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Title: Probabilistic Design
Author: Clint Steele

Inside the ebook you will learn:

  • How to properly understand the need for a well designed experiment
  • An old, but rarely known method for optimising a system that is easier than traditional DoE methods
  • An improved experimental method for robustifying a design that reduces workload and gives you much more insight into your system
  • Techniques you can use to quickly and easily model a system so that you can see how random variability will affect quality and risk
  • About some of the best books that I have come across on the topic of probabilistic design
  • How you can determine how much information you really need to predict quality
  • How to use initial findings to see if you have improved a system's reliability without the need for extensive testing
  • The principle that actually allows robustification to work. Once you have this, everything else just falls into place.
  • Excel application for free
  • How Monte Carlo works and where you can gat a simple Microsoft
  • The benefits to be had from inverting variables in experiments
  • How to reduce the workload that comes with experimental methods. Most people always waste far too much time on these
  • How you can quickly analyse the results of experiments in Microsoft Excel, without the need for costly DoE software
  • How you can simplify a system so that you can more easily analyse it for quality
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Category: Sports, Education, Games

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Title: RiverPlate Club Training sessions
Author: Raed daher

RiverPlate club is the famous club in argantina , It have made many players who participated with the argantinian natiol team all the time ,

Also many many players played in big pro clubs in europe like barcelona , madrid , and ac milan

this desktop application contain some training sessions for river plate coaches .

I thought its a good idea to make some thing deferent to .

all videos with same type or same purpose or same coach ,clube can be joined in one icon

and every video can reached by a small click without need to search in the whole computer 

 In this application you will find alot of training session videos :

* close control dribbling warm up

* dribbling with close control

* dribbling

* 1 v 1 dribbling to score

* 2 v 2 ; 3 v 3 to goal part 1

* 1 v 1 ,2 v 2 , 3 v 3 part 2

* ball control with defferent parts of the body

* passing warm up

* shooting stop & agility practice

* shooting 2

* 3 v 2 to score with conditioning

* finishing when clear defence

* crossing and finishing

* turning to shoot

* finishing at goal 

i hope its easy to use .

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Ebook Type: EXE
Category: Education

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Title: English Verb Tenses in Urdu
Author: Sajid Hussain

After having some commonly used words, You need to make sentences by those words. Any sentence deals with one of twelve tenses. We can say that verb tenses are back-boon ov learning Engish language. if you want to be fluent in English, you will understand rules to make the tenses. This book let you learn these entire rules step by step in details. learn how make sentecnes in each tenses. Learn how to make,; 

  • Declarative 
  • Negative and 
  • Interrogative 

sentences and which verb and helping verb is used in which tense. Learn four forms of verb and learn rules of adding "s" or "s" to present form of verb and learn the rules of adding "ing" to make a present participle form of verb used for continuous tense. this book will increase your,; 

  • Writing
  • Speaking and 
  • Listing 

abilities. This book has been written with expectations, needs and wants of students in mind. This books has been written in English and translated in Urdu Langauge. It meaks that this book is useful for both Urdu and English readers. I hope you will find this book very useful nad helpful.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education

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Title: Everyday English Lessons
Author: Joyce Martens

I have been an English teacher for over 15 years. I know what it's like for you to spend hours trying to learn English, and to waste 100's of dollars in the process. Learning English is hard, it's much more difficult than all the "gurus" make it sound. I have taught hundreds of students and I know what works and what doesn't work.

What You Will Get When You Buy The Lessons:

  • Improve your spoken English
  • Understand everyday conversations
  • Think in English
  • Learn by listening to a level of English that you understand
  • Learn a new technique that will help you learn English faster
  • Learn the 5 secrets to learning English that will save you years
  • Learn common idioms that you won't find in a text book
  • Sound more like a native English speaker in your conversations
  • Naturally learn English without memorizing
  • Learn on your own time
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes people make learning English
  • Become a more confident English speaker
  • Avoid embarrassment
  • Quickly and automatically think in English
  • Ace job interviews and get hired by English speaking companies
  • Improve your public speaking skills in the English language

You will be able to download these lessons instantly

  • How To Agree or Disagree
  • How To Accuse and Defend
  • How To Ask Someone To Repeat
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Ebook Type: PDFAudio Included,
Category: Education

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Title: Homeschooling your high schooler

Do you have a student approaching or already IN high school at your house?

In our class, you will...

  • Learn how to raise the bar and get more from your homeschooled teen - Help your teenager fight the tide of low expectations and reach for greater heights and opportunities for his present and future.
  • Sit at the feet of nationally recognized speakers and authors - such as Kim Kautzer of WriteShop, Janice Campbell of Everyday Education, JoJo Tabares of Art of Eloquence and Lorrie Flem of Teach Magazine. Be taught and inspired by their personal and professional expertise!
  • Help your teen plan a 4 year course of study - that meets your state's (or country's) requirements, that she will thoroughly enjoy and take ownership of, and will prepare her for college if she so desires.
  • Learn how to outsource difficult subjects - Let's face it... there will be subjects that you would simply rather not teach. Find out how to outsource these and keep your student on the right track!
  • Find out how to impart good study habits to your teen - He will get more accomplished in less time when he implements these study skills into his daily school routine.
  • Make the most of every opportunity - Designing courses around your teen's interests and skills/knowledge that she needs to acquire. High school courses are abundant using your creativity!
  • Find
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Category: Education

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Title: Master Your Anatomy

The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Learn Human Anatomy

I’ll Show You How To Learn Human Anatomy in Only 10 WEEKS!

