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Category: Children, Education, How To

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Title: Helping Your Child Conquer Math- With Fun Math Activities Childern
Author: Anna Perkins

Have you ever wished there was a way to make learning math easier and more fun for your child? You are not alone. The boring and sometimes confusing approach to math in schools, along with the pressure to succeed, often makes kids hate math or makes them think that math is just too hard. The traditional approach to math just does not hold their interest like the fast-paced, high entertainment value TV shows and video games do.

More to that, there are plenty of advantages "Helping Your Child Conquer Math- With Fun Math Activities Children" features and they are as following:

1. You can easily combine different puzzles and books in order to create fun and attractive games kids will absolutely adore.

2. Watch your child play and learn mathematics without having to ever use ineffective old school methods that yield no results.

3. You can print as many copies of these games as you like and customize them to fit your child's needs.

4. These games are suitable for children of various degrees of intellect. They keep your child occupied while also doing something productive.

So what are you waiting for? Go get these games and witness your child become a math prodigy.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business, Education, How To

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Title: Leaked Out 7 Step System How To And Make Cold Hard Cash In The Mobile Food Truck Business
Author: Derby Valentino

I'm Not Holding anything back! Imagine starting your very own your Mobile food truck business, getting yourself a route, having great food, great attitude, making money and loving what your doing, Also you know in your heart that this is the business for you and your making great income from it! The Mobile Food Truck Business From Beginners To Mobile Food Truck Owners

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, How To, Music

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Title: MusicBandWebsite Guitar Playing
Author: Scott Biladeau

In this ebook you will learn the basics for playing guitar. You can also have links too videos, and other resources. There is also a bonus.. as well as charts. This ebook starts out with the history of the guitar. Great information for knowing about all the diffrent guitars. Strumming excercises in the ebook you will see practice makes perfect. Guitar tabs.. in this section.. you will learn that tabs dont give you timing and strumming. The chromatic scale you will learn all about notes and and there are links too help you.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: E-Marketing, Education, Business

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Title: Best Online Business Learning Resources for Beginners
Author: Sibo Zhang

I spend countless hours to surf the Internet as an internet entrepreneur. After wasting lots of time and eventually found the valuable learning resources, I decide to share the resources with my readers to save them time in the future. Therefore I come up with this book.

This book is to introduce a several online learning resources for beginners of blogging and internet marketing. The resources include blogs, forum, Facebook group, membership program and podcast.

I focus on talking about benefits they bring to me instead of their features, because by the end of the days, what really matters is how these resources help you to succeed.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Music, Self Help

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Title: Guitar Lessons for Beginners
Author: Timothy B. Miller

This guide and videos are for complete beginners in learning guitar. You can learn guitar with this guitar guide and easy to folllow videos. Just follow along and you be able to play your guitar without years of practice!

Exmaple eBook for How To Be A Guitar Monster Guide.

Learn you how to hold the guitar, open strings, tuning the guitar two different ways, fretboard notes that you have to memorize, strumming patterns for beginners and most common basic sturmming patterns for acoustic guitar players.

Then you will go into children's songs, you've got to start somewhere. After you get the children's songs you will learn a very nice strumming patter for your big songs. CCR songs and more.

Then you will introduce to differnet guitar patterns and tab and music knowledge you will need in the future.

This is a complete program geared towards the beginner. When all done with the complete course you will be able to play your guitar for the first time and will be able to learn more complex songs.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Computers, Education, Programming

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Title: SAP FICO Configaration Guide

SAP FICO Configuration Guide is a step by step manual. 

The following SAP FICO Configuration pdf document is a must resource for all SAP FICO Consultants or beginner's to understand configuration process in detail, It is about 150 pages documen with full of steps and informations covered for each areas and you wiil find an easy and supporting notes to help the students or beginners follow and understand configuration processes in a better way. 

The purpose of this book is to learn step by step general configuration methods fo the F1 Module which has always been the backbone of all SAP implementations.

