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Category: Christian Books, Nonfiction, Self Help

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Title: Baby Steps:A Personal Journey with God through a Lifetime of Pain and Heartache
Author: Diane K Chamberlain

Baby Steps: "A Personal Journey with God through a Lifetime of Pain and Heartache" is a memoir of the author's life, as she faced a lifetime of pain and heartache.

Jouney with the author, as she faced multiple knee surgeries, due to a congenital problem from birth. If that wasn't enough, Diane walked through very difficult moments of counseling, for a past sexual abuse, while experiencing the loss of many things in her life, including the loss of children.

Little did the author know; that God had a plan for her life and as each loving desire became a thing of the past; God began to exchanged each difficult moment, for a new heart...a heart that would now understand the hurts and pains of others.

Diane has also added a journal that she kept, during her counseling for sexual abuse  and has also added a final section titled "Dear Reader," where Diane comes down to the level of the reader, as a means of bringing hope to others who are going through their own journey of pain and heartache.

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Category: Christian Books, Education, Nonfiction

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Title: A Strong Tower
Author: M.D. Magruder

What is really in a name?  Have you heard of name droppers?  They are people that mention names of important and influential people to gain recognition or a higher place of favor.  In the world who you associate with reflects the amount of influence and power that backs you up.  If you are a person who associates with a group of billionaires, people would look at you and say, "ok, let's do what they say, as they have the power to back up what they are saying, because of who they associate with."  Yet if a person associates with a group of people who work at McDonalds, flipping burgers, and frying french fries ... and that person says, "I'm going to build a three billion dollar skyscraper."  People would not respond to that person or even take seriously what they said, as they do not have the power to back up what they are saying. 

"Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on the earth, and those under the earth"  Philippians 2:9-10

Here we see that the name of Jesus is above every name in heaven, earth, and under the earth.  Why the name?  When we understand that everything has a name, then we understand we have authority over EVERYTHING!  God gave mankind the power to name anything and everything in the earth from the beginning.  He had Adam naming the

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Category: Christian Books, Nonfiction, Spirituality

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Title: Uncommon Grace: Saved for a purpose
Author: Wale Akinwumi & Juddie Passion

This book is about the uncommon grace of God in the life of a young man ten years ago after he had a fatal auto accident. The man experienced a terrible crack on his head which ran very deep into his skull but his brain was not affected. Even the doctors were shrouded in mysteries after learning that the man was abandoned for death by the roadside and was bleeding profusely for more than four hours.
He died twice and arose two thousand times to live a borrowed life on second chance. He lives today to care for the poor and the needy in the society. His life of purpose has really justified his salvation on that fateful October night.
This book will teach you never to give-up even when hope seems so dim and when men write you off. When he died and arose he understands that his life is a special one and thereby promises to help many others in need. You will learn how to persevere and build your faith in your God.

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