  • Tools to shorten Study Time
  • Exact Mindset to Succeed at Anatomy
  • Memory Secrets by Memory Champions
  • You feel that you have too little time and too much to study on your hand.
  • You are struggling in your human anatomy classes.
  • You cannot keep up with the amount of information you have to retain and you feel overwhelmed.
  • You feel that your ‘memory’ is not that good because whatever you are learning now, you will ‘forget’ the next week.
  • You are scared to death of all the little details and complex images that you have to retain.
  • You are racking your brain for ways to apply the memory techniques you know or have heard of (loci, mnemonics, link, etc.) to hundreds of slides of abstract information.
  • You are looking for an optimal system for memorizing complex information in Anatomy.

What will you get from the course?

  • You will learn the “secrets” Wang Feng used to become a World Memory Champion in less than 2 years and how I applied his techniques to learn Anatomy.
  • You will learn the exact mindset needed for you to excel at Anatomy.
  • You will learn the exact way I prepare my notes for maximum efficiency when memorizing.
  • You will
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Category: Education

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Title: Autotick English

Password Auto Marking Cheat Proof English Grammar Test Worksheets Helps My Children Score ‘A’s in English Grammar Tests

Using Autotick English grammar test exercise worksheets will help your children or students quickly improve their English grammar capability besides saving you plenty of your valuable time, money and effort.

With Autotick English grammar worksheets,

  • You will never again have to worry about cheating as your children taking the computer-based English grammar test exercises can’t simply press the “submit” or “check the score” button to view the answers.
  • You no longer need to spend time manually marking saving the hassle of checking the answer key one by one. All you have to do is simply enter the correct password, and the marking process is done in a second.
  • You no longer need to spend times to be around to supervise your children taking the test since no cheating can happen.

Autotick English grammar test exercise worksheet is not just another computer-based worksheet. It’s

  • Custom designed, unique and the first in the world, English grammar test worksheets developed using the popular Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet program.
  • Specially prepared by a team of English language teachers who collectively come out with English grammar usage questions tailored made to your children and students.

Autotick English

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Education

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Title: Teaching English in Brazil
Author: John Clites

Learn how to prepare, make the move, get settled, market yourself, and start teaching in the land of sand and samba.

Here are only a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Arranging job interviews before you even leave home
  • Where the jobs are – so you can find work quickly  (Be sure to check out the super offer at checkout for a listing of language schools.)
  • Types of teaching jobs
  • Whether you should invest in getting a teaching certificate
  • When to come – and when NOT to! – so you can make money right away and not sit idle
  • How to minimize class preparation time – while still delivering great classes!
  • Some of my favorite class activities and materials
  • How to assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and structure a custom training program
  • The most common problems Brazilians have when learning English
  • What to pack in your backpack for a day of teaching
  • Understanding and working with Brazilians
  • Creating a schedule that maximizes income while leaving you plenty of time to play!
  • Developing a niche
  • Working with schools and finding private students including the single best way to find new students
  • How to determine your fair market value – and command the highest rate
  • Where to go to find ESL books, materials, and class ideas, plus tons of sites in the
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Children, Education, Parenting

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Title: Sight Word Cards
Author: Jet Chatterton

Teach sight words to children Butterflies Jen Chattertonbeginning to read.

One way to assist children to read quickly and fluently is to teach commonly used words, words that your child can recognise immediately by sight.

The sight words in this booklet are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. These sight words make up approximately 75% of the words your child will encounter in primary school.

Having a known 'word bank' of sight words the child knows well increases reading fluency, aids understanding and promotes reading success.

How to use sight word cards

There are three separate activities to do with the sight words when you introduce them to your child:

  • Matching, placing same with same – placing the word ‘about’ with ‘about’.
  • Selecting, choosing words – identifying ‘about’ from other words when you say “find ‘about’.
  • Labelling, naming sound – saying the sound ‘about’ when you point to ‘about’.

Matching, selecting and labelling are three separate skills to learn. Matching is a visual skill; the ability to recognise two identical words. Selecting and labelling require language ability.

Sight word games

It is very important to have fun when learning sight words. Introducing the words in games and fun activities is the

... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Education

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Title: Weekly Hebrew Classes

Learn Hebrew with the Dream Team:
Two of the World's Top Hebrew Teachers...
Revolutionary Teaching Methods...
1/5 the Price of Competing Courses!

Learn Hebrew (Much) Faster with the Dream Team

Gidon and I have tested our new teaching methods with hundreds of people at live webinars and with dozens of paying students. The feedback has been great.

If you are like our other students, when you join our course you will:

  • Immediately improve your understanding of Hebrew texts, including the Hebrew Bible, Jewish prayers and Hebrew newpapers.
  • Learn via simple tricks, not boring memorization.
  • Learn how to translate hundreds of Hebrew words you have never even seen before! (Yes, it is possible. Even easy! We will show you how.)
  • Progress (much) faster in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew.
  • Impress your family, study partners, and Israeli friends with your progress!

Here's What You Get:

  • Our own special teaching methods including:
    • Simple tricks (explained in English) instead of lots of rote minutia.
    • Powerful grammar rules that turn one Hebrew word into dozens of others.
    • What NOT to waste your time on!
    • A focus on the important concepts that matter.
    • The big picture on HOW Hebrew works.
  • A unique class with new material every week.
  • You will wonder why everyone doesn't teach this... Click here to read the full description!

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