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Title: Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free

I Am Here To Tell You About This Amazing Secret To A Yummy And Healthy Chocolate That Makes Great Desserts, Treats & Snacks!

They Are Also Vegan And Vegetarian Friendly
There Are Over 70 Raw Chocolate Recipes

These original chocolate recipes have all the delicious flavor, smoothness and decadence of what you love about chocolate but with an amazing twist. Read on this will blow you away.

The Truth About Store-Bought

Chocolate Exposed

  • Refined sugar is so bad for the body that it is often referred to as “white death”.
  • Because most store bought chocolate is roasted, processed, sweetened with sugar and has added chemicals the nutritional value falls alarmingly short.
  • Sugar has a very high GI rating (Glycemic Index) which means it quickly and dangerously raises our blood sugar levels when eaten. This can contribute to such disorders as Syndrome X and Type 2 diabetes.
  • It has also been linked to premature ageing, weight gain and high blood pressure.
  • Sugar is harmful to the body as it destroys the immune system, draws minerals out of the body and causes dehydration.
  • Refined sugar is highly addictive, that’s why you find yourself at 4 pm pacing around saying to yourself “I’m not going to eat that chocolate bar”. But you inevitably give in to temptation, feel guilty and end up hating yourself.
  • Adding milk products to chocolate
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cooking

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Title: 1000 Paleo Recipes

If You Want To Make Delicious, Healthy, Fat-Burning Paleo Recipes Quickly And Easily, Then Please Pay Attention To What I Am About To Tell You…

What Kinds Of Recipes Are Included?

  •     Paleo Red Meat Recipes
  •     Paleo Chicken Recipes
  •     Paleo Hot And Cold Veggie Recipes
  •     Paleo Appetizer And Finger Food Recipes
  •     Paleo Side Dish Recipes
  •     Paleo Pork Recipes
  •     Paleo Shellfish And Seafood Recipes
  •     Paleo Fish Recipes
  •     Paleo Breakfast And Egg Recipes
  •     Paleo Soup And Stew Recipes
  •     Paleo Salad Recipes
  •     Paleo Offal And Organ Recipes
  •     Paleo Smoothie Recipes
  •     Paleo Condiment, Dressing, And Dip Recipes
  •     Paleo Snacks-On-The-Go Recipes

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Category: Cooking, Diet, Food

GMO 101 – A Practical Guide

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Title: GMO 101 – A Practical Guide
Author: Alain Braux
  • Did you know that GMOs can be harmful to your health?
  • Have you ever wondered what GMOs are?
  • Are they good or bad for you?

Research from a food and health geek

After two years of intense research, I am proud to offer you the results in my new ebook. As the person in charge of getting rid of GMOs for the company I worked for, I have done deep research into GMO ingredients to prove that our products were indeed free of GMOs.

I asked for a certified lab proof, proof of USDA organic certification or show proof that their product or ingredient was certified by the Non-GMO Project. If not, their product was not sold to our customers. This book is the result of my research. I sincerely hope it helps you too.

What’s in my ebook:

I give you the history of GMOs;

  • what they are;
  • which crops are genetically engineered;
  • how they affect your health and that of your children.

Even better, I give you more than 200 pages of detailed information about hundreds of genetically engineered ingredients, where you can find them in food, processed food, medications and supplements and even in cosmetic products.

If you are concerned about what I believe is the current major food and health issue facing us in America, buy GMO 101 here. Let me know what you think.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cooking, Diet

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Title: 50 Easy-To-Follow Juicing Recipes
Author: Georgia Nunn

Drop 10 lbs, Look 10 Years Younger, Regain Your Health, Improve Your Stamina, and Get All-Day Energy in Just 5 Delicious Minutes a Day!

Do you want to make juicing a regular habit but you catch yourself thinking…

  • … I don’t want to end up with extra wasted fruits and vegetables rotting in my refrigerator
  • … I am too busy. I don’t have enough time to persistently search for new recipes, and try new combinations every single day!
  • … I am in doubt which combos are best and which blend taste good!
  • …I’m a total newbie. How do I start?

If you feel the sentiments above, then this is the most exciting message you’ll ever read today!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this ebook:

  • You can pick the fruits and vegetables that best suit your needs to wellness.
  • 50 recipes for beginners to pro juicers: single recipes to more complex combination of fruits and vegetables.
  • Recipe cards you can print, cut out and put in with your kitchen recipes.
  • Detox Recipes for a healthier YOU!

Juicing can help have less health problems when you get older. Far too many people at young ages are having health problems today. Don’t be one of those statistics. Take charge of your health. It is your future. I personally do not mind living old – if I have good health.

The Benefits

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Cooking, Diet

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Title: Gluten Free Get-Togethers
Author: Mary Blackburn

Gluten Free Entertaining - It Can Be Done!

This cookbook is a direct result of re-learning how to cook and bake without wheat, rye, and barley, or any product that contained any type of derivative of those grains, over the past 22 years

The food in this cookbook was food that I enjoyed before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I decided that I wanted to eat as normal as possible. So I set about to make my favorite recipes not only gluten free, but so tasty that my friends and family would never guess that they were eating gluten free!

Soon your kitchen will be producing...

  • Bread!
  • Stuffing!
  • Biscuits!
  • Banana Bread!
  • Pumpkin Muffins!

All Gluten Free :)

You'll find a variety of recipes, from appetizers to take-a-long casseroles to breads and desserts plus my personal tips and tricks that will put you at ease.

My great recipes and years of gluten free cooking know how will take all of the stress out of your gluten free party planning.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cooking

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Title: 50 Raw Desserts
Author: Carolyn Hanson

Eat Fudge and Lose Weight?

