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Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire Ebook

Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire
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Ebook cover: Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire
Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire

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Title: Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire
The Greatest Gold-Mine Of Rich "Create An Ezine Empire" Advice Ever Crammed Into One Talking Ebook

Dear Internet Marketing Friend and Colleague,

Ever hear of Diane Hughes? She the "Pro" of the ProBizTips ezine who is raking in what she so authentically refers to, as an "amazing" income, with just a free ezine and the time tested know-how for forming and building online relationships that effortlessly turn idle subscribers into feverish buyers.

How does she do it? What have been her money-increasing strategies over the past 5 years of online entrepreneurship? When was it a good time to make the move from offline employment to online empire builder? Where can you get the products to sell to your ezine subscriber base? What does it take to keep at it even when the going can sometimes get tough? How can you benefit from making a name for yourself on the net and what are the ways to set up money-making networks that just keep on generating more and more "amazing" revenue for your online own cash-flow success?

All this and more can be discovered in our recent live, listen and discover, audio interview with the PRO, herself.

Listen to Diane's words of wisdom as she explains the ins and out of ezine marketing as an expression of her personal mission to show others that if she can do it, so can you!

See the interview transcript and be amazed, yourself, at how a small, quiet little free ezine targeting online newbies and internet marketing experts alike, turned into a 48K+ subscriber base of ready-made, ready-to-buy customers.

Diane isn't out to fool anyone. She tells you outright, how it takes a lot of hard work and long hours to make it and she tells you, straight from the horses mouth, how to quickly fail if you don't know what you are doing. Diane's heartfelt goal is, and always has been, to assist you in bringing in your own personal amazing income in today's online market place.

Listen carefully as Diane unconditionally reveals...

  • How to pull in joint venture partners with your eyes closed so that you never have to reach out and touch someone ever again...instead, they'll come begging to JV with you, when you know the secret that makes this happen!
  • The absolute must-know special tips, tricks and hidden strategies for creating an ezine empire including what it takes to build targeted relationships so that the people on your list will buy, buy, buy!
  • The one fascinating trick that keeps your subscribers reading your ezine issue after issue. Diane has used this reliable attention grabber for over 4 years...don't you think you ought to try it, too?
  • When and with whom to build your backend affiliate empire and when NOT!
  • The miracle of branding your name onto everything you put out whether you're an established owner of your own developed products or holding the resale license to other people's merchandise for sale. Every person needs to understand the value of who you are and what you can do for them!
  • Exclusive info on a one-of-a-kind associate program the brings big benefits to Diane and her online empire...you, too, could have people selling your products with hardly any effort on your part!
  • Her personal, tested resources for mammoth success in the ezine biz! Find out what works and what doesn't in today's ever-changing technological scene.
  • The largely undocumented secret to using "public domain" material to create your own infoproducts! Warning, don't use this information without completely understanding the legitimate nature of what is free to use and when and how you can use so-called, "free content."
  • How to measure when the time is right to open up your ezine for that extra boost from advertising mool!. What is the one sign to look for that says, YES!, I can now bring in yet another stream of income with my own ezine publication!
  • The ways and means to leveraging your time to get the most out of your empire building. Who else could use some inside info on how not to burn out with your online biz?
  • The magic of buying an online, ready-to-rock-and-roll business that instantly dumps money into your bank account with no setup headaches, no payment processing snafus and no hassles to selling an automatically delivered product even while you sleep!
  • The quickest way to weed out joint venture offers that saves you time and keeps you in the top earnings with your affiliate sales and reseller stream of income.
  • What it takes to be an online entrepreneur, not only this year, but in the years to come. Good advice that will serve you well in your own personal online empire-building program!
  • The magic formula of viral marketing and how to get the most mileage out of your passionate will to succeed on the net!

Are you ready yet to get going building your own ezine empire?

Well, you can in one easy step.

Simply purchase right away, Diane Hughes' revealing audio interview plus transcript included, that lays it all out for you in easy-listening format. You simply click on designated links in our immediately downloadable PDF (for both MAC and PC users) e-book and the audio file opens up on your desktop into whatever media player you have installed.


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e-Biz Tips & Tricks
Diane Hughes' very own e-book written by an expert in javascript and other important tools and skills needed to help you grasp the technology for creating dynamic e-business webpages that sell.
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"e-Book Wiz: Create Your Own E-book Like Magic!"
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The Making of a Woman Millionaire
See the ONE golden secret to your millionaire success that you must know and put into practice without further ado. You'll find this to be a truly inspiring message for all women entrepreneurs (and even aspiring entrepreneurs of the other persuasion, as well!) Newly published and brought to you by InternetBusinessWomenInterviews.com
VALUE: $24.95

Resale Rights to resell this easily deliverable digital product as many times as you desire. You'll make 100% of the profits and, if you sell only one copy to a friend or colleague, you've cleared you investment and still come out ahead with all the outstanding information in "Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire."

I don't know what more I can tell about all the profitable information you'll receive when you place your order immediately.

This is what other's have to say about Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire."

Diane Hughes is "right on the money" in her new interview with Honor Hart. Like many of us, Diane has "hung in there" over the years even when the times get tough. And it has really paid off for her.

I would encourage anyone to see this amazing audio e-book, if they are seriously interested in working on the Internet. Diane has good, very sound advice for anyone - newbies and seasoned pros alike - wanting to develop an ezine or any type of on-line endeavor. I think she is a great mentor as she has seen and done it all and is willing to help others be successful.

Sheila Cain
Lone Star Internet Marketing

I've see and listened to Diane's interview and I've got to say, after knowing of her, and watching her business over the years now, I can honestly say that the interview made her a person... we're all so 'veiled' out here on the internet... no matter how hard we try to expose our 'real' side... it's not until you get to actually 'hear' an interview like this ... that we become people!
A job well done!

Ginger Geracitano


Ebook cover: Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire
Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire

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P.S. Did I tell you? Not only will you get to hear the tips, tricks and strategies that made an ezine fortune for the PRO of ProBizTips, Diane Hughes, but you'll also be introduced to a mystery guest speaker and writer....PLUS, you'll get a surprise BONUS gift just to say thank you for your order. (I guess it's not such a big surprise now that I've told you about it but you will be surprised at the unique and valuable nature of our thank your gift to you when you purchase "Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire.")

P.P.S. One more thing that I want you to know, in case you somehow missed it, is that, with the crazy low purchase fee of this audio e-book, you'll get resale rights to sell "Diane Hughes' Secrets To An Ezine Empire," over and over and over again. You can sell it as many times as you wish and make 100% of the profits. You can even brand the links in the written areas of the e-book to profit from the backend sales (for an additional fee, but guess what!?! You'll get an affiliate commission on the branding of the ebook as soon as you brand it to your own affiilate link! It's truly a win-win situation).

P.P.P.S. Oh, yes....your purchase is guaranteed! I didn't forget! I wanted to put this at the end here so you would be sure to see it! Here's our guarantee to you....

Editor: Alex Smit
Price: $15.95
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