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Reviewed by James Eaton on 2015-04-30
My Rate 5
The book helped me a lot, I learned a variety of things about saving money and making money.

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Title: How To Save Money Through College: How To Work, Save And Still Pass Finals
Author: James Eaton

How To Save Money Through College: How To Work Save And Still Pass Finals is an information packed ebook. It focuses on inspiring readers to save money through college, by being frugal. you will learn how to cook your own food, use credit cards wisely, eat healthy food, use all the free entertainment that the college offers, live healthy to prevent medical expenses from occuring. You will learn how to stay positive,no matter what happens in order to stay focused on the goal at hand. We all understand that college is not a walk in the park, and that you are going to deal with obstacles along the way. When in college you must believe in yourself, most of all. Everything starts with a dream, also staying in contact with your parents or loved ones is of vital importance, this you will learn. you will also aquire the knowledge to become a student worker,even though working and studying at the same time may not seem simplistic. This fantastic work will help you yield results for your efforts in lesser time.

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Ebook Type: Kindle
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Category: Education

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Title: Essaymama's Essay Writing Guide
Description: presents you the 'Ultimate Essay Writing Guide' that will help students become a better writers and improve their writing skills. This guide aims to help you improve your writing skills and get better grades. Becoming a better writer it is not easy. It takes a lot of labor and determination. Besides that, today's academic load is very heavy - sometimes you have to submit several writing assignments in a single day! That's why you should know how to write essays quickly. 

Our guide is a step-by-step writing instructions for everyone - students, tutors, teachers. The main advantage of our guide is that it is written by teachers and adapted for students of any level - from beginner to advanced. Here you can find all the necessary information about how to write an essay, how to proofread your piece of work, know more about styling and planning, topic selection, material and content. 

We can guarantee that with our free guide your essay writing will become much more easier! Enjoy!

 If you want to have 

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Jobs, Travel

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Title: Second Language eBook
Author: Ray Carty

This eBook explores the advantages and disadvantages of learning a second language and what it could mean for people who have completed a second language course. The areas covered in the eBook are:

  • The advantages/disadvantages of teaching a second language to children
  • Difficulties for adults learning a second language and how these difficulties can be overcome
  • Employment and business opportunities
  • Travel enjoyment 

In the Ebook I have explored some of the difficulties for adults with learning a second language. I explore how these difficulties can be overcome no matter what the age of the person

I explore the advantages/disadvantages of children learning a second language and the opportunities it can create for them in later life. How about learning a second language as a family unit? Does learning a second language impact the child's ability to speak their own native language, or does it enhance this ability?

I examine if there are any business or employment opportunities for adults to be availed of by learning a second language. I will look at just some areas of employment that are currently available. I look at the advantages of learning a second language in terms of business relationships with your foreign clients when they see you've made even a small efford to understand some of their native language.

How about the pleasures to be enjoyed when visiting another country whose

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Relationships, Romance, Education

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Title: How To Prevent A Break Up
Author: Huxley Haig

A broken relationship can be quite a hard thing to face. There are several factors affecting this heart breaking event and this small ebook lays out the main Five factors that leads to this event. These factors are what made up of the basic foundations to a healthy and long lasting relationship. This is no magic potion to an everlasting love. It is an age old time tested formula to it. Read, understand and apply all these prelude factors and you will see the difference in your relationship.

In this ebook you wil discover in brief detail how communication plays a very important role in any relationship. Two different approach to this can result in two very different dramatical consequences.

Key elements of what makes a relationship works will be presented here in this brief ebook. Easy to follow advises have been laid out in simple terms so that anyone can just simply pick it up today and apply it almost immediately. You will see the results if you applied them correctly. Have faith in them and apply it with confidence.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Computers, Home Business

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Title: 23 Mobile repair problems and solutions
Author: Mohan Rao

there are 23 problems in Mobile Problems. we want list out so, it is useful for Mobile Repairing Technician. These are frequence and routin problems. list...

1.Speaker hardware problems.

2.Ringer hardware problems.

3.Mic hardware problems

4.No LED .keyboard and Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

5. No charging hardware problems

6.Pnone on But no Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

7.Pnone on ,But white Display hardware problems & Software Problems.

8.Battery Low when calling after show full battery hardware problems

9.Restart when calling hardware problems & Software Problems.

10.No network  hardware problems & Software Problems.

