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Reviewed by Kisha Talley on 2004-12-21
My Rate 4
I wish I had went on this site first before I brought this book. It held no info whatsoever that was at all usful. DON'T BUY IT

Reviewed by Aaron Buchholz on 2004-09-16
My Rate 4
If it had cost one dollar it might have been worth it! I am a professional chef who works for a hotel and expected some insight into a personal chef biz, but my 10 year old daughter could have wrote more info!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Jeannie on 2004-08-19
My Rate 4
Don't, I repeat, don't order this book. It's a rip off. First of all I paid $16.99 for it not $12.99 as listed here. Second it was only 22 pages and most of those pages had only 1 or two paragraphs on them.and mommybiz won't respond to my complaint.

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Title: Start a Personal Chef Catering Business

A Catering Business ~ With a Twist!

Do you love to cook and are looking for a unique job utilizing your catering & chef skills? A personal chef business is very popular right now. A personal chef plans a menu for a busy family, does the complete grocery shopping, cooks everything in the family's kitchen, then leaves up to two weeks worth of meals in the freezer ~ complete with detailed reheating instructions! It is a complete catering business ~ but with variety, by cooking a variety of dishes in quantity, rather than the same dish in quantity.

A personal chef doesn't have to deal with the tremendous stress that a regular caterer does, gets to make a wide variety of delicious meals, and gets paid extremely well to do it. Personal chefs can make up to $60,000 a year, simply by spending the day cooking in client's kitchens.

The number of families turning to the services of a personal chef is rising dramatically over the past few years, and it is a great business to get into now!

With this detailed report, learn how to become a personal chef, catering to couples and families!


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Rating: (4 after 4 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by carolyn on 2004-11-01
My Rate 4
I am highly disappointed in this so-called "e-book"! It is poorly written, offers less information than I have found on FREE sites for entrepreneurs. I will purchase a recommended "hard copy" of a book recommended by my CPA. Dump it from your list!

Reviewed by Cheryl on 2004-07-27
My Rate 4
I am very disappointed in this e-book. VERY LITTLE information! A total waste of my money!

Reviewed by Lizbeth Baker on 2004-04-21
My Rate 4
Very poorly written ebook that only has 11 double-spaced pages with very little information. Do not waste your money on this book!

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Title: Start your own Errand Service for Seniors

Earn money with hardly any expenses!

Elderly men and women often need errands run or things picked up, but are not able to go themselves, and hate relying on friends and family. Running your own errand service for the elderly in your community is an ideal business ~ and this job easily caters to stay-at-home moms, as these errands can be easily run even with little ones in tow! And most elderly don't mind paying for this unique service ~ they don't feel they are putting their loved ones out, it costs them way less than it would if they had to pay for a taxi there and back, and they do not have to waste their energy running errands that they will happily pay you to do!

This is an ideal business for so many ~ all you need is a vehicle to get around, and a love of shopping really helps :) Especially when you are using someone else's money! And if you are already running errands for other family members, you can easily add other people's errands as well, and get paid for doing it!!

With this unique, detailed and exclusive eBook from MyMommyBiz, you will learn:

  • What to offer and what not to offer.
  • What to charge ~
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Rating: (4 after 3 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by Heather Valenzuela on 2005-08-06
My Rate 4
I would like info on starting my own bridal consulting business. Thankyou

Reviewed by La Tasha Glenn on 2003-12-22
My Rate 4
I would like some information, about starting a bridal consulting business. Please send me some information. Thank you!

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Title: Start your own Bridal Consulting Business

Start a career as a Bridal Consultant Wedding Coordinator!

Who Doesn't Love Weddings?

Do you love weddings? If you enjoy planning and coordinating weddings, right down to the very last detail, start a business doing what you love... as a bridal consultant (also known as a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, depending on what region of the US you are located).

This is *the* perfect job for anyone who loves weddings! In this day and age, so many women need help planning their big day. With work, school, family and social commitments, many women just don't have the time, or the skills, to plan the perfect wedding with their limited time. That's where you come in!

Bridal consulting is a high profile business right now, and this is the perfect time to start your business, as more women get engaged during the holiday season than at any other time of the year! If you have some creativeness and some organization skills, and you love weddings, this is the job for you!

