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Category: Arts, Decorating, Home

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Title: Interior Decorating Business For Fun and Profit

The Fast And Easy Way To Set Up Your Own Interior Decorating Business For Fun and Profit!

Dear Future Interior Decorator,

  • Have You Ever Watched The Interior Decorating Shows And Thought To Yourself "I Can Do That"?
  • Have You Dreamt About Being An Interior Decorator But Didn't Have The Time Or Money To Enroll In A Decorating Course?
  • Do You Have A Creative And Artistic Personality And Want To Share Your Ideas With Others?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions Then Decor Institute's Interior Decorating Business Manual Is Your Answer

Developed By A Professional Interior Decorator, This Ebook Provides Detailed Information About Today's Interiors, The Different Elements Of Home Decor And Techniques To Use When Decorating The Home

Some Of The Topics Include:

  • Wood Flooring
  • Window Treatments
  • Wallpaper
  • Wall Art
  • Tapestries
  • Pricing Your Services
  • Planning Your Business
  • Organizing the Home
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Interior and Exterior Doors
  • Furniture Placement
  • Furniture History and Styles
  • Floors, Walls, Windows and Doorways
  • Finding Your Client's Style
  • Feng Shui Colors
  • Faux Finishes
  • Dual Purpose Storage Furniture
  • Different Types of Blinds
  • Color Usage
  • Color
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Category: Decorating, Home

Interior Design on a Budget

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Title: Interior Design on a Budget

"Interior Design on a Budget - How to Tips and Tricks"

Nothing shouts "retreat" in the hearts of men (and women) more than the thought of picking up a paint brush and revamping old, tired walls!

Dear Interior Design Wannabe,

Okay, there is no guarantee that you will come out of this manual as the latest and greatest designer to the stars! But, if that is your goal, remember that you have to start somewhere, so why not with your old, dingy and outdated rooms?

First things first!

If you are a natural at creativity and have an eye for artistic design then you don't need this! However, let's take a look at reality. If you drool over those do it yourself shows that you see on TV every weekend and wish you could mimic the results then "Interior Design on A Budget - How to Tips and Tricks" is definitely for you!

Hey, there is no "magic bullet" that will make a professional interior designer out of you overnight. I hope we agree there's no such thing, right? But, even the tiniest of changes in your decor can make a huge difference.

Remember, the only difference between those TV designers and you is a little time and effort. So, why do you need "Interior Design on A Budget - How to Tips and Tricks"?

Because it works!

As of this writing, millions of people are looking for help with

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating

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Title: Nursery Design Step by Step

Nursery Design Step by Step With over 100 nursery pictures!

A step-by-step nursery design guide to help you with planning your baby room, choosing a nursery design and implementing your nursery decorating project.

Here's what you'll get in the 10 chapters of my nursery design guide:

  • Settling on Nursery Colors, and
  • Putting it Together.
  • Finding a Focal Point for Your Nursery Idea.
  • Planning the Practicalities.
  • Choosing Your Nursery Wall Decor.
  • Choosing Your Nursery Style.
  • Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral Nursery?
  • Checking Your Layout.
  • Choosing Your Nursery Furniture.
  • Choosing Your Nursery Theme.


Why You Need Nursery Design Step by Step...
How will you benefit from using this step by step guide?

  • You will save money and hassle by buying the right stuff for your baby nursery first time. No buying a whole lot of beautiful, pretty goodies that you have to dump later when you find out they won't work in your design.
  • You can rest easy knowing that the baby nursery you design will be convenient and practical to use, as well as, a beautiful reflection of your personal style. You'll have everything covered before you spend a cent or lift a paintbrush.
  • You will get fast results. The guide is easy to follow. Each chapter zeros in on one
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Ebook Type: MS Reader
Category: Crafts, Decorating, Education

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Title: Glass Etching Secrets

The ebook goes in details about how to etch glass from beginner to advanced.

In an even more important guide, it shows you how to use inexpensive equipment. This can literally save you thousands off of sandblasting equipment and computer software programs.

Explains two of the most important glass etching methods with cream etching and sandblasting etching. Also a bonus for more in depth advanced sandblasting such as sand carving.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating, Hobbies, Holidays

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Title: Christmas - Dollar Store Style
Author: Marlene Alexander

Christmas - Dollar Store Style is all about decorating your home, setting a festive table and giving great gifts by choosing from among the many fine items available at dollar stores

You'll be surprised by how much can be done with so little money.

Give personalized gifts to everyone on your list, from children to grandparents. You'll save at least half of what similar items would cost at a department store.

Save money by learning clever ways to wrap your gifts without using wrapping paper.

Entertain for a lot less when you see what can be done to make beautiful centerpieces, fun party favors and welcoming place settings. We show you how.

Decorate for the holidays with luxe-look baubles, faux floral and beautiful ribbon. Find new and inexpensive ways to decorate with candles.

All project instructions are so easy to follow and accompanied by full color pictures.

Here's a taste of what's inside my ebook:

  • A variety of Christmas decorating and gift ideas from my website, Dollar Store Style PLUS 18 brand new, never before published ideas for Christmas decorating and gift-giving.
  • All new professional photos are included to help you see the potential elegance of decor that can be achieved for very little money.
  • Many of the creations in this ebook make ideal gifts for Christmas giving. Skip the high-cost department stores. You'll be surprised at how impressive these gifts look, knowing how
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Crafts, Decorating, Hobbies

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Title: Make Cardboard Furniture

Your doubts:

  • What do you offer us?
    I offer you the opportunity of getting to know the tips and tricks needed to make unique pieces of furniture. I will explain how to obtain a robust design, what types of cutting tools are available and the related costs. With only few steps you will be able to design and build them yourself. In addition, you will discover how you can make waterproof and washable cardboard furniture.

