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Digital Photography Success Ebook

Digital Photo Success

Ebook cover: Digital Photography Success


Title: Digital Photography Success

Digital Photography Success is an ebook package that teaches how to take beautiful photos, in half the time. A ebook that explains the technical side of photography in very easy-to-understand plain English so that everyone, from every walk of life, can easily understand and absorb it.

In this ebook, the author covers the most important aspect of photography: lighting. She teaches you how to get better lighting in low light, how to photograph moving subjects in low light, how to shoot everything from weddings to portraits, the moon, and much, much more. She covers the basics and the most complicated of processes.

Not only will the author help you through her writing and clear photographic examples but will respond to each query personally and make sure you understand everything so you are completely confident on your journey.

Here’s what you will discover:

  • Very simple element to look for during the day that will vastly improve your photos (perfect when you want to tone down bright, over exposed spots in your photos that have previously ruined your entire photo)
  • Why stunning photography vastly depends on where and how you compose your shots and position your camera (A unique secret way to turning your once bland and dreary shots into stunning images you can frame and enter into competitions)
  • How to create spectacular placement of your subjects in your photos like the masters of photography (knowing this one little secret will blow your mind and you will wonder why you never saw it before!)
  • Don’t know what A,S,P,M means and why you even need them? Discover the in-depth meaning to these crucial camera settings (and how they can save you in all awkward and difficult situations)
  • How to eliminate overly bright and overly dark areas on all your photographs from now on (you will never get stuck with fuzzy images, blurry lines or indistinguishable objects ever again)
  • You’ll quickly discover how to use your aperture and shutter speed together to create sharp, fast high action sports shots (whilst maintaining sharp, crystal clear focus, every time!)
  • Learn the secrets to knowing exactly how to use the camera in full manual control (it’s so easy and with these simple methods you will never want to use anything else again)
  • Learn how you can get loads more light on your scene without changing your shutter or aperture, (all with the press of one small button at the back of your camera.)
  • How to increase the quality, sharpness and depth in your photos using one simple rule (your landscapes will look big and majestic, and your close up shots will be super sharp, every single time)
  • How to keep off-centred subjects, in perfectly clear, sharp focus, regardless of what camera you own (even when you shoot in auto and have the most basic, cheap, little camera you bought second hand off eBay)
  • Instantly know exactly what settings to use for a photo, every time you look at your scene (even without taking your camera out yet, you’ll know what settings to use just by looking)
  • How to create soft, gentle and romantic portraits of weddings and family members at home simply by using this one powerful secret (that won’t cost a thing and where you can create studio lighting conditions)
  • Skip years and years of frustration of poorly lit photos with this nifty little flash technique you can do with the flash (in less than 10 seconds, you’ll know how to get softer, classy looking portraits and it won’t cost you a cent)
  • How to turn the most painfully shy person who hates being photographed, into a handful of fun loving moments (so much so that they totally open up with you and relax with the camera)
  • Discover what the key secret is to shooting flowers up close with stunning colour and detail (now you will be able to create a strong 3D impression, making the petals leap off the screen with energy and enthusiasm)
  • Discover how to get crystal clear sharpness in every close up shot you do (you’ll quickly shoot sharp close ups with the laser precision of a Swiss watch)
  • Learn the insider secret weapon every photography enthusiast must know for shooting moving subjects indoors (if you want to shoot fast action shots in doors and don’t have extra lighting then read this important part, you’ll never be stuck with blurry, fuzzy or dark images inside again)
  • Know this insiders secret weapon to create picture postcard beach, with daytime sunny skies that have a real life looking deep blue
  • Did you know there are only two types of lens in existence? (You’ll find out why knowing how to use them will eliminate blur, increase sharpness, and get the shots that other photo enthusiasts struggle to capture)
  • How to master the flash as easily and comfortably, like it was an extension of your own body (say goodbye to overexposed flash photography and say hello to soft, warm and rich skin tones by using this powerful method with the flash)
  • Learn why a long shutter speed and small aperture is the secret key to shooting sharp, colourful city shots at night
Ebook cover: Digital Photography Success
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Reviewed by tresia on
My Rate 4

Reviewed by John on
My Rate 5
Such a brilliant book. I took my sisters wedding and came out with some amazing shots thanks to the info in the ebook. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by David on
My Rate 4
I found Amys book one of the best photography books to date. My photos of my horses have improved ten fold since buying this book. I even submited them to a equine magazne and very happy with the results. She gives excellent customer servce too.

Reviewed by Cathy Vincent on
My Rate 4
A wonderfully written book. I was very happ with the results I got from learning this book. I even sold a few peices after I read it, so it really does work. Amys a great author and a very caring person, very eay to contact and she always answers you

Reviewed by Caroline on
My Rate 4
I loved this book very much. I keep it close when I do photography, and always use it as a reference guide. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Barb on
My Rate 4
Being a scientist I work on facts. Amys book covered all the facts and so much more. She is so easy to contact. I emailed her when I had trouble downloading she sent me the book on cd at no charge, excellent customer service. I'm very happy.

Reviewed by Frank on
My Rate 4
I loved Amys book. It gave me the know-how to take suberb pix of my cats and dogs at the farm. She is really one of us normal people who gets down to earth in her explanations. It is professional photography in laymens terms. 100% satisfied.

Reviewed by Angela on
My Rate 4
Brilliant! The most brilliant digital photography book I have ever read. I give it 10 stars!

Reviewed by John on
My Rate 4
An excellent book. It's written in a lanaguage that you can understand and Amy goes into the creative and the technical like it were the same thing: obtainable and easy. Excellent, highly recommended.

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