With this exclusive MyMommyBiz eBook

... Click here to read the full description!

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Rating: (4 after 2 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by christina on 2004-06-21
My Rate 4
I'm interested in finding out more information about this type of home based business

Reviewed by sheba McDonald on 2003-11-19
My Rate 4
currently I am in the process of starting a tea business and would like any imput.

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Title: Start your own Little Girl Tea Party Business

What little girl doesn't love tea parties?

This is *the* perfect job for a stay-at-home mom! When it comes to their little girls, moms are looking for alternatives to the clowns and magicians for their birthday parties. They also want their daughter's party to be remembered long after everyone elses. The perfect way is to have a tea party ~ and with this special ebook, you can be the one to host it!!

Tea parties are so popular with little girls and are perfect for birthday parties. You can be hosting tea parties for birthday girls in your town or city, and neighboring ones as well. The word of mouth is incredible!

With this exclusive MyMommyBiz eBook you get:

  • Where to buy linens and napkins inexpensively.
  • What to wear ~ your costume is just as important to the tea party.
  • What to serve for your tea party finger foods
  • Special touches to make your party stand out
  • Special tips for any little boys in attendance
  • List of start-up items
  • How to purchase old tea cups, tea pots, sugar spoons, plates and more for next to nothing ~ you won't even blink if one gets
... Click here to read the full description!

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Rating: (4 after 2 votes)
Category: Business, Education, Finance

Open ebook.

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Reviewed by Albert Isaac on 2016-05-31
My Rate 5
this book is the best book on wealth i have ever read.

Reviewed by Sagar Subedi on 2015-10-16
My Rate 3
Best ideas to Earn Money with Best Marketing Technique by Experts. .

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Title: The Wealth Code
Author: Winter & Alvin

Wealth, have you determined to understand what this means?

If your idea of wealth is based only on material possessions that can be taken from you at any time, you will never know wealth. Material possessions feed a mindset of poverty. Wealth is to be factored in the things you preserve in life rather than those things you expend. 

Wealth is health and fitness when before there was sickness or poor physical aptitude. 

You must read this FREE eBook! The knowledge in this eBook will eliminate second guessing and missed goals. Secrets to wealth await YOU!

But, how can wealth be unlocked for you when so many desire it? Surely it must be an impossible mission, you say!

"An average person cannot gain wealth"... is the belief you have held your entire life. Still, what if you were to see how another 'average person' endured a literal rags lifestyle to seize upon the very secrets uncovered in this report?

How bad do you want to be rich?

There is no way to get rich easily. No one ever became rich "accidently."

No one ever suddenly woke up the next day after deciding to become rich literally swimming in money.

Similarly, no one has ever become a millionaire or a billionaire from claiming they had a "great idea."

You could have a great ideea but if you're not desperate enough, if you're not determined enough, if you're not hungry enough to

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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (4 after 2 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by Jack Lee on 2009-02-28
My Rate 5
i need ur email address ....thanks ,,,very much

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Title: Start your own Infant Clothing & Gift Resale Business from Home

Start your own Infant Clothing & Gift Resale Business

Ever considered starting your own baby and child consignment clothing business right out of your home? If so, this brand new MyMommyBiz eBook is for you!

This eBook contains everything you need to know from setting up your selling space to consignment details. Even advertising suggestions and methods are included! You could be opening your very own Infant Clothing & Gift Retail Business shortly!

This eBook contains sections on all the following:

  • Introduction
  • The legal aspect of your business
    • Taxes
    • State ID
    • Ownership
    • Name
    • Money
    • Insurance
    • DBA
    • Checking Account
  • The Wish List
  • The Physical Setup
  • On the Homefront
  • Hours
  • Gift Baskets
  • Getting Smart
  • Gathering your Inventory
  • Displaying
  • Consignment
  • Bigger and
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Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Business, Education, Management

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Reviewed by Frank Burns on 2011-07-21
My Rate 5
This gets right to the core of what business is all about

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Title: Understanding Business & Management
Author: Daryl Cowie

Understanding Business and Management

Business fundamentals to drive your business and advance your career

Discover the business basics every manager is expected to know but no one in your organization seems able to explain

"If you hope to excel as a manager in your business, you must understand the basic business principles presented here."

