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Category: Children, Crafts, Family

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Title: Free Azpazaz Bunch Coloring Book - Free Childrens Coloring Pages - Download and Print PDF
Author: Tracie Johansen

Have lots of fun with the Azpazaz Bunch Free coloring book. You will get 81 fun little alien characters to print and color for hours of fun. Simply choose which picture you want to color and print it, then start coloring. This is a downloadable PDF so you can start coloring in minutes.

The Azpazaz Bunch is a group of cute little aliens from the planet Azpazaz. They are silly, crazy, scary and friendly little guys and gals. You can get creative and color them any way you like. You can share them with your friends and have a good time coloring together. Mom and dad can have fun coloring too. The pictures are full page prints.

Download your free copy today and start coloring. Get out your crayons, colored pencils, markers or paints and have a good time. We have lots of activities that include the Azpazaz Bunch so if you enjoy the coloring pages and our crazy characters, you can find other activities to enjoy too.

You can color them and make your own notebook featuring all 81 Azpazaz Bunch characters.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: History, Family, Nonfiction

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Title: The Westward Migration - The History of the Jacob Valentine Family
Author: Austin Valentine Jr.

I am very proud of my first book, which as become a treasure for members of the Valentine Family.  This book contains over 500 pages of family history, photographs, stories, and misc information.  The book also has information on many other families related to the Jacob Valentine family.  Names which include Fortney, Eversole, Howard, Hinkle, Hatfield, Dozier, Henderson, Birdsong, and many more.

There is also stories which included letters to General George Washington from members of the Valentine family.  Stories of the Valentine's contribution to the Revolutionary War effort.

Also I have written stories of the Valentine family and the Civil War.  Information on various regiments that various Valentine family members participated.  These include troop movments and battles.

This book also includes how members of the Valentine Family braved the western frontier to settle the great American West.  Travels through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, river travel, and the great iron horse.

This is truly a good addition to a family history collection.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Family, Nonfiction

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Title: Halloween, What's It All About?
Author: Robin Rowles

This 'educational and reference' eBook describes some of the events and concepts that are connected with the celebration of the Halloween Seasonal Festival:

Halloween is an annual celebration observed by western Christians and many Non-Christians around the world on 31 October.

  • When spelled properly it looks like this:


  • Halloween is the shortened version of:

           All Hollow-Evening.

It was The Druids who invented the first Halloween celebration. They were an order of Celtic Sorcerers.

Learn more about the traditional celebrations of Halloween: 

  • Do you know the traditional colours?

Read about the fun of dressing-up in a Halloween Costume!

  • You could be a scary Ghost, a frightening Monster, an amusing Skelton or Devil, or even a wicked Witch!

Learn more about some of the traditional games, enjoyed by many on this special day.

The Vesatile Pumpkin:

  • It's fun carving a Pumpkin. Learn about choosing the best one! Read tips about the carving-process, and make your own, impresive, Jack O' Lantern!

Having a Halloween Party?

  • How about making Pumpkin soup?
  • How about making Pumpkin cake?

This book includes a 'tried-and-tested receipe for both of them.


... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Relationships

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Title: How Your First 10 Years Decides The Future Of Your Marriage Teleclass
Author: Larry Bilotta
  • The real reason why most marriage problems are so difficult to overcome... No matter what you try
  • How your childhood can literally make or break your marriage
  • How to turn your marriage into something with purpose rather than continued chaos
  • Identify the hot issues that are causing havoc in your marriage
  • How to use the Chaos Purpose scale to discover your true inner self


Bonus to the "Bust a Cheating Partner"

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Adventure, Children, Family

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Title: The Adventures of Fawn--Books 1 & 2 set-'Til the Last Snowflake Falls and The Ona Pendulum
Author: Al E. Boy

Where did Santa's iconic "Ho-Ho-Ho" come from? How did Santa begin making toys and delivering them to boys and girls each Christmas? How did he meet the elves, and how did they end up living at the North Pole? How did they build all of those buildings in Santa's Village? What magic does he use to be able to fly with his team of reindeer around the world delivering toys in just one night? Where did that magic come from? Why isn't Santa's Village at the North Pole easy to find? How did he meet Mrs. Claus? Does he have any brothers or sisters? The answers to these and many other questions are revealed in this two book set of 'The Adventures of Fawn'.

Both Book 1-'Til the Last Snowflake Falls; and Book 2--The Ona Pendulum, follow the adventures of Fawn, the daughter of legendary reindeer, Comet and Vixen, as she and her friends at the North Pole go from one exciting adventure to the next. They'll fight off a ferocious hungry wolf, try to survive a fierce North Pole blizzard, face a conniving sea captain capturing arctic animals to sell to a New York City zoo, and attempt to rescue a magical, mysterious device called the Ona Pendulum. These are just some of the wild and wonderful exploits Fawn and company face. Get ready to be surprised, entertained, and taken on a merry ride of wonder and delight!

