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Discover the World of Angels Ebook

World of Angels
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Title: Discover the World of Angels

World of Angels is not a theological work. Neither is it an occultist treatise nor an exercise in the psychic sciences. As a result it can be said to be none of the above. But in another regard, it actually encompasses all of the above and beyond.
From the beginning of time or since man first cast his eyes unto the heavens, the knowledge of celestial beings has been of questionable content and impact. Much like a thrown stone skipping across the waters, man's contact with, or knowledge of and interest in, Angels has skittered across his consciousness for a brief moment only to bounce off for another century or two in return for another brief contact, only to skitter off again for more countless years. Thousands of years have expired, and today in the beginning decades of the twentieth-first century we find sophisticated Western man no more knowledgeable about Angels than were the common folk in biblical times. In fact it might even be said that knowledge of Angels to the Jews and Gentiles of that era was greater than it is, to the well-read thinking man of today.
Just as God created mankind, man also, in his stead, has created God. Our Heavenly Creator has been given to the world in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices, like all other common merchandise. And particularly in these times we find God being discarded by some like so much used and worn merchandise. We even read that God is dead, a hypothesis advanced more boldly with each day. Others of us have pathetically or stoically concluded that, indeed, God never existed.
A tragedy now confronts us in these times, for the confusion and immeasurable gulf between man and God has stretched to such an inestimable degree that man cannot reach his Maker anymore. Either man is lost to his God, or, more tragically, God is lost to man. The resulting breach is too wide for mankind to reach out to his Maker. What a fitting climax to this most illustrious of the world's ages and centuries. And as modern man sits bewildered amid his plastic creations, chromium-plated toys, and epoxy-enameled weapons, in spite of his intelligence, technology, power and will, the void remains.
Yet, from the eons of creation, the very foundation of the world, indeed another world has existed. The world of spirits, or Angels, has been with us, and coexisting all around use. Their very existence has been ordained, from the onset, by the divine plan to fill this void between man and his God.
Yet man, in all his vanity, concentrates on the quick easy grasp to eternity and, having failed, retreats dejected into pathos. Man seeks "instant salvation" much like his morning coffee. He tarries not to contemplate his awesome world of Angels, these lesser beings. He does not realize the great avenues presented by them on his quest to his Maker.
It has never occurred to man to realize the purpose, and therefore, meaning for the existence of this world of Angels-that all things from the vast universe itself to the lowliest atom are under the direction, control, and order of these mighty Angels and that if they were to resign their charge all existence including man would instantly cease. All things attributable to God are achieved through this wonderful world of Angels. All intelligence, energy, order, and purpose are the sole charge of these Angels, by divine decree. Angels thus are the manifestation of God's intelligence and power, the "God presence" in every material and mortal being.
Were man to realize this, he would willingly and eagerly seek out all knowledge and wisdom of these diving messengers. Through his comprehension of this select and august company the gulf between heaven and earth can be bridged.
To his surprise man would find that Angels, much like himself, were created; they have a history replete with momentous successes, as well as colossal failures. They have their heroes and villains, the energetic and wasteful, the dutiful and obedient, and the rebellious. And much like man, they have their spiritual progression and strive earnestly toward that celestial goal. The big difference is that Angels, unlike man, abide in and thus have access to Heaven and the Supreme Being. The veil to the understanding of the divine purpose that enshrouds all mankind does not envelop the Angels. In their celestial realm they work at their assignments more exhaustingly than we. Their labors never cease, and they do not rest. Having no graphic scale, they could overshadow the solar system yet stand ten thousand on the head of a pin.
Yet man's knowledge of the Angels could likewise be imprinted on this same pin. His ignorance regarding these beings is equally as colossal as the cosmos.
If only man would heed the Angels, learn of them and from them, for that is their purpose. If only each one of us, men and women, realized that every second of our lives is being observed and recorded and we are being aided. Not one event of our individual lives was without the support, guidance, or sometimes intervention of these Angels. All mortals therefore have a purpose, a time, and a future in Eternity. Our individual lives were no accidents, and in like manner, our mortal existence while on this earth, indeed is meaningful-to you, to the entities above you, all the way to the Lord Himself.
To this purpose were the Angels created and charged. World of Angels is a commitment to this story.

Have you ever been to an event wherein many spectators were present and in the course of the occasion, you just happened to notice a face in the crowd that, for an instant, happened to glue your gaze to his? Generally a good-looking, sometimes striking young man, his gaze was also fixed on you. In that "instant of eternity" the encounter was slightly unsettling. Later, maybe only minutes later, you returned your gaze to that entity... only to find him gone, vanished.
What was that encounter? Who was he? Was it your imagination? I must be seeing things, you chided yourself. But, reassuringly, you know he had been there.
Events similar to this are legion throughout the world. Stories occur and reoccur in the retelling of these strange encounters. History from its beginning abounds with other nonearthly entities: angels, demons, ogres, pixies, leprechauns, sirens, genies, witches, ghosts, spirits, aliens, Martians ad infinitum. Is this a colossal hoax now in it six thousandth year? Or is there something to these stories?
It is very difficult for any author, researcher, or fact finder to ferret out the truth about this subject. Whatever the resultant production, it will be controversial, suspect, and so forth. Yet surely in this great technological age where facts and truths are being spewed forth in a deluge, we cannot remain in ignorance concerning celestial beings. It is time to tell this story.

Preface iii
Introduction vi
Part One: Angels in General 1
Chapter 1 Angels at the Beginning 2
Chapter 2 Angels, Elohim, Hosts of Heaven 9
Chapter 3 The Basic Angel: Halos and Wings 13
Chapter 4 Archangels: The First Four 21
Chapter 5 Other Archangels 26
Chapter 6 The Heavenly Number 29
Chapter 7 Lesser Angels 33
Chapter 8 Guardian Angels 37
Chapter 9 Fallen Angels 45
Chapter 10 Other Angels 54
Chapter 11 The Mystery Surrounding Angels 63
Chapter 12 An Epilogue on Gender 68
Part Two: Angels in History 73
Chapter 13 Prologue 74
Chapter 14 The Adamic Race 76
Chapter 15 Babylon and the Multi-Gods 86
Chapter 16 Angels and the Hebrews 95
Chapter 17 Yahweh, Angels, and Israel 105
Chapter 18 Angels Elsewhere 116
Chapter 19 Angels and the Messianic Era 127
Chapter 20 Angels and A.D., Anno Dominum 141
Chapter 21 The Angels and the New Church 153
Chapter 22 T
Chapter 23 Angels and Demons in the Next Thousand Years (700-1700) 168
Chapter 24 Angels and the Americas 182
Chapter 25 Angels Today 199
Epilogue: A Needed Postscript 223
Appendix: Angels in Scriptures 226
Bibliography 230

Ebook cover: Discover the World of Angels
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Reviewed by Jeff on
My Rate 5
Hard to explain the feeling you get when you complete this work. Wisdom and peace.

Reviewed by R. Johnson on
My Rate 5
Wow, Powerful, Fulfilling, Beautiful, Educational, Eye-Opening, Sophisticated, Authentic, Sincere...Never had I read a book on such a powerful subject and been so engaged by the words. This book was recommended by a good friend, and for good reason.

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