still left to live. Many more people are living into their 80's and 90's as well. That's even more life to live! How exciting!

When was the last time you thought about what you would be doing in 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years? Probably not very often, huh? That's alright, it's normal. We don't really think about retirement when we're young, but the truth is that is the exact time we need to think about it. Why? So you can plan!

The thought of retirement planning probably isn't the most fun activity in the world. You probably have your head filled with visions of spreadsheets and figures that even a high school calculus whiz would have problems with. But planning for your retirement involves so much more than just money. You need to consider:

  • What you want to do when you retire
  • Where you'll live
  • What you will live on
  • How you'll pay your bills

And more!

It can be confusing and even a little overwhelming. I mean, really, how will you

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Category: Home

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Title: Dime Decorating

Quick and Stylish Makeovers For the Budget Minded!

  • Are you embarrassed by the way your house looks?
  • Do you want to have a stylish and chic decor but don't know anything about interior design?
  • Are you envious of the homes you see in magazines and on the television?

Learn the Tricks To Make Your Home Look Like It Came Out of a Magazine!

We all want a house we are proud of and feel comfortable in. You have the option of hiring a professional interior designer, which can be costly, or doing yourself. But how can you get the look and style you want on a limited budget and still make it look professionally done?

Dime Decorating has your answer.

Creating a decor for a new house or redecorating your old house does not have to be a time consuming or money grabbing experience. Get the tips you need to find the best deals on items you will need in every room. Dime Decorating will walk you through decorating every room in your house on a budget including:

  • Closets
  • Family room
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Home Office
  • Kitchen


Even if you have never decorated a house before, after reading through this

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Category: Green Products, Home

Build A Wind Generator

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Title: Build A Wind Generator

Family Living Off the Grid with Renewable Energy teaches you how to build a wind generator (and solar panels) and save thousands.

Dear Friends,

For the past 15 years our family has been living off the grid with only solar and wind power. After building our own home we turned our attention to the problem of finding alternative energy options for our home that we could afford.

Today we live 100% Off-Grid with our Wind Generator and Solar Panels

In the process we figured out how to help others do the same thing!

I would like to share with you exactly what we discovered and how we built our own wind generator.

Would you like to discover:

  • How To Get Massive IRS Refunds
  • How to Cut Fuel Costs to Nearly Zero
  • Step-By-Step How To Build A Wind Generator
  • How To Clean Up The Environment
  • Step by Step Plans to Build Solar Panels


You Can Build A Wind Generator

You are here because you are probably trying to decide if you can learn how to build a wind generator yourself.

Are you

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Ebook Type: Video Included,
Category: Home

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Title: Priscilla Bead Work Book - Victorian Beaded Purses, Jewelry, & More!
Author: Mary Schlueter

"Now Anyone . . . Can Make Beautiful Victorian Beaded Purses, Jewelry & Accessories"

Be creative, be inspired, be unique, be delighted by Priscilla Bead Work Book!

Here's what you'll discover in the Priscilla Bead Work eBook:

  • How beads should be strung on the spool for knitting
  • What a "Weaver's Knot" is and when should it be used
  • What Beaded Knitting is
  • How to thread beads for knitting a pattern of more than one color
  • How to properly use a "purse stitch"


WARNING: Sew beads this way and your project is doomed to be a failure

  • A very ingenious method of imitating pearl jewelry
  • When making a bead bag, what beading method offers the amateur the greatest success
  • What the one right way is to begin bead embroidery on canvas
  • How to fit a pattern if the correct clasp cannot be obtained
  • Which beading method allows for laying your project aside and easily picking it up at pleasure
  • How to sting long lengths of beads rapidly
  • What secret all great bead workers know but rarely share
  • How to determine what size beads to use
  • What caution you should be aware about the stringing
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