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Title: The Chaos Bulk
Author: Anthony Mychal

Clean Bulking With Intermittent Fasting

I’m not going to lie and say you’re going to go Hulkmania overnight, but you might just add those ten pounds of muscle over your body that you’ve been longing for. And then after those ten, another ten. And you can do it all without getting fat.

Want to know why your bulks leave you with a bulging bloated jelly-belly? And why your cuts magnificently melt away your muscle?

Calculating fluid intake to a precise hourly chore seems funny…until you realize that’s exactly what you do nutritionally.

You avoid the physiological and psychological disasters of unwanted fat gain.

We all want to look great naked. It’s evolution. We form first impressions about others in one-tenth of a second. Appearance matters. Feeling good about yourself matters.

Say bye bye to your body fat. For good. And you can include cardio in that farewell.  There’s no extra work that needs done in the name of staving off body fat. So my motto: get lean once…and then never get fat again.

You end up with enough structure to make progress, yet enough freedom to enjoy a normal life.

The Chaos Bulk is over 150 pages of physiology altering goodness that further explains all of the concepts you’ve read to this point. It’s my chaotic “ethos.” I consider it the ultimate skinny-fat muscle building guide.

You probably

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fitness, Health

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Title: Chinese Secrets to Fatty Liver and Obesity Reversal
Author: Mr. Abe Hsieh

Almost everybody who has ever used the system reported back similar things. That is why I am so sure this system will allow you to:

  • Reclaim your life from the deadly grip of fatty liver and lower the risk of cancer that is over your head right now
  • As your fatty liver is resolved, the fat burning potential of you body is unlocked and you'll start loosing fat like you never though possible
  • Normalize your sleep patterns and get that refreshing night sleep you need
  • Invigorate your body and destroy that overwhelming fatigue that is controlling your life
  • Resolve depression as you gain back control of your life. Many people report back that they feel even better than before fatty liver disease because of a new-found appreciation of life.
  • Get rid of the night sweats and hot flashes forever
  • Resolve other symptoms depending on your particular case (bloating, gases, low energy etc.)
  • Clear your skin and look much younger within months


For over 2 decades now I have been travelling back and forth from Beijing to Dallas. I know everything there is to know about the options that are offered to the fatty liver sufferer and I will be bold here and say that this is a completely unique proven a and tested method to resolve your fatty liver and loose weight.

The most important aspects of the program describes in the ebook

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fitness

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Title: MASS Intelligence Training Manual
Author: Benjamin Pakulski

Discover How You Can Immediately Double Your Muscle Gains, Remodel ANY "Weak" Bodypart, Smash EVERY Plateau, All While Revealing Your Abs At The SAME Time...

A eye-opening article by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski

Component 1: The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual

MI40 stands for Mass Intent is the only muscle-gaining system that makes a conscious INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle, relies on the intensifier NOS and exploits the scientific significance of the number 40 when it comes to rapid and permanent muscle growth.

The manual goes into depth explaining the science behind the intensifier technique NOS and how to execute Intent. I have used NOS & Intent to become one of the best bodybuilders on the planet and will rely on it right until the Mr. Olympia. You can use it to change your body & life.

Component 2: The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual

The Nutrition Manual teaches you how to achieve the most common goal -- building muscle & losing fat in less time. You want to get big & lean. You want to bulk up while staying ripped. You want size & cuts! They don't call me The Master Molder for nothing!

Component 3: The 40-Day MASS Instruction Workout Videos

Get coached by Big Ben and watch him guide world-class athletes like Figure Champ Emily Stirling, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince

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Category: Fitness, Weight Loss

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Title: Live Lean Afterburn 12 Week Workout System
Author: Brad Gouthro

This workout program is the style of workouts that I follow to live lean and keep my body in fat burning mode 24/7/365. It’s designed to ignite and maximize the afterburn effect so you’ll be burning MORE CALORIES up to 48 hours after your workout (even while you sleep)!

