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Dirty Dialogue Ebook

Dirty Dialogue
Ebook cover: Dirty Dialogue


Title: Dirty Dialogue

"How To Quickly (And Confidently) Become His Deepest Dirty Talk Fantasy And Force Him To Desire You For The Rest Of His Life!"

Inside you'll find:

  • The secret about pleasing your man with dirty talk that he's begging you to know...but is too afraid to tell you!
  • LONG TERM DIRTY TALK: How to keep the spice alive in a long term relationship, no matter if its only been a week or even decades long!
  • How to control his fantasy so he never has to think about another woman again!
  • How to bring the heat with your dirty talk and jolt him straight into the most magnificent orgasm of his life!
  • 3 steps to dirty talk success! Follow this simple script guideline and talking dirty will come naturally.
  • The ancient astrology secrets that make breaking out of your shell easier than you ever imagined!
  • How to quickly expand your comfort zone so that even saying the dirtiest words you can think of, only gets you MORE excited and MORE turned on! Imagine how he'll react...
  • The "insider" secrets of the Male ego revealed! AND, how you can stroke his ego with dirty talk so that he completely feels like the KING OF THE WORLD!
  • Get In Touch With Your Body - The fundamental core of talking dirty with SERIOUS sexual intention with just a few simple steps!
  • Dirty Talk VS Phone Sex: How are they different? Get the basics down for each and you'll hit the mark every time!
  • What words connect with what parts of his sex drive - Are you saying the right things?
  • The PERFECT 3 tonality levels that sends the RIGHT dirty talk message to your man every time you try!
  • How to program your own mind to be sexually "in tune" at the drop of a hat! If you've ever felt "awkward" when starting to talk dirty before, this one is for you.
  • Why he mostly gets off on YOUR PLEASURE, and how you can communicate it correctly to have him firing on all horny cylinders whenever you'd like!
  • This shocking scientific truth explains why men are drawn to pornography on a biological level that is guaranteed to give you a massive "ah ha" moment and make sense of a LOT of his behavior!
  • How to finally face (and destroy) your fears of rejection, shame and embarrassment from dirty talk, so they never stand in your way again!
  • The Top 3 ways to create an everlasting partnership - both inside and outside of the bedroom!
  • How to build rapport with your man so he feels more and more comfortable opening up to you! (Note - This isn't only a sexual thing here, this is about getting inside his head)
  • How to grasp this "secret weapon" that you can pull out - at any time - to stir things up between you and your man in seconds!
  • How to captivate his fantasy and become the sex goddess of his dreams with this simple (and easy to use) "innocence" tactic that works every time!
  • How to speak passionately to your man BEYOND words, and ignight the sexual stallion within his spirit directly and cut to the chase!
  • The shocking difference between a "slut" and the equally-as-sexual "serial monogamist"! (Hint - This is NOT what you think, so listen up...)
  • How to build a rock-solid sexual connection with your man while pleasing your SELF! (Hint - Most women are totally shocked when they hear this one...)
  • What it means to say "I want you", and what he hears when you say it with this one mezmorizing method! (Hint - You'll be saying what he wants to hear every time you use this one...)
  • How (and why) giving in to your own sexual pleasure - in this one special way - can leave a permenant imprint in his fantasy mind forever!
  • The top 5 "guy" clues you can search for that uncover everything about your man's sexual nature!
  • How to live like a freak in private and NEVER worry about anyone knowing!
  • The truth about lust, how it relates to love, and how you can quickly know the difference!
  • How the "Triune Brain Model" applies to talking dirty! This scientific breakdown of how your man THINKS, FEELS and ACTS will rip open a whole new world of insight for you to play with!
  • How to eliminate painful sexual barriers from your subconscious mind that have been botching your attempts at talking dirty from day-1!
  • How to put your man on a dirty talk pedestal quickly - making him feel like the emperor of a kingdom without him ever knowing why!
  • How to rid your thoughts of dirty talk silencing negativity - ESPECIALLY if its due to feelings of shame from your past relationships!
  • 3 Top-Secret "Dirty Dialogue Code Words" that help you break the ice with your man before you freeze up talking dirty again!
  • How to be a "lady in the streets but a freak in the bed" - the ultimate male fantasy - without fearing for your reputation, or the POSSIBILITY of a single rumor being spread!
  • The NUMBER ONE word that can be used all the time in dirty talk that always makes sense, no matter what!
  • The Number One pitfall - which most women completely ignore - that murders your ability to talk dirty to a guy before you even begin, and how to avoid it like the plague!
  • How asking questions can skyrocket your dirty talk success at just the right moment! (Note - If you don't know what to say when talking dirty, this is a HUGE leap from where you are now)
  • Why real men desire classy women (and fall in love with them more) than most promiscuous women...PLUS how to send all the right signals to his dirty little mind! (Note - This is also proven to work with "recovering sluts" who want to settle down)
  • The tried-and-true "sexual energy" secrets that have applied to humanity for centuries - broken down in chilling detail - with simple step-by-step instructions for how to apply them to dirty talk!
  • Three steps to dirty talk escalation revealed and broken down in easy action steps!
  • Need a boost of confidence? This quick-start affirmation will make you feel 10 times more comfortable talking dirty to your man instantly!
  • How to ultimately build the most solid, most exciting, and most rewarding sexual bond humanly possible between a man and a woman through sexual connection!
  • The 3 step "Fireworks" system - full with fill-in-the-blank scripts - that will take your man from bored to full blown orgasm fast!
  • His Feminine Side: How to help him tap into that little bit of feminine energy he needs to open in order to RECEIVE your dirty talk the way it's meant to be heard!
  • What REALLY gets a man off, every-single-time! (Note - It's not what you're doing or not doing, it has 100% to do with him. And you'll be glad to know why...)
  • The single most addictive thing you can do (and say) right now that will jump-start him to obsess over you every minute you're apart!
  • NEWS FLASH: Guys can get insecure TOO! Find out exactly how to reach into your man's comfort zone and pull him out (and into sexual delight) in only a few short steps!
  • How to subtlety hypnotize your man with dirty talk to have him eating out of the palm of your hand! (WARNING - This is extremely powerful, so use with caution)
Ebook cover: Dirty Dialogue
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