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Title: The MetaZone Performance Boosting System
Author: Joe Weaver

Can I Ask You Something?

  • Do you constantly start and stop new routines because they become too much of a boring grind… something you actually dread?
  • Do you want to dramatically transform the shape and look of your body… BUT you just can’t stick with a workout program?
  • Do you eventually lose interest, skip workouts and — ultimately… lose any gains you’ve made?
  • Have you reached a performance plateau… no gains — no fun — just the same old grind?
  • Do you often get sidelined with nagging injuries that throw you off your routine just when you think you’re making progress?

Does Any of This Sound Like You?

If so.. Then I have some good news!

The Solution: The MetaZone Performance Boosting System

Sometimes just a few subtle changes can make all the difference in the world.

These are not superficial little band-aid fixes to the problems mentioned above.

These techniques deliver a fundamental and revolutionary change in the way you can experience exercise, and the progress you’ll make as the result.

What you get in…

  • You’ll hear the ground-breaking experiences of five MetaZone students on how these techniques radically altered their workout experience and their results.
  • Discover the #1 key to body sculpting success, and why the current
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Category: Fitness

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Title: The Beta Switch
Author: Sue Heintze

Now You Can “Turn On” Your Body's Own Beta Switches To Convert Your Most Stubborn Female Trouble Spots Into Fat-Burning Mode — Eliminating The Most Embarrassing Fat On Your Thighs, Bum and Even The Backs of Your Arms — WITHOUT Strict Dieting or Excessive Exercise.

Popular Female Diets Are TOO STRICT, and Trap Fat In Your Trouble Spots

This System Works For ANY Woman — No Matter Your Age, And Regardless Of Where You Store Your Most Stubborn Fat…

Trust me, as all the women you’ve met in this video can attest, this System will work for you, even if…

  • You’ve shared my despair over trapped and stubborn female fat…
  • You’re a busy mom or professional woman like me…
  • You’ve run yourself into the ground with excessive aerobics and cardio…
  • You’ve damaged your metabolism with strict dieting…
  • Or even if you think you’ve tried everything!

The Beta Switch is a simple, step-by-step 12 week nutrition and lifestyle system that switches on your fat-burning Beta receptors and switches off your stubborn-fat storing Alpha receptors…

You’ll quickly master things like…

  • The quick and simple trick to easily tell the exact portions you need for YOUR body-type to maximize your weight loss...
  • The precise 6 day kick-start diet
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Category: Fitness

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Title: The Fitness Revolution for Men Over 50

Are You Over 50 and Totally Frustrated?

Isn't it Time for a Change?

  • Are you tired of loved ones considering you to be “over the hill”?
  • Have you given up hope of ever having the body you want and deserve?
  • Had enough of the opposite sex writing you off as an “old” person who’s body is in hopeless shape and getting worse by the day?



Imagine being in the absolutely, very best shape of your life – AFTER 50!

That’s right, and the solution is simple: No drugs, no “fad” diets, no ridiculous workout routines, just PROVEN methods that get RESULTS.

I will show you how I’m helping thousands of people over age 50 TEAR UP THAT FALSE SCRIPT and create a brand new one that THEY control.

Join The Revolution!

Now it’s possible for you to have the BEST BODY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, RIGHT NOW!!

In this amazing ebook I’ll share with you how to get that to-die-for body you’ve always wanted. Imagine what people will say when they see your slimmed down, toned body from following the guidelines I lay out for you in BF50. Here’s just some of what you’ll get:

  • The one, all-important secret to how your ideal body is made (Hint: It’s not in the gym!)
  • My ridiculously simple, easy approach to weight
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Category: Fitness, Men

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Title: Super Senior Arm Pump
Author: Ron Krayewski

Senior Men: This Video Will Show You How To Fill Out A T-Shirt With Big, Strong Muscles.
Women: Tone Your Arms And Get Rid Of The Flabby Skin Behind Your Arms.

