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Category: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction

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Title: Gondell's Quest
Author: Andy Lang

Gondell's Quest is an Epic Fantasy Adventure, set in an era before the rise of man.

Gondell Lenzen, an everyday and ordinary Gnome, had never considered himself to be special in any way, yet long forgotten family history would beg to differ.

He is the Keeper. The key to victory in the coming conflict, only he can release the sword of legend as a new darkness descends from the north, threatening to plunge the peoples of the free world into a nightmare of subjugation and misery.

Follow Gondell as he is captured by the forces of evil. His only hope of salvation, a band of misfits from the Guild of Free Peoples. Elf, Ogre, Dwarf and Nymph partner with a Ghul, a desert demon in a valiant rescue attempt.

Gondell's Quest races fron the highest mountains to burning deserts, the frozen north to the high seas.

A tale of friendships and alliances forged, deceptions revealed, great hardships suffered, redemption and doom.

Available now to pre - order for only $0.99 / £0.99 from Amazon. (Publishing date - 15/10/2015)

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Category: Action, Fantasy, Fiction

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Title: Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins
Author: Ian Thompson

A world split by hatreds and conflicts plunges towards annihilation...

Huge scythe-wielding demons swarm from beyond the Wall of Light, slaying everything in their path. Villages and towns are eradicated. Armies are crushed by dark magic, terrible siege weapons and sheer brutal force.

This is an invasion like no other. Not to conquer. Not to expand territories. Not to make their enemies submit to new beliefs or monarchs. The demons seek to destroy every living thing.

Across Emeran, the nations try desperately to survive and strike back. A huge Human army meets the demons on Deshnere Plain. The Callis defend their forest townships. The Graex see their beautiful city of Mesamir threatened...

Witness the war through the experiences of diverse characters. Two royal sisters, one a warrior, the other a mystic. Soldiers and officers, fighting and dying across the continent. A farmer traumatised by loss. A coward seeking redemption. A revenger with awful bloodlust. Pacifists forced to make a terrible choice. And many more...

An Era Of Darkness consumes the world with ravenous haste.

Hundreds of thousands of demons close in upon the walled city of Tremok and a mammoth siege begins.

Far to the north, a tiny group of fighters embark on a suicidal mission.

Yet it seems no action can stop the relentless hordes. Even the Unseen Gods themselves have been slain...

Extinction is inevitable.

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Category: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

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Title: Inking Ashore
Author: KN Schultz

From the dawn of the New World, the fresh waters of the rivers flowing through the Cities and the Wild have teemed everso with the distinct taint of inking black tentacles masses of evil. Forced into the watery prison, the beasts grow larger and more vile, feeding off the souls of those unfortunate living souls caught within their reach. These demonic Shadows of many limbs, eyes, fangs, hatred, and violence torment the world that cast them down for their mutations and wait for their day of reckoning upon all of humanity.

An unassuming part of lower class City workers of particular unimportance aims to rid the world of the inking nightmares polluting their waters. However, the party's leader, Fang remains missing in action with her destructive part left undone. Her two comrades Rat, a sewer alchemist of limited design, and Nails, a witch forge master of forgotten eras, follow her trail beneath the city inside the water filtration tunnels to find her and drop fearsome death upon the water demons they've been battling since their livelihood was chosen for them.

What ensues is the start of a new war as the abominable evil slithers ashore to feast on the murdereous mayhem of mass extinction.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Classic, Fantasy, History

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Author: Anthony Acri

The decline and fall of the first Italian Empire. In ancient Tuscany, as Rome continues it manifest destiny of Italy, a gulag escapee races to Regium Italy, where he translates an old book of Tuscan fairy tales into a new powerful language, Latin. The one time senator is freed from his political imprisonment and escapes to a lovely hot sea side city of Italian Regium, where he meets a lovely landlady, a crew of on the take characters, a shakedown streetwise doge, and gets into the translations of an ancient booklet he held on to while in jail, to make sure it, a book of Tuscan fairy tales and mythology, isn't taken away from them too, and recanted by the effeminate Greeks and their suspicious allies, the butch Romans, who shall fight it out for hegemony over Italy.

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Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

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Title: The Black Swans
Author: N.W. Moors

The Black Swans is a retelling of the Irish legend of the Children of Lir set in contemporary western Maine. The four members of a traditional Irish band bring music and magic to the small town of Antrim as well as romance for a local girl. But can she help them break an ancient curse by the Fae?

Taisie MacDonnell has grown up in the small town of Antrim, Maine and works at the local knitting shop. When she attends a craft and agricultural fair she meets the members of the Black Swans, an Irish traditional band. She is especially attracted to Conn, the youngest of the siblings in the band. But he is hiding a terrible secret, an ancient curse handed down by the Fae. It is up to Taisie and her friends to find the magic that will break the curse and help Conn and his siblings win free forever.

This is a sweet and charming contemporary retelling of an ancient Irish legend. Here we have a happy ever after ending unlike the original story where there is only sadness and death for the Children of Lir.

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Category: Fantasy, Spirituality, Young Adult

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Title: Playing on Yggdrasil
Author: Alex McGilvery

Playin on Yggdrasil is a story about Justine, a girl who has to live with bullies, grief and a tree that helps her escape all that. Only her escape may be worse than her real life. 


The story is told from her father's point of view. As Justine tells her dad about her days whether at school or with Drasil her friend who is a tree and maybe more than a tree, he works through his own understanding of his world, God's place in the world and what it might mean to live the kind of radical love that God appears to call him to.


Playing on Yggdrasil is a spiritual fantasy that sees faith in a very different way than most people think of fantasy. It asksdifficult question and refuses to hand out simple answers. The love of father and daughter is tested in ways that they never imagined. In this world, or in any other world it is necessary to chose between being a person who lives by grace and hospitality or a person who embraces violence and pain as the meaning of life.


Playing on Yggdrasil


a girl, a tree, a war

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Category: Christian Books, Fantasy, Young Adult

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Title: Lunamae: A Tale of Orinda (Volume 2)
Author: April Sadowski

Muirenn is in charge of fostering her cousin Lunamae, who seems to have her life written out for her as the daughter of the Chief Dame of Feyris. When Lunamae falls in love with a prisoner and her aunt commands an arranged marriage, Muirenn is faced with the difficult task of steering Lunamae away and guiding her on her duties as marriage is the one thing that can bring peace to feuding clans. To complicate things even more, Lunamae's prisoner love is from the same country that was responsible for the death of her father.

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Ebook Type: ePUB
Category: Animals, Fantasy, Fiction

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Title: The champion of the animals

The fishes have decide to have a series of meeting with man to discuss sharing the earths resources with man. Their chief concern is the extinction and threatened extinction of many of their species. They sought the cooperation of the birds and animals.

The birds in their meeting have classified man into three groups, Religious Man, Nationalistic Man and Geogtaphic Man and assigns groups of birds to meet with each group.

The animals learn about the legend of a man that is both a lion and a lamb and they assign one of their own to find this man and meet with him.

The birds and fishes meet with man but Geographic Man does not keep the promise he made to the birds. The fishes have a chance to kill Geographic Man but did not do so because Geographic Man plans to hunt a rumored great wild boar. The great wild boar is under the protection of King El Olam and the fishes want to see the resulting battle.

The top fighters among the animals along with the snake, fox and mongoose come together to train the wild boar for the battle with Geographic Man. The great wild boar goes into the battle as the champion of the animals.

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