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Category: Animals, Dogs, Family

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Title: Secrets Of Dog Training , Health and Food
Author: Sarah Adam

Download This free e-book , and learn how to train your dog or puppy , take care of its health and how to choose its food correctly .

Inside you'll discover : 

-Top 10 Dog Training Tips !   

- 5 common Dog behavior problems !   

- A healthy dog : 9 area's to keep an eye on !   

- 5 different ways to exercise your dog !   

- How much food should i give my dog ?        

- Tops 5 Reasons why you canine babies need puppy beds !    

- Different common disease in dogs !   

- Give your dog a job !        

- How to stop your Dog From Barking ?        

- Which protein is best for your dog ?           

- How to train a dominant dog !            

- Get Healthy with your dog help !          

- Pet dental care tips !          

- How often should you feed your dog ?    

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Law and Legal, Parenting

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Title: Parenting After Divorce - A Complete Guide
Author: John Liew

There is no need for parents who are undergoing a divorce, worry of how their actions are negatively affecting their children. By understanding how to minimize the negative aspects of divorce for children, knowing the typical responses of children to divorce, and working with the other parent to maintain the loving, nurturing environment that a child needs through the divorce, parents can help children to adjust to their new lifestyle. Stressing parent co-operation and communication with regards to raising the child or children is critical, but so is being civil, respectful and positive towards the other parent with regards to their abilities to be a good Mom or Dad to the children.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Medicine, Psychology

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Title: Her Peaceful Sleep
Author: Alex Canton-Dutari

This short story describes Doc's handling of his wife's 11-month coma, which resulted in her death. The story is written in third and first-person and it is a painful journey into the medical aspects, long-term care, happiness, solitude of the grief process.
The author decided that he "had" to tell the experiences he confronted during his wife's illness.
Besides the emotional turmoil difficult decisions had to be made, some of them could be interpreted as questionable.
In the process, the hopelessness and full dependency on the medical establishment in Panama -- and perhaps everywhere else in the world -- is exposed.
Dr. Canton-Dutari decided to keep the last work of the "Doc Series" short, as the pain already lived was too long.

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: Children, Entertainment, Family

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Title: Games to Play on your Party Castle
Author: John Newton

This Free eBook details 13 fun games for Children to play when using a Jumping Castle. Jumping Castles are also known as party castles, bounce houses, jump houses, bouncy castles, moonwalks, jumpers, space jumps, ninja jumps and many more.

Games on the Castle can add an extra element of fun. Why not give out some prizes for the winners of the games!

Jumping J-Jays has created several patented and unique jumping castle models including the Moving Mouth, Jumping Castles with Slides, Giant Water Slides and the Drop Zone - Falling Floor styles. Hiring a Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castle will give your child the ultimate in entertainment at their birthday party! The Guests will be talking about the party for weeks!

Jumping J-Jays is a Franchised Company which specialises in children's entertainment in the form on Jumping Castle Hire for Birthday Parties, School Fetes and Festivals, Corporate Events, Work Christmas Parties, Church events, Childcare Entertainment and much more.
We have franchised branches in Australia, and the USA.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Children, Entertainment, Family

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Title: Budget Birthday Parties
Author: John Newton

As Jumping J-Jays has been providing entertainment for Children's Parties since 1997, we have seen thousands of kids birthday parties. We have compiled ideas based on our experience and conversations with parents to share with you on how to provide a fabulous event, but to keep the cost within your budget.

Get ideas for saving on catering, cakes, decorations, games and prizes, entertainment and much more.

There are more ideas available on our websites too.

One thing we have discovered is that hiring one of our jumping castles can actually save you money, and a lot of stress. Overdoing the food is the most common comment we hear from parents when picking up the Party Castle!