In this 33 minute video, you’ll get the benefit of all 43 years of my professional expertise, as seen through the eyes of a robust, ageing senior strength training specialist.

Today, at 65, my workouts give me the same energy, pizazz, and resilience that they used to, so I can be free to enjoy each moment of every day.

I’m hoping that by being in the best shape of your life, you too will able to live your years feeling energized and thrilled to live each day.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn how to do with this video...

  • Save serious money by using homemade equipment.
  • As a senior, it gets harder and harder to get away with the same physical activities that we've been used to doing our whole lives.
  • Not interested in "pumping iron"? Resistance bands offer a great alternative -- and can play an essential part in preventing injury when used to warm up before a workout.
  • Learn which muscle to flex when you show off your arms. Most people curl up their arms into the bicep position when demonstrating the muscles on their arm.
  • Avoiding injury and over-exertion is important part of proper strength training.
  • Don't pull a "goose neck"! Learn the specific way and
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Ebook Type: Video
Category: Fitness

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Title: The DUP Method

Discover How To Add 20lbs To Your Bench Press, 15lbs To Your Deadlift, And 20lbs To Your Squat In Less Than 3 Months

DUP is the little-known strength training method used by the strongest lifters in the gym that will get you stronger without ever hitting a plateau.

With D.U.P., You Will:

  • Train the same muscle groups and even perform the same exercises on consecutive days.
  • Train lifts multiple times per week.
  • Use a limited number of exercises.
  • Work in a variety of rep ranges with varying levels of intensity.
  • Use periods of over-reaching.

If You Use the D.U.P. Method, You Will:

  • Enjoy training so that going to the gym won't feel like a chore.
  • Be stronger so that you don't feel weak in the gym. This will allow you to have an easier time to lose body fat, or put on muscle mass.
  • Set new PR's regularly, impressing yourself, your friends, and your followers on social media.
  • Be able to eat all of your favourite foods.

With The D.U.P. Method, You Will Discover:

  • The Amazing New Diet Secret Of Strength Athletes And Fitness Competitors
  • 5 Sure Ways To Get Stronger Regardless Of How Busy You Are
  • A New Way To Get Stronger That Has Never Failed
  • Four Things You Have To Do Before Ever Touching A Weight
  • 7 Questions You Must Ask About D.U.P. And The One Question That Will
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Category: Fitness

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Title: TWO WEEK - Hard Body
Author: Justus Hanna

Take back your body.

  • YES 7 minute workout.
  • YES butter, bacon & eggs.
  • YES juicy steaks.
  • NO boring cardio.
  • NO counting calories.
  • NO tasteless food.

Lose fat by changing your grocery list, not running marathons.

My name is Justus Hanna and I created TWO WEEK - Hard Body because I was sick and tired of hearing the same lies and regurgitated misinformation about how to build muscle, lose fat, and maintain a healthy body from all of the so-called 'expert' doctors, trainers, and nutritionists.

My TWO WEEK - Hard Body system will show you the real way to lose excess body fat and get the beach body that you always wanted by simply changing your grocery list and performing my 7 minute BURST! Workouts in the comfort of your own home!

Superhuman regeneration

Men and women all over the world have taken back their bodies using the principles of unconventional nutrition contained in my ebook.

It is not uncommon to experience the following after TWO WEEK - Hard Body:

  • Reduction of advanced glycation end products, leading to smoother and healthier skin.
  • Constant energy and disappearance of mood swings by controlling glucose levels.
  • Improved endothelial function due to elimination of fried foods and vegetable oils.
  • Disappearance of joint pain due to increased intake of
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Fitness

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Title: Code name: Indestructible

Mike Krivka’s Devious Master Plan to forge an unstoppable, irresistible physique like 007….

