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Title: Guide to Making Money From Your Siamese Cat

The jealously guarded, holy grail of Siamese cat breeding unveiled. How would you like to learn how with relatively little effort and cost you could turn your passion into a moneymaking enterprise? Imagine, you could make breed your own darling Siamese kittens like me or take it further and start making some additional income. This ebook reveals powerful step by step information to do this starting right now

Here's a small taste of what you will learn:

  • What you need to know to make money growing large specimens of marine life
  • How the Siamese mating/breeding cycle works
  • Choosing the correct mate: dos and donts
  • How you can easily deal with problems that may arise during the birthing process
  • Priceless tips for breeding desirable Siamese cats
  • How to create the right conditions for a successful mating


What you need to know about the first and second weeks of your new kittens lives

Bonus to the "Siamese Cat Secrets"

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Category: Animals, Cats

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Title: THE KITTY Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him
Author: Shawn P. Flynn

2017 Readers' Favorite Award Winner in the "Non-Fiction - Animals" Genre

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction" Category of the 2017 International Book Awards

Shawn Flynn and his fiancée are excited to start their new life together. They are planning a wedding and have bought a new home. The last thing the two of them need right now is a new cat.

But their recently purchased house seems to come complete with a stray orange feline—a cat with a vibrant personality and a talent for mousing. So Shawn soon finds himself with a regular companion. Little does he realize that this cat will shortly become more important to him than he can possibly imagine.

As Shawn’s personal life begins to shift in ways he never saw coming, Kitty remains a constant source of stability and comfort. Shawn gave Kitty a home, and now Kitty gives Shawn the love he needs to heal.

In the spirit of James Bowen's best seller A Street Cat Named Bob, THE KITTY is a touching and inspiring story of heartfelt companionship that offers an uplifting perspective on what it means to find true friendship in this world. Anyone who has ever shared a meaningful connection with a pet will fall head over heels in love with Kitty and Shawn.

As Shawn discovers, sometimes we don’t even realize we need to be rescued—until we are.

Perfect for fans of Gwen Cooper's Homer's Odyssey: A

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Ebook Type: Other
Category: Young Adult, Cats, Fiction

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Title: The Legends of Whiteknight
Author: Al Strano

Receiving a kitten as a gift was not my idea of a birthday present; I was hoping for a rugby shirt. I was happy living alone. Who needed this kitten that didn't follow what I considered usual cat behaviors, like eating fancy canned cat food and using his odor free litter box. When he decided to sleep with me, I was ready to call a halt to the experiment. A cat was not my idea of a bedtime companion. Needless to say, the breaking in period was difficult -- the kitten was having a hard time training me. Our relationship was tenuous at best, until one day he saved my life, and also led me to meeting the love of my life. 

How could a small white kitten save your life, you ask?

What do druids have to do with it?

Why would pet food companies, pharmaceutical laboratories and foreign countries want to buy him?

The answers to these questions and other amazing feats, including how he got his name, are here to behold in this first story in a series that catalogues the adventures of Whiteknight (Hero Cat) and his growing family.


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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Cats, Photography, Poetry

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Title: Our Pride & Our Joy
Author: Richard Nurse

Our Pride & Our Joy, is a story in verse, accompanied by numerious candid photographs about the feral cat community that had adopted us, as we have adopted them in return.  A true two-way street story, as we provide them with food and shoulder, and in return, they have given us back hours of joy, laughter, and from some love returned.

Led by an Alpha male, who looked more like a small lion than a domestic cat, and his primary mate of over 4 years, simply known as Mommy. The community suddenly blossomed in size last year, as every one of the cats from Mommy's litters the year before were female.  

The story begins in April of 2014, as we were treated to the first two of at least six different litters of at least 5 kittens each. It was like we had been transported from a normal surban US location onto the site of wild kingdom.  The pride's interactions were almost exactly like a pride of lions in the wild.  

Read the story to experience the workings of this pride of feral cats, and their leader. Street Fighter, a battle scared vetren, and his band of girls, who truly cared for him, treating him when wounded in a fight, and greeting him when he approached or lounged close to me on my porch.  

A pride of cats, that I call my children, many of whom are more interested in being petted by me in the morning than diving into the food bowl that I have brought them.  I consider my home a cat ranch now, with 7 living

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