Making sure the children enjoy themselves is the biggest reward for a parent, and for your child!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Wedding, Family, Travel

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Title: Wedding Abroad guide
Author: Cheapflights Media

Now a days more and more couples are planning their wedding abroad. A recent research done by LV= shows that one in six couples are now tying the knot abroad. I have created a wedding abroad ebook to celebrate these findings. This book contains some expert advice from industry's top names. Some of the contributors are the editors and of wedding abroad magazines and websites like - The wedding Girl's SOS, Hitched, Confetti and Ultimate Wedding Magazine. This ebook also contains some beautiful images of various destinations around the globe. Hope you will enjoy reading this ebook.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Family, Nonfiction

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Title: Halloween, What's It All About?
Author: Robin Rowles

This 'educational and reference' eBook describes some of the events and concepts that are connected with the celebration of the Halloween Seasonal Festival:

Halloween is an annual celebration observed by western Christians and many Non-Christians around the world on 31 October.

  • When spelled properly it looks like this:


  • Halloween is the shortened version of:

           All Hollow-Evening.

It was The Druids who invented the first Halloween celebration. They were an order of Celtic Sorcerers.

Learn more about the traditional celebrations of Halloween: 

  • Do you know the traditional colours?

Read about the fun of dressing-up in a Halloween Costume!

  • You could be a scary Ghost, a frightening Monster, an amusing Skelton or Devil, or even a wicked Witch!

Learn more about some of the traditional games, enjoyed by many on this special day.

The Vesatile Pumpkin:

  • It's fun carving a Pumpkin. Learn about choosing the best one! Read tips about the carving-process, and make your own, impresive, Jack O' Lantern!

Having a Halloween Party?

  • How about making Pumpkin soup?
  • How about making Pumpkin cake?

This book includes a 'tried-and-tested receipe for both of them.


... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Family, Relationships

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Title: How Your First 10 Years Decides The Future Of Your Marriage Teleclass
Author: Larry Bilotta
  • The real reason why most marriage problems are so difficult to overcome... No matter what you try
  • How your childhood can literally make or break your marriage
  • How to turn your marriage into something with purpose rather than continued chaos
  • Identify the hot issues that are causing havoc in your marriage
  • How to use the Chaos Purpose scale to discover your true inner self


Bonus to the "Bust a Cheating Partner"

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Animals, Dogs, Family

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Title: The Best Dog Training Secrets
Author: Sarah Adam

" Are You Looking For A Variety Of Simple WaysTo       Make Your Dog Or Puppy Obey Your Every          Command With The Easiest , Step By Step  Dog  Training Systems  Available - Start Seeing       Results The Very First Day ! "

- Inside you'll discover :

1. Teaching your dog his name .     

2. Teaching your dog to sit .     

3. Teaching your dog to come when called .     

4. Teaching your dog to stay .       

5. Teaching your dog to lie down .       

6. Teaching your dog not to jump up on people .   

7. Teaching your dog to heel .   

8. Teaching your dog to stop toileting inside .    

9. Teaching your dog to stop from pulling.   

10. Bathing a dog .    

11. Step by step housebreaking process .   

The is 9.95 $ for a limited time then the price will increase to 47 $

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Family, Fiction, Young Adult

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Title: Walking Tall
Author: Prince Bradford

They were born to different parents but for different reasons they were given the exact same name. One boy's parents ensured that he was always addressed by his proper name. The other boy was called Anancy and he went by that name throughout his lifetime. One child's parent were affluent and happily married while the other did not know his father and it was his older siblings that were responsible for his upbringing. It was on the first day of class in high school that they first met and each boy knew that he had to do better than the other. One boys life was structured and organized with the help of his parents. The other left for school in the dark and got home in the dark so he mastered the art of studying on the bus to and from school.One boy was good with figures and the other was good at the sciences. One boy was a Christian and while at university the other became a Christian and their became even more intertwined as both got involved in the work of the church. Then one boys parents learned that if they could learn the name of a man called Spider they would learn a big secret. Then the private detective told them that set of parents that maybe they were not lloking for a man nicknamed Spider but Anancy. They well well accustomed to a Dr Anancy by that time.

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