In this ultra-unique ebook, you will find:

  • The plans for creating your own clear-cut, personalized step-by-step for physical excellence
  • A Preface by DAN JOHN!
  • Incredibly valuable programming guides
  • Enjoyable Bond trivia with every workout – to distract you from the brutality!
  • New and effective exercise variations
  • Loads of extras to boost all aspects of your kettlebell training

These 24 unique workouts were inspired by the movies we all know and love… And they’re aimed to fire us toward the secret agent abilities we all covet. Resilience, strength, mobility, tenacity… and of course looking great in formal eveningwear.

Mike Krivka blasts through that unimaginative misconception, with these intelligent and powerful workouts. Even better, his clear cut programming guidelines will have you or you training group well on the way to excellence with no confusion. The pathways are clear cut—while still allowing for your lifestyle and imagination.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: Get Ripped Abs At Home
Author: Kiley Lynch

Here's How Normal Guys Like You Are Getting Rock Hard, Ripped Abs In Just 60 Days!

...By Training Just 3 Minutes Per Day, All From The Comfort Of Their Own Home...NO Equipment or Fancy Gadgets Required!

In this program, I break down the fundamental details of each region of the abdominals, as well as the BEST exercises for each. These techniques will get you ripped abdominals in the shortest amount of time possible. Inside you'll discover:

  • The 7 best exercises for your upper abs, obliques, and lower abs (21 exercises in total)
  • How to get "eight pack abs" rather than just six pack abs. Even the top fitness models in the world don't know this secret!
  • A ninja time saving trick that allows you to BURN FAT in addition to sculpting your abs (this is an absolute GAME CHANGER).
  • Why 97% of people train their abdominals WRONG (and have no idea they are doing it!). Making this one simple change will literally TRIPLE your results in less than half the time!
  • A series of 3 minute, 4 minute, and 5 minute ab workouts that have been tested and proven to get SHREDDED ABS in just a couple of short months.

And much, much, much, more...

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Category: Fitness

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Title: The Pull-up Solution

I’ll Teach You How To Rapidly Increase Your Pull-up & Chin-up Numbers, Build Lean Muscle, And Get Stronger…

I’ll Show You How To Do It Safely, Without Wrecking Your Joints, And With No Crazy Workouts. Plus, You’ll Start Seeing Results As Soon As This Week!

Over the years, I’ve discovered a number of key components that are essential to pull-up training success, that unfortunately, most people either don’t know about, or at the very least, don’t use. And thus, they perpetually struggle with exercises like pull-ups among others. But when all of these key components are integrated into one comprehensive system - when you connect the dots - pull-up training success is guaranteed.

This 45-page ebook will guide you through the process of using this system. It was written and formatted with simplicity in mind so that you can work through it quickly.  It will literally take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do each and every day so that there is no guesswork involved – just follow the instructions.

The manual also contains the actual 12-week workout program you’ll be going through with detailed instructions to help you make the most of each and every training session.

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Category: Fitness, Women

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Title: Pole Dancing Lessons

Get Instant Access To more than 130 video’s, that will teach you to love your body and love your life!

Home Pole Dancing Lessons For The Everyday Women

Transform yourself from out-of-shape and awkward “Jane” into a fit, sexy, and confident vixen in a few short months

Dancing connects a woman to her natural inner sexuality, renewing her inner confidence and helps her to feel genuinely sexy from the inside. I want to offer those benefits to every woman through my pole dancing lessons while simultaneously helping them get in the best toned shape of their lives!

Using my lessons, you’ll be able to:

  • See the results of your hard work -- in the mirror
  • Get in the best shape of your life
  • Have some serious fun!
  • Build health, strength, and energy!
  • Feel genuinely sexy, young and vibrant from the inside out
  • Renew your inner confidence
  • Be surprised to learn you wish you could work out all the time!
  • Connect to your natural femininity, intuition and sensuality
  • Pique men's (or women's) curiosity.
  • Feel completely comfortable in your own skin
  • Open the door to infinite possibilities and take more chances in life

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