Course content inclusive:

  • Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable Configuration
  • Dunning Accounts Configuration
  • Banking Configuration
  • Cash Management Configuration
  • Funds Mangement Configuration
  • Cost Center Accounting Configutation
  • Product Costing Configuration
  • Profit Center Accounting Configuration
  • Asset Accounting Configuration
  • Internal Order Configuration
  • Investment Management Configuration
  • Material Ledger Configuration etc..


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Family, Nonfiction

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Title: Halloween, What's It All About?
Author: Robin Rowles

This 'educational and reference' eBook describes some of the events and concepts that are connected with the celebration of the Halloween Seasonal Festival:

Halloween is an annual celebration observed by western Christians and many Non-Christians around the world on 31 October.

  • When spelled properly it looks like this:


  • Halloween is the shortened version of:

           All Hollow-Evening.

It was The Druids who invented the first Halloween celebration. They were an order of Celtic Sorcerers.

Learn more about the traditional celebrations of Halloween: 

  • Do you know the traditional colours?

Read about the fun of dressing-up in a Halloween Costume!

  • You could be a scary Ghost, a frightening Monster, an amusing Skelton or Devil, or even a wicked Witch!

Learn more about some of the traditional games, enjoyed by many on this special day.

The Vesatile Pumpkin:

  • It's fun carving a Pumpkin. Learn about choosing the best one! Read tips about the carving-process, and make your own, impresive, Jack O' Lantern!

Having a Halloween Party?

  • How about making Pumpkin soup?
  • How about making Pumpkin cake?

This book includes a 'tried-and-tested receipe for both of them.


... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Children, Education, Music

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Title: Good Morning - Along with a Song (Cris and Lou's
Author: Cris and Lou, Illustrated by Chris Tucci

Cris and Lou's colorful and simple book about starting the day in the right way comes with the link to a free download of the Cris and Lou song: "Good Morning!" Let your little reader marvel at the beautiful illustrations by Chris Tucci as you play the engaging and catchy song along with reading - making the difficult early reading stages fun! In the book you will find a link to a free download of the Good Morning song, which allows you and your child experience how the words become alive with sound and illustrations. This book is the first in the Cris and Lou - Along with a Song series, and is very suitable for toddlers, pre-schooolers and early readers up to 8 years old. Also suitable for young English Language learners.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education, Gambling, Games

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Title: Postflop Poker
Author: Ben Hayles

This is a unique poker book that studies the concepts behind postflop play.

The book has over 100 sample hands and is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

Ben "Gamb64" Hayles is both a professional poker play and poker coach. He originates from Manchester, England, but now resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ben has spent the past 12 months writing this book and the time and effort he has put into his database analysis pays off for the reader.

Each hand has been picked from over 1000's to best illustrate the concepts being covered and each concept is backed up by hard data.

Ben "Gamb64" Hayles is one of the best 6 Max sit n go grinders in the world in the low to mid stakes. He has consistently made the top 10 on the pokerstars 6 max sng rankings for the low stakes.

The book is broken down by hand type. It starts with big premium hands like AA, KK and QQ. It then goes through all of the remaining pairs before moving to non-pocket pairs starting with AK, AQ and AJ. The book also covers drawing and pot odds.

This book is sure to improve your poker game.

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Category: Education, Sports

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Title: In Your Face Tennis
Author: Thomas Daniels

This is a short ebook for competitve tennis players that want results from their present mental game.

Read this book again and again  if you have to and refer back to it often, to develop the mindset that the true tennis warriors have.

Tennis is 90% mental and you are only as good as your mental game is on that giving day.

Here are some things this book will cover-

1).How to develop a unbeatable mindset for your matchplay.

2).The sercet to dealing wih fear on court.

3).How to master your emotions in matches.

See, most competitive tennis players don't understand that what they do off the court, will determine what they do on it.

This means you have to be congruent with both.

Also, you have to practice like you want to play in your matches.

My coach used to tell us that,"Matches are won in practice, it took me a long time to figure that one out and I wish I would have gotten it earlier while I was playing.

That's  the exact reason why you need read this book today.

This book turn tennis players into tennis warriors.

Enjoy it!

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