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Title: Supplement Secrets Revealed
Author: Jeff Anderson

The Best Guide to the most
Powerful Muscle-Building Fat-Blasting Bodybuilding Supplements that will get you Ultra-Thick and Shredded NOW. Learn how to Tell It To the Wallet-Sucking Scammers who are just selling you worthless bottles of cheap herbs. These Deep-Dark Secrets will help you obtain Supplements to Build Muscle at up to 98% OFF.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Health

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Title: The 3 Day Thrush Cure

Dangerous Medication That Doctors Prescribe for Infant Thrush Can Cause Severe Health Problems and Still Do Nothing to Cure Yeast Overgrowth

In this ebook, you will find out ALL the information you need to cure thrush in 3 days or less and keep yeast from taking invading your body ever again.

Life-saving information such as:

  • The simple steps to take so you, your baby, and your partner stop passing a yeast infection back and forth.
  • How to quickly eliminate thrush in 3 days or less using only one, all-natural product.
  • 11 different factors that can make your body an appetizing playground for yeast and how to quickly fix each one.
  • The 7 most common signs of thrush that moms need to watch for to protect their breastfeeding infant.
  • Three easy ways to get instant relief from painful and annoying thrush side effects.
  • Detailed descriptions of yeast overgrowth, so you can recognize and treat the enemy as quickly as possible.
  • An in-depth look at various thrush treatments and how trying one of them is like playing Russian Roulette with the health of you and your baby.
  • More than 70 easy-to-read pages that tell you exactly what steps to take to conquer infant, adult, oral, and vagina thrush, as well as foot fungus.
  • The 5 different types of thrush and all the resources you need to address each one.
  • Long-term strategies you can easily put into play to
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Category: Cooking, Health

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Title: Switch To A Vegetarian Lifestyle

When I researched vegetarianism, I was so shocked at the health risks associated with eating meat, that I decided to put together this Ebook so that I could spread the word around and hopefully persuade others to take a serious look.

This is not some flimsy report or fluffy pamphlet that will leave you with more questions than you had to start.

"Switch to a Vegetarian Lifestyle" is literally crammed with facts, pertinent information, guidelines, and meal suggestions that you and your family can actually use to make the switch from a sluggish diet of toxic meats and other unhealthy (so called) foods to clean, wholesome, and energetic living with vegetarian foods that nourish your body instead of running it down.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn from this ebook

  • How the human diet has evolved
  • How meat appeared on the menu
  • The risks to your health including heart disease and cancer
  • The types of vegetarian and what they eat and don't eat
  • Recipes to help you get started
  • The dangers from dairy products
  • The shocking way our meat is produced
  • What else you are eating when you eat meat
  • How to start making the switch to a vegetarian diet
  • How vegetarianism can help you lose weight

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Category: Health

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Title: Kidney Stones Breakthrough
Author: Mark Anastasi

Is freedom from Kidney Stones around the corner?" Scientists finally answer...

REVEALED: The Root Cause of KIDNEY STONES - And How To Reverse It!

Kidney Stones is not the only thing you're risking, by the way.

By cutting out the "danger substances" from our diets, we achieve a lot of other health benefits like:

  • Find out how we've lost our health within our own bodies... and why most Pharmaceutical drugs do nothing except treat the symptoms.
  • Boost your energy levels, sleep better and increase your mental clarity.
  • And discover why the "Modern West" actually ranks number 37 in overall health in the world... and why diseases like Diabetes, cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis hardly even exist in countries with "old-school" medical systems (This alone will open your eyes!)
  • Prevent diseases like Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and even Cancer... by having a clean, healthy body and by boosting your immune system

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Category: Health, Psychology

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Title: Emotional SOS

Why do you feel like this? It almost seems unfair. Even others around you who seem far worse off are happy and content, but you just feel so down and depressed.

  • You feel anxious, helpless, hopeless
  • Do you sometimes wonder what the point of it all is and feel like just giving up?
  • You don't want to be around people, but struggle with being isolated
  • Do you lack self confidence and conviction?
  • Nothing you - or others say or do - seems to make any difference
  • Do you feel sad, lonely and irritable?
  • You feel detached and apathetic - you just don't care anymore
  • Why do bad things always seem to happen to you?
  • When in public, do you feel vulnerable - what are they thinking about me, will they notice, will they just think I'm weak?
  • You don't understand WHY you feel like this



Many books written about depression are theoretical or full of medical jargon. This ebook is written by an ordinary Australian who lived with depression for over 15 years. It is different because it is highly personal and the methods developed have been accepted by experts across the world.

Here's What You Get with Your Depression eBook:

  • Simple step by step approach that makes it easy for you to take action and get your life back.
  • Nothing more to spend - no
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Category: Health

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Title: Candida Secrets

Candida Secrets
Your Key to Successful Treatment

Get all the facts you need about Candida before you begin treatment and avoid the common pitfalls that sabotage recovery.

Before you spend any money on a yeast treatment product it's crucial that you know the truth and arm yourself with the facts or otherwise you may be shooting yourself in the foot. A thorough education about Candida Albicans and the process of recovery is the most powerful tool you can have in creating an effective treatment plan.