  • What will I find in this ebook?
    You will find detailed explanations, techniques, a list of tools, practical advice and examples to create beautiful furniture made of cardboard.
  • Is cardboard-made furniture resistant?
    Depending on the technique you decide to use, you can obtain resistant structures with a unique design. You can place a big television on the furniture or can even be seated on it without altering its structure at all.
  • Do I need much space to make this type of furniture?
    Cardboard furniture can be designed, assembled and painted at home.

  • Do I need to buy tools or equipment?
    This manual will explain how to build furniture without the need of sophisticated equipment. There is only one element that you cannot miss: your imagination!

  • Is painting easy to remove?
    In case you get dirty when
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating, Home, How To

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Title: The Complete Carpet Buying Guide
Author: Alan J Fletcher

This 136-page Carpet Buying Guide ebook is designed for homeowners who want to learn how to choose new carpet wisely, save hundreds and avoid costly carpet buying mistakes. Written by Alan J. Fletcher; a 30 year veteran of the carpet business and trusted Consumer Advocate.

Did You Know?

Most Carpet Warranty Claims Are Denied Because Homeowners Make Simple Mistakes That VOID The Manufacturer's Warranty!

In less than one hour of easy reading you'll discover...

  • How to recognize & avoid scams & rip offs!
  • How to save time, money and avoid headaches!
  • Discover the secrets to negotiating your best Carpet deal!
  • How to care for and maintain your carpet
  • Ensure your Carpet is Installed Properly!
  • See which carpet dealers I recommend near you
  • Learn how to keep from making simple yet costly mistakes!
  • How to choose the Right Carpet for YOU
  • How to make your carpet last years longer.
  • How to measure your own home for Carpet!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating

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Title: Paint Color Cheat Sheets
Author: Yelena Kublitski

Tired of Choosing Paint Colors the Hard Way and Paying for Color Mistakes?

Want a Faster and Easier Way to Find the Right Paint Color?

...then You Will Love This

Shortcut to the "Right Answers" in a Paint Color Deck:

  • Proven, tried & tested in real life
  • Lists the best paint colors that always work
  • As close to foolproof & no-fail as you can get
  • Eliminates overwhelm & helps get unstuck
  • Gives you confidence & peace of mind
  • Saves you time, money & sanity
  • Voted "designers' best kept secret"

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You can’t make up your mind, because a lot of the colors look the same to you, and you don’t know which one is right
  • You get easily overwhelmed by thousands of paint color choices out there and don’t know where to start
  • You don’t understand why you have to go through all that trouble when all you need is a "simple" beige/gold/green/blue/etc - shouldn’t there be an easier way?
  • You want a beautiful, tasteful home, but can’t afford to hire a color consultant
  • You feel like you spend more time choosing and stressing out over the paint colors than actually enjoying them
  • You hate it when the color that looked perfect on a swatch turns out totally different and all wrong on the walls
  • You are tired of buying paint color
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Decorating, Home

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Title: How To Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

Learn How To Sew A Relaxed Roman Shade With Detailed Step-by- step Illustrated Instructions

You will learn how to sew a standard relaxed roman shade… which is basically a flat roman shade that doesn’t have any interior lift cords… thus, creating a swag as it is raised. You will also learn how to sew a relaxed roman shade that has a center inverted box pleat. The extra fabric from the box pleat spills into the center creating a deep and luxurious swag… as seen to your left.

You’ll discover…

  • How to measure so that you’ll know exactly how much fabric to purchase
  • A complete supply list with photos and descriptions
  • How to install your relaxed roman shade as an inside mount or outside mount (inside or outside the window frame)
  • How to cut your fabric and lining (Yes! These instructions are for a lined roman shade!)
  • How to install your relaxed roman shade on a board or on a curtain rod
  • Learn how to cut and sew your fabric for an extra wide roman shade
  • Follow easy step by step instructions to sew your fabric and lining… sew on the shade rings… and install your roman shade onto your window. Easy!
  • Want to be able to raise and lower your roman shades? No problem! I show you how to install a cord lock to easily raise and lower your shade. OR you can simply make a relaxed roman shade valance.

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Category: Decorating, Home

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Title: Autumn on the Porch

Dozens of Fresh Ideas for Your Autumn Porch Decorating

More Ideas Than You Will Know What To Do With...

Autumn eBook cover Want a bunch of delightful autumn decorating ideas from 40 creative and generous bloggers?

So Here Are Several Of The Gems In Our eBook...

  • The cutest, memorable little owl at Lauren's front door - and how you can make something similar
  • A look at how pretty Kelly's light green pillows look on her black rockers - and the autumn grouping she displays between her rockers
  • Ann's secret for creating ivy-wrapped grapevine trees that stay green until December
  • A fun idea for using unconventional items - like a totally cute little dump truck - to super charm your fall decorations
  • An impressive raffia wreath that looks better the messier you make it
  • Two savvy ways to use mirrors in your autumn decorating. Go from ordinary to awesome!
  • A classy way to dress up your entry way with just two items. Can you guess?
  • An idea to use your leftover wood scraps and your computer to spell out an autumn phrase
  • A unique way that Debbie uses little white pumpkins to create a gorgeous wreath for her front door
  • A tutorial for making the sweetest autumn apple wreath you'll ever see
  • A chance to see how Rita, who lives in Florida, welcomes autumn to her porch
  • And even several creative Halloween decorating ideas
  • An apple
... Click here to read the full description!

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