  • Learn the 5 Basic Reasons People Buy. Understanding what motivates people to buy is the cornerstone of serving their needs.
  • Learn What Makes your Business Successful. Why do your customers buy from you instead of someone else? Learn why win-win strategies are the best path to sustainable growth.
  • Learn the Simple Process All Customers Follow. All business success starts and ends with the customer. Successfull managers and business leaders understand the customer process comes first.
  • Learn How your Business is Organized Around the Customer Process. All successful businesses are (or were at one time) organized around the customer's own thinking process. A fuller understanding of why your business is structured the way it is will give you the edge you need to make your peice of it shine.
  • Learn the
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Ebook Type: PDF
Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
Category: Business

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Reviewed by sari ariani on 2009-04-04
My Rate 5
i have to finish my final project, so please send me tihis ebook. Thank You

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Title: Supervisors Guide to Employee Evaluation and Selection

All necessary materials are included to improve the evaluation and selection of employees at all levels and grades within the organization.

This ebook will comprehensively assist you in providing an improved framework within which to evaluate employees against the requirements of jobs. Once familiar with the basic procedure it is quick and easy to deploy. The systematic procedure has the potential to be deployed across the organization and to be used in evaluating employees or potential employees at all levels, blue and white collar employees.

Basic Steps

  1. is easy to perform for any position, senior executive down to lowest grades. Use existing data (job descriptions, job analysis data) in compliling a position profile. The PDF contains 55 dimensional categories, to construct any position profile.
  2. Conduct your evaluation / selection process. (Scoring is explained in the PDF.)
  3. Choose the evaluation questions to be used. There are over 600 evaluation questions to choose from (an average of approximately 11 per each of the 55 dimensions.) In the above schematic there are 5 job dimensions being evaluated (considered to be critical to job success.) Some dimensions will required 2 or 3 questions, other may require 4 or 5.
  4. Compare each person against the position. Your decision making is now made so much simpler, as will be your evaluation, selection and training and development
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Category: Business, Medicine

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Reviewed by Jeff on 2009-06-09
My Rate 5
Great Material

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Title: Medical Sales Interview Success
Author: Aaron Becker

Do You want To Learn The Secrets Of Acing a Your Next Medical Sales Interview and Landing your Dream Job?

 Learn how to REDUCE the time it takes for you to obtain a Job Offer - GUARANTEED!

It must be known that we created this medical sales interview success packet because we work with many candidates across the country and many are unfamiliar with how the process actually works. Our goal with this was to show medical sales jobseekers in step by step fashion, how to land their dream job in medical sales by using the latest techniques and technology for the industry.

  • Learn How to Network with Medical Sales Recruiters! - This ebook teaches you how to effectively work with medical sales recruiters and how to ask the right
    questions to make sure you are working with the right recruiters for your experience.
  • Learn How to Target Medical Sales Companies! - This ebook teaches you the most effective methods for approaching decision makers at target companies.
  • Learn How to Network with Other Medical Sales Reps - This ebook teaches you the most effective networking methods available today!You
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Business, E-Business

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Reviewed by damien on 2009-07-29
My Rate 5
best blogging ebook ive ever read

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Title: Blogging With Pride

"When The Internet Marketers Head In One Direction I Quietly Step Back & When They Have Passed I Stroll Slowly In The Other Direction - Because That's Where True Success Lies..."


"Blogging With Pride"

You're just about to discover........

  • Blogging for personal use
  • Promoting your Blog
  • SEO Blogging
  • A step by step ebook to creating your Blog
  • The basics on Blogging
  • Why you should Blog
  • Creating Blog traffic
  • The advantages of Blogging
  • Finding a niche to Blog about
  • What is Blogging
  • How I started out with my Blogs
  • Planning your Blog


Let me state now categorically that competition doesn't matter and none of the system I'm offering you involves Adwords or anything similar.

"What if you could achieve all this without having to put in the hard work?"

I discovered how easy it really was to have a fully functioning internet business in less than 24 hours Including WebPages and Marketing. Now that is something - It makes me want to cry over all the hours slogging away!

Consider this - If you have the ideal marketing tools quickly for free

... Click here to read the full description!

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Rating: (5 after 1 votes)
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