Maximize The Afterburn Effect Article by Brad Gouthro, PTS & NWS

  • Learn about the 1 UNIQUE WORKOUT SECRET used by only a small percentage of people who LIVE LEAN 365 days a year.
  • Find out why your workout programs are designed to slow your results and essentially FAIL you from reaching your goals.
  • Discover how to burn crazy amounts of calories WHILE YOU SLEEP.
  • You’ll quickly see that IT IS POSSIBLE to re-compose your stubborn body fat into lean, sexy and aesthetically pleasing muscle.

This information includes how your conventional workout programs are sabotaging your calorie burning potential. The unique workouts I design have a direct impact on helping your body burn calories WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY. Essentially you’ll be burning MORE calories, even while you sleep. Conventional workouts rarely take advantage of these design principles.

These unique workout design principles are one of the most effective ways for people to Live Lean 365 days a year.

My specialized Live Lean Afterburn workout program is designed to help you live lean by burning MORE calories AFTER exercise, thus burning MORE

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Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: The Isometrics Strength
Author: Todd Kuslikis



  • Why lifting heavy weights may actually be DESTROYING your chance of getting a STRONG healthy, muscular physique.
  • How "every day" folks can build an amazing physique and strong, healthy bodies using a short workout routine performed 3X per week
  • An easy way to “trick” your body into increasing muscle size and power by 54% in just minutes each day!
  • The proper positions in order to increase strength throughout the entire muscle.
  • And… how you can use a unique form of isometric exercises to get the strength results you are looking for much faster than you are seeing now (even if you are working out hours each day)!
  • How to tighten the muscle effectively to maximize your results in less time.
  • How "Isolated Isometrics" and "Whole Body Isometrics" can drastically boost strength and even burn fat faster than any other workout style
  • Simple breathing techniques to revitalize and energize your body while you do these short workouts.
  • The specific workout regimen that will help you transform your own body and can be performed using just a short 30 minute workout done 3-4X per week.
  • Gives precise direction on reps and sets so there
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Beauty, Fitness, Self Help

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Title: The Grow Taller Workout

Secrets Of How To Grow 2.54cm Taller Every 7 Days...

Height Guru Lance Ward (Taller4u.com) Joins Forces with Ash Kattell, Bachelor of Science in Sports & Exercise + Nutrition to Create the Ultimate Grow Taller Program...

Discover How Adding this Height Specific Workout to Any GROW TALLER Stretching Program Will Make You Grow in Half the Time...Give you Bigger + Better Results and is 100% Natural and Safe...

Regardless of your Age, Genetics, other Grow Taller Programs that have failed you... You Will definitely Grow Taller Faster...More Effectively and Efficiently ...With This Revealing DVD Workout...

Backed up By Professional Studies the DVD reveals the Truths about Growing Taller and what you need to do…

Become More Attactive...and have More Sex appeal

Height Plays a Key Role in deciding how attractive you are to the opposite sex.

Women Love a Taller Man...not just so they feel Protected but they can also wear their favorite shoes J and still not be Taller than the Male...

Other Benefits?

  • Increased jumping ability
  • Longer, stronger, flexible, and more supple spine
  • Improved balance & posture
  • Enhanced development of body awareness
  • Increased mental and physical relaxation
  • Reduced risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons
  • Enhanced overall physical fitness & performance
  • Reduced
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Category: Beauty, Body, Fitness

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Title: 30/30 Bubble Butt

Want to GROW a BUBBLE Butt You Can Be Proud of... in 30 days or less?

A bodacious booty can be life-changing - in more ways than making you feel damn good about yourself. ? You see, a big, strong butt isn't just good to look at - it also comes with loads of benefits, like...

  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Better posture
  • Improves balance
  • Looks amazing in yoga pants (actually, looks amazing in everything - even your birthday suit)
  • Helps fight stubborn belly fat

You've already tried so much stuff...

