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Defy Mediocrity: Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative. Ebook

Defy Mediocrity
Ebook cover: Defy Mediocrity: Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative.


Title: Defy Mediocrity: Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative.

This book was written specifically to help give you the tools you need to become the best you can in your career and in life.

This is a book about defying mediocrity. It is a book about conquering the dozens of self-defeating traits so many of us have that hold us back in our careers and our lives and prevents us from doing all we are capable of doing and of becoming.

This ebook will show you:

  • How to become a major impact employee with your company.
  • How easy it is to excel at what you do.
  • How to maximize the opportunities that present themselves to you.
  • Why what you say means little and what you do means everything.
  • Why you are the person holding you back and what to do about it.
  • How to make others appreciate your efforts and work to make your job easier.
  • What the four pillars of excellence are.
  • How to eliminate your fear of failure.
  • The things you can do to not only help keep your job in this age of employment instability, but to rapidly move ahead in your career.
  • How to produce results instead of creating excuses.
  • How to make the most of what you have right now today.
  • How to rise above mediocrity in every area of your life.
  • Why mediocrity is one of the easiest things in life to defy.
  • Why few things in life cannot be overcome with the right combination of attitude and commitment.
  • The difference between those who excel at their job and in life and those who just get by.
  • How to set yourself apart from others, from mediocrity.
  • What the difference is between those who are considered valuable employees, the employees who move up more rapidly than others within the company, and those who are simply part of the staff.
  • That the answer to all your problems lies within you.
  • Why mediocrity is always ready and willing to be embraced.
  • A special message for those of you starting a new job.
  • Why excellence must often stand alone.
  • Why if you want to work for a great company, you must start by becoming a great employee.
  • What your obligation is.
  • Excuses. We all have them. What to do to overcome them.
  • Why real improvement must start with the person in the mirror.
  • That questions are the key to the door of improvement.
  • Why the good of the company must always take precedence over the good of the individual.
  • How to deal with things the way they are, not the way you would like them to be or think they should be.
  • That change is inescapable and how to benefit from it.
  • The critical importance of recognizing others and showing your appreciation.
  • Why you must take your job seriously, but always remember it is not life or death.
  • Why you might be making your employer sick?
  • How emotions are always more powerful than logic.
  • Why so many fear failure and how to put an end to this fear today.
  • How defying mediocrity is a lot easier than you might think.
  • Why we so often anticipate failure instead of success and what to do about it.


Ebook cover: Defy Mediocrity: Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative.
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