11.Operation failed Camere  hardware problems & Software Problems.

12.Camera features not supported  hardware problems & Software Problems.

13. Black or White Display on Camera  hardware problems & Software Problems.

14. Memory card not supported  hardware problems & Software Problems.

15.insert SIM Card Hardware Ploblems

16.Keypad problem  hardware problems & Software Problems. services  hardware problems & Software Problems.

18.Bluetooth problems  hardware problems & Software Problems.

19.Local mode or Test mode  hardware problems & Software

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Mind, Philosophy

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Title: Dose
Author: Olakunle Agboola

The idea of this book came from sharing inspirational quotes with friends on my BlackBerry contact everyday. This was encouraging while I extended it to other social media platforms such as 2go, twitter, facebook, stage32, The Circle TV Channel, Goggle+,intagram and my private website.  I share Dose with more than five thousand people every day.

Dose has blessed many lives and that is why it is put together as  a book to make your library. "160 Ways of Developing The Greater You" will brace you up by clearing the clutter of old belief system and outmode your thinking department which will produce a whole new sense of freedom and clarity.

Your inner changes begin to find their reflection in the ordering of the outer sphere which will open great ideas and higher perspectives of thinking. You begins to define yourself by your potential  and do away with that which no longer serves you.

"Dose" is a reminder of why you are here and the choice is yours now to read and gain a new ground of knowledge. You are the one you have been waiting for.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Body, Mind

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Title: Cognitive Function
Author: SupermanHerbs

If you are looking to improve your cognitive function, make sure you know hot figure out the difference between Drugs, Nutraceuticals, and Herbs, know the Herbs that support your memory, support your focus, help you in meditation, and Herbs that just make you feel better. It is also important to knowhow to use coffee or tea to enhance other Nootropics. And of course, hit all the basics for cognition.

The content found on the Vital Way podcast in Superman Herbs is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advise, for the diagnosis or treatment of a health condition or as a substitue for medical counseling. Please review any information with your qualified heathcare provider before making any decisions concerning your health. You assume all risk for use, misuse or disuse of this information.

 As always, we appreciate a review on iTunes if you care to do that. Just head over there, leave that and it helps other people find the show. It can help spread the word so we can get solid thinking information and herbal information out to more and more people so that can improve their health and performance,, cognitive and otherwise.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Children, Children

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Title: Learn Numbers And The Alphabet With Poodle
Author: John Thompson

My picture book is for Pre School (under 5's). I wrote this for my grandaughter (ella) who helped me pick the main character, Poodle. 

This is a picture book and teaches numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and every letter of the alphabet with picture guides.

e.g. C is for Cat etc

Poodle is a pink fluffy dog and enjoys counting,reading and running in the park fetching sticks!

The book will be available in print on Amazon any day now.

Ella and me are currently engaged in making our own pink poodle as she loves the dog which she thinks is very funny.

"It's Poodle" she cackles!

The book really helps learning to count and getting to grips with the alphabet with colourful pictures.

The book is the first in a series about Poodle and the next ones will be adventures with Poodle with a slant on learning again for 5 year olds and beginners.

I got the idea for my book as I had a fluffy poodle dog when I was a child (about a century ago ha ha!)

I took Poodle everywhere. In the garden, to kintergarten school and even to bed with me!

Every child needs a Poodle!

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Ebook Type: Kindle
Category: Family, Education, How To

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Title: Finding My Life Through The Children's Home
Author: Janet L. Mancini

My ebook is about time I spent in a children's home, my adoption and finding my biological family, which I never knew I had.  My birth mother placed me in the children's home along with my twin brother in 1957, in Uniontown, PA died a few days later.  Lived there for 11 months.  We left on Memorial Day 1958.  Went to my adopted home.  Adoption was finalized on Christmas Eve 1958.  This was the happiest day of our lives.  Then in 2000, my adopted mother died, and I became curious about my birth mother.  My twin brother had searched years earlier, but now is when I felt my time had come to find my roots.  So he gave me my birth mothers name and I started my search.  I was able to find the building that was left standing that was the children's home.  So left my contact information if anyone should ask.  The building was now the Eastear Seal Society.  A week later I decided to call I was so excited.  There had been a woman who worked in the home and a man who had been in the home with me there a week earlier.  This was in 2003.


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Ebook Type: Kindle
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