  • You've rubbed fish oil all over your bum...and sacrificed a few favorite pairs of panties for not-a-whole-lot-of plumping.
  • You've done squats 'til your legs gave out...and wound up with bigger legs and a not-much-bigger booty.
  • You've chugged down tons of weight gainers...only to gain weight on your entire body - not your booty.
  • You've google-d "butt workouts" more times than you can count...and exhausted yourself trying to figure out how much of what exercises you're supposed to do to get that perfect peaches butt they promised. 100? 200?!

Stop the Booty Confusion! There's a much easier way to add MASS to your ASS.

The Bubble Butt Formula

There's a lot of booty mythology floating around out there, but the basics of bubble butt building come down to just TWO simple principles:

  • Eat the right amount of
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Category: Fitness

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Title: How To Read Fitness Research
Author: Mark Young

Now is your chance to take back the power to determine fact from fiction by reading, understanding, an applying cutting edge research

How to Read fitness research consists of 4 seminars detailing every single detail from how research is collected to how implement research in your training to bring about the absolute best results for fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

Seminar 1 – The Purpose and Process of Research

  • Discover why relying on textbooks for knowledge will leave you relying on antiquated information.
  • Find out why research actually matters.
  • Learn how research is done and why the process of publishing may affect what you get to read.
  • Find out how studies are funded and how it affects the results you use to design your programs.

Seminar 2 – Acquiring and Reading Fitness Research

  • Discover the top journals you MUST read to stay on top of your field.
  • Stay on top of research by having the most current updates delivered right to your inbox.
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by learning how to get your hands on studies for free.
  • Learn the most important part of a paper. It probably isn’t what you think.

Seminar 3 – No Snooze Statistics & Research Design

  • Understand correlations and why you should always be cautious of their
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Fitness, Women

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Title: Build a Butt
Author: Jessica Rumbaugh

Fear No Mirror! Build a Butt you will be Proud of!

The Exact Workouts that Fitness Pro Jessica Rumbaugh has used to get stunning results...

You’ve probably tried many different workout routines that promise a better Butt

Could they have been missing one or all of these important factors?

  • Not Enough Rest Time in between exercises or workouts to ensure you don’t burn out
  • Insufficient Resistance, Tempo and Volume to really stimulate the glute muscles and make a difference in the shape.
  • No Progressive Overload approach that makes sure you gradually work up to more challenging exercises

Build a Butt takes a realistic approach to training and makes sure the you get the best results in the safest and smartest way possible

By using the Short but Intense workouts in Build A Butt you can spend half the time getting way better results!

You need a program you can use for LIFE, not just for short term. Build a Butt is designed for busy professionals, for beginners, for Mom’s, knowing that we all have struggles in life and we can’t spend hours at the gym! That’s why I’ve designed the “At Home” Version of every single workout, so in case you can’t make it to the gym, you’ll still be doing workouts that can change the shape of your Butt! Plus the nutrition plan included takes the guess work out of

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDFVideo Included,
Category: Fitness, Women

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Title: Pole Dancing Lessons

Get Instant Access To more than 130 video’s, that will teach you to love your body and love your life!

Home Pole Dancing Lessons For The Everyday Women

Transform yourself from out-of-shape and awkward “Jane” into a fit, sexy, and confident vixen in a few short months

Dancing connects a woman to her natural inner sexuality, renewing her inner confidence and helps her to feel genuinely sexy from the inside. I want to offer those benefits to every woman through my pole dancing lessons while simultaneously helping them get in the best toned shape of their lives!

Using my lessons, you’ll be able to:

  • See the results of your hard work -- in the mirror
  • Get in the best shape of your life
  • Have some serious fun!
  • Build health, strength, and energy!
  • Feel genuinely sexy, young and vibrant from the inside out
  • Renew your inner confidence
  • Be surprised to learn you wish you could work out all the time!
  • Connect to your natural femininity, intuition and sensuality
  • Pique men's (or women's) curiosity.
  • Feel completely comfortable in your own skin
  • Open the door to infinite possibilities and take more chances in life

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