Discover The Secret To Eating Tasty Snacks and STILL Eat Healthy.

I used to think that eating healthy food meant swearing off sweet treats, snacks and desserts. But a chance meeting with a very special plate of fudge opened my eyes to an amazing way to combine my fitness goals with my favorite foods.

I became so committed in fact that as I set about creating these no bake, sugar free, gluten free easy to make desserts, I couldn't stop.
This 2-Volume Set of 50 Raw Desserts is your one-stop resource for delicious, healthy, guilt-free snacks that you can eat every day and STILL eat healthy.

My recipe ebooks are the best way to feed your snack urge without impacting your weight loss and fitness goals, and without sweating over a hot stove.

Are you ready to put yummy snacks and treats back into your life without compromising your fitness goals?

  • If you're ready to put a smile on your face and healthy snacks into you mouth WITHOUT cooking
  • If you're sick of feeling guilty every time you indulge yourself with a little snack
  • If you love fudge, pie, cookies and more

Then You Are EXACTLY The Person I Wrote  "50 Raw Desserts" For!

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Category: Cooking, Food

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Title: Beer Brewing Made Easy
Author: Jake Evans

“Would You Like to Know How to Brew Great Beer in 3 Easy Steps? I'll Show You With Step-By-Step Video Instructions!”

  • You are an experienced brewer who wants to take his brewing skills to the next level?
  • Ever wanted to make your very own great-tasting beer?

Well, you are in luck, for I will guide you step-by-step on how to become a master brewer - even if you are a complete beginner and have no idea what brewing is about.

With Beer Brewing Made Easy, you will be able to create an unlimited number of beer types - by modifying the ingredients and their quantities.

In Beer Brewing Made Easy you will:

  • Get a step-by-step guide which includes video instructions - it can't get any easier.
  • Discover your unique knack for brewing delicious beer, even if it's your first time.
  • Learn all about the three different methods to homebrew.
  • Understand the proper way to clean and sanitize all brewing equipment.
  • Get detailed information on the different ingredients and equipment needed to brew - all the ingredients and equipment used are very easily accessible.
  • Get to know my personal techniques to master the art of brewing beer in the shortest time without compromising its quality.
  • Create your very own beer so that it tastes just the way you want it - home brewing opens the door to an unlimited number of beer varieties!
  • Make great tasting
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Cooking

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Title: Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals
Author: Diana Keuilian

Your family is more important to you than anything, which is why you’ve decided to implement some changes into mealtime. Whether your motivation is weight loss, diabetes prevention, heart disease prevention or simply overall health and well being, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals are naturally fiber rich and full of flavor. They’re never prepared with artificial flavors or chemically enhanced like most store bought foods.
  • Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals have been designed with fat burning ingredients in every recipe so that you can lose the unwanted weight and get back to looking and feeling the way you’ve always wanted.
  • Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals are naturally lower in calories, carbohydrates, and fats and have greater amounts of bio-available nutrients so that your family gets all of the flavor without getting fat or bloated.

You’ll also get my in-depth book on the insider’s guide to REAL Food Living and in it you’ll learn…

  • The 5 FATTENING ingredients lurking in your kitchen cupboard at this very moment. Found on page 14.
  • The 3 reasons that you should NEVER order off a kid’s menu again. Check page 10 of Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals explains the shocking reason why.
  • Learn how to instantly tell if your olive oil is real and healthy
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Cooking

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Title: Clean Recipes Made Easy

STOP COUNTING Calories & FINALLY Banish Your Plain & Boring Diet For Clean Nutritious Meals That The Whole Family Will Love

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Can't get the little ones to eat anything you make?
  • Are you sick and tired of eating the same old boring Meat and Vegetable meals time and time again?
  • You don't know the first thing about creating clean recipes?

Well my friends what you are about to see will be right up your alley.

Important WARNING, your family will most likely think a professional caterer has come to the house, especially when they look at the originality within these recipes, not only do they taste great, they look GREAT as well.

Lets look at 9 reasons why YOU WOULD want to get your hands on these Never Seen Before Clean Recipes

  • Because we are also going to throw in the BONUS recipe book called – Clean Desserts & Chocolates, with 25 mouth-watering creations. AND the Super Green Smoothie Recipes - Now thats a Double WHAMMY.
  • Think of the smiles you will bring to your family’s faces, they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – well there probably is an element of truth in that.
  • It takes away all the troubles and hassles for you – simply follow the instructions and WHALLA – done.
  • You will be not only looking after your waist line, you will be shrinking it. You see when it
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cooking, Food

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Title: Build Your Own Barbecue Smoker
Author: Paul Jones

Use my easy to follow homemade BBQ smoker plans and build your own smoker this coming weekend.

Right this minute you can download them to your computer, print them and get started. You get:-

  • Video guides
  • A full set of drawings with measurements
  • Comprehensive work instructions explaining every step
  • A list of the tools required
  • A full bill of materials
  • Tips and techniques to help you along the way

With these homemade BBQ smoker plans friends and family will marvel at your ability to produce great tasting BBQ from your own hand built smoker.

  • Make Your Own Delicious Hot Or Cold Smoked Food
  • Don't Waste Money Buying A Smoker
  • Enjoy The Satisfaction Of Knowing That You Built It & Cooked It Yourself

I've specially designed my homemade BBQ smoker plans so that anyone can build a smoker in just one weekend. And yes, I do mean anyone!

You can see from the list of chapters that everything is laid out in a structured fashion so you can easily read chapter by chapter as your project comes to life.

Your homemade BBQ smoker plans are in PDF format and here's the full list of contents:

  1. About The Smoker Design
  2. The Building Materials
  3. Woodworking Tools
  4. Tips And
... Click here to read the full description!

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