Some of the Great Secrets You'll Find Inside:

  • How to Cope with and Reduce Die Off
  • What Your Doctor Hasn't Learned About Candida
  • How to Stick to the Candida Diet
  • Why Candida is so Difficult to Treat and How to Optimize Your Recovery Plan
  • The Missing Pieces that are Essential to the Candida Puzzle
  • The Naked Truth about Candida Albicans
  • The Critical Keys for the Most Successful Treatment Approach
  • How to Outsmart Those Sugar Cravings
  • What Other's Aren't Telling You about Treatment Products


Why Do You Need the Facts about Candida
Candida is probably the most cunning, persistent,

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Health

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Title: Herpes Wise
Author: Nathalie Foy

Do You Have Genital Herpes?

Get Rid of Herpes Fast and For Ever Learn How to Finally Cure Genital Herpes Symptoms

Stop Genital Herpes Outbreaks from Ever Coming Back Protect Your Partner From Getting Herpes and Regain a Healthy Sex Life With Natural Herpes Remedies in the Privacy of Your Home

Get 100% natural, affordable recipes to stop outbreaks fast and prevent them from ever coming back!

I'll show you:

  • The facts about over-the-counter genital herpes remedies and products
  • What foods you should eat and what vitamins you should take during herpes outbreaks
  • The best supplements to use to remain herpes outbreak free
  • Research regarding potential natural herpes cures
  • Essential oils and natural herpes remedies that can stop a herpes outbreak within 48 hours


Learn how to make your mind work for you not against you

Herpes Wise is carefully organized in easy-to-follow sections like:

  • Herpes 101 - Find Out What Causes Herpes and What It's All About - In Plain English
  • Treatment - Read About Traditional, Alternative and Natural Medical Treatments Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About
  • Shedding and Transmission - Learn How Herpes Is
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Category: Health

Total wellness Guide

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Title: Total wellness Guide

Are You Ready to Experience Total Wellness Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired ?

Your ultimate resource for optimum health and wellness. A mult-media resource with video, audio and over 500 pages of current holistic wellness information to support you on your journey to total wellness

Including special features, music for relaxation and meditation, fitness and nutrition tools to help you track your wellness programs and plan nutritious low calories meals.
The Wellness Resource Catalog-quickly and easily access hundreds of quality online health and wellness products.

Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast:

Today more than ever we are bombarded with health news and information, in this day and age it's getting harder to make wise decisions about our health.
At last you can now have access to an easy to use and current health and wellness resource manual edited and compiled by a Registered Nurse. The Total Wellness Manual contained hundreds of current, quality pages of holistic health information with resources for organizing your life, improving your emotion wellness, nutrition tips and fitness and exercise manuals.

In addition to pages of practical health information, the Total Wellness Manual includes streaming health news video and quality MP3 music

I am sure you will use this valuable

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Ebook Type: EXE
Category: Health

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Title: Be Yeast Free

"Accidental Yeast Infection Cure...
That Works!"

Introducing Be Yeast Free... The Completely Safe and Natural Way to Get Rid of and Stay Rid of Yeast Infections Forever!

Dear Fellow Yeast Infection Sufferer:

  • Are you just plain sick of being in pain?
  • Are you tired of trying to get rid of your chronic yeast infections?
  • Are you frustrated?

I know I was!

I suffered from yeast infections (also known as Candida) for years. I tried just about everything to cure my yeast infections but nothing worked.

The very first thing I learned from Dawn was that chronic yeast infections affect many parts of the body and it will affect everyone differently.

Needless to say, I was floored by this information. I was even more stunned by what I discovered next.

And you can discover it too.

When you grab your very own copy of Be Yeast Free you will discover:

  • How to clear-up all the other symptoms associated with yeast infections.
  • How to feel 200% better in as little as a single day!
  • The most effective and safest way to rid yourself of yeast infections forever!
  • The 15 main causes of yeast infections and how to prevent or cure each and every one of them.
  • How to completely cure your chronic yeast
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Category: Health, Self Help

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Title: Rotator Cuff-Neck Pain-Shoulder Pain
Author: Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Are you one of millions of people who suffer with nagging shoulder pain that just won't stop?

Finally, there is a way to stop the debilitating affects of shoulder aches and pain that keep you from doing the activities you enjoy!

These step-by-step techniques are proven to work for the most common shoulder injuries.

By following the steps in The Complete, Easy to Use Shoulder Injury Guide: From Injury to Independence through Exercise you can recover from your shoulder injury in as little as 3-6 weeks!

Here is what you'll get when you order. With the Complete, Easy to Use Shoulder Injury Guide you will:

  • Learn how to restore good posture and heal your injury
  • Learn how to prevent new inflammation and restore normal blood circulation to your joints
  • Learn about 'muscle substitution' and 'muscle guarding' and how these play a critical role in your rehab process
  • Receive a full and complete shoulder rehab program designed for each of the most common shoulder injuries eliminating any 'guesswork' or extra time in rehab
  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to exercise with a specific shoulder injury so you heal properly, preventing further
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