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Category: Family, Nonfiction, Religion

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Title: In the Cleft Joy Comes in the Mourning: A Story of Hope After Tragedy
Author: Dana Goodman

In the Cleft Joy comes in the Mourning is a poignant memoir about loss, hope and faith even during the worst of tragedies.  Dana Goodman does not gloss over the devastating journey of losing three of her family members to cancer:  Her husband, son and mother-in-law.  

In the Cleft is a story beyond grief, as Dana shares the goodness and sweetness of God through the times in the deepest, darkest valleys.

Time and time again she describes how God's love met her during her messiest times.  Torrents of heartache crashed in on her family every day, wave upon wave of debilitating bad news. Yet, she held onto hope and never let go.

Through her journey, she discovers that in the broken moments of our lives, seeds are planted in the very rich soil of God's kindness and when those seeds are showered with his love they bear much fruit and multiply.  Just when Dana thought nothing could grow in the barren waste of broken dreams, seeds began to grow into beautiful plans of love and hope.  Her prayer is that the seeds from her family's journey are implanted into other's hearts so that when they walk through the valley of sorrows, they can be assured that even the most painful journey can be transformed into a love story.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Children, Family, Health

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Title: A Guide to Teenage Depression
Author: Patrice Foster

Teenage Depression a growing problem that left many grieving Parents wondering why did I not see the signs earlier. Life is hard for everyone but for adolescent  this becomes more difficulty when face with mental illness. Parents see their happy child just going through a phase which is  fills with angry, screams, sadness and never ending mood swings. Often caregiver feel alienated and home becomes a hostile environment; long working hours become the norm. Afraid or ashamed teenage depression is not talk about it's a secret  hiding from the very people who maybe able to help. Left alone Teens begin to cut themself.

Why or what is causing these behavior Bullying & Cyberbullying can take its toll... too many kids afraid to go to school. Too many kids stated "I want to died " and not taken seriously. 

A guide to Teenage Depression  bring awareness to Parents, Teachers and schools . Get the facts, know the signs of Teen depression. Know the difference between being sad or just having a bad day vs depression. It's important if you have teens to get the information now and share your knowledge with friends,  family, coworker, and schools so that your child can be prevented from being another statistics.

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Category: Children, Family, Humor

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Change it is said, is inevitable !  Moreso, this being the age of internet, we seem to be struggling a lot to keep pace with the new developments taking place around us.  However, the good values that we learn from our elders never change and remains the same down the ages.   In my book "Women Home Excelled Men", I have written sixteen essays about the lessons I have learnt in life when I was a young girl.  You will come to know about my struggles with integrity in trying to follow the truth, no matter what, about the country doctor who taught me to take things as they come, my realization of what true beauty is all about, the value of money, about contentment and about how at times, we have to step down from adulthood and let the child in us peek out.  

The essays are sure to enlighten you and they are chicken soup for your soul.  

The New year has just begun, and if reading more books happen to be your New Year Resolution, this could be the best book to start with.  Why !, in fact, this could be the ideal gift you could give to your children or someone you love !

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Category: Education, Family, How To

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Title: Finding My Life Through The Children's Home
Author: Janet L. Mancini

My ebook is about time I spent in a children's home, my adoption and finding my biological family, which I never knew I had.  My birth mother placed me in the children's home along with my twin brother in 1957, in Uniontown, PA died a few days later.  Lived there for 11 months.  We left on Memorial Day 1958.  Went to my adopted home.  Adoption was finalized on Christmas Eve 1958.  This was the happiest day of our lives.  Then in 2000, my adopted mother died, and I became curious about my birth mother.  My twin brother had searched years earlier, but now is when I felt my time had come to find my roots.  So he gave me my birth mothers name and I started my search.  I was able to find the building that was left standing that was the children's home.  So left my contact information if anyone should ask.  The building was now the Eastear Seal Society.  A week later I decided to call I was so excited.  There had been a woman who worked in the home and a man who had been in the home with me there a week earlier.  This was in 2003.


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Category: Animals, Dogs, Family

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Title: The Best Dog Training Secrets
Author: Sarah Adam

" Are You Looking For A Variety Of Simple WaysTo       Make Your Dog Or Puppy Obey Your Every          Command With The Easiest , Step By Step  Dog  Training Systems  Available - Start Seeing       Results The Very First Day ! "

- Inside you'll discover :

1. Teaching your dog his name .     

2. Teaching your dog to sit .     

3. Teaching your dog to come when called .     

4. Teaching your dog to stay .       

5. Teaching your dog to lie down .       

6. Teaching your dog not to jump up on people .   

7. Teaching your dog to heel .   

8. Teaching your dog to stop toileting inside .    

9. Teaching your dog to stop from pulling.   

10. Bathing a dog .    

11. Step by step housebreaking process .   

The is 9.95 $ for a limited time then the price will increase to 47 $

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