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Title: Insider Secrets of a TV Ad Man
Author: Don Cassil

I get thousands of TV commercials aired monthly on Cable TV Networks for FREE......

If you have a Non-Profit Organization My Product shows how you can do it…

“The Secret Steps to Free Cable TV Advertising”

If you follow the practices shown here there is no question you'll be armed with the exact same techniques I used. The techniques I’ve mastered has led to getting well over 200,000 commercials aired on TV. And, the best part, I got it all ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Now, you will also come to learn there are many stations that actually want to air 'non profit' commercials. Many times these stations will not only air ads for free but will thank you in the process. There are several secret loopholes and my Book exposes those secrets that until now were only known by a select few who had 'insider information' on the industry.

My friend, I'm one of the few that can actually show you how to unlock the door. It’s not nearly as hard that most of you think it may be. As a matter of fact, you can also “master the code” in minutes after receiving my product.

8 Reasons to Get Your Hands on Insider Secrets of a TV Ad Man Today

  • Start soaring in half the time. I was flying blind when I started - you don’t need to. Through Insider Secrets of a TV Ad Man you have me as your navigator.
  • You get a real-life, up-to-the-minute, insider’s view of how
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Category: Business, Management

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Title: Finally Organized, Finally Free FOR THE OFFICE
Author: Maria Gracia

Finally, a comprehensive resource to help you get organized once and for all!

Get 1,875 organizing tips, ideas and techniques to Help You Organize Your Office, Your Files, Your Schedule and So Much More!

With Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office, you'll finally discover...

  • Get a lot more done in less time
  • What business records should you keep and when can you toss them?
  • Stay organized, even when surrounded by disorganized people
  • Master the fine art of scheduling
  • How to make every second on the phone and in meetings count
  • Reduce those constant interruptions
  • 10 easy steps to a happy, organized, clutter-free desk
  • How to find anything in your filing cabinet in seconds
  • How you can stop forgetting and start remembering
  • How to save time using your computer, both offline and online
  • Quick and simple ideas for organizing your briefcase
  • The painless way to pay your bills on time and keep your finances organized
  • Can Feng Shui really make your workplace more productive?
  • How to be a smart and savvy business traveler
  • Maximize your office space and your storage space
  • Electronic or paper? What's the best route?
  • How to delegate without stress or worries
  • Eliminate that daunting paperwork mountain
  • Find a happy balance between work and home
  • Meet or
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Category: Business

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Title: Garage Sale Blueprint

The 6 important steps you must know before you can even begin to think of holding a successful garage sale or yard sale (this also applies to estate sales, rummage sales, jumble sales and tag sales). This will ensure that your sales look professional and because you have all your bases covered you will make every cent possible.

Inside You’ll Discover….


  • The 6 critical steps to running a successful garage sale because mastering these 6 steps is the difference between on OK garage sale and a great one.
  • The critical order of events so that you do not make these common rookie mistakes that could literally save you thousands of dollars over your garage sale career.
  • The business opportunity that exists so that you can make more money than anyone else at garage sales.


  • Which dates to avoid so that your garage sale does not turn into a damp squib.
  • Ensure that you have all the legal issues covered so that you are always on the right side of the law (and your neighbours)
  • The two critical factors you MUST consider to ensure you hold your garage sale on a date that will enable you to get your customers to spend heavily with you.


  • What products you can sell on a garage sale. The answer will surprise and delight
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Business

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Title: Health Coach Marketing Experts

Are You a Health Coach, Chiropractor, Nutrition or Fitness Prolessional Struggling in Business?

Discover HOW to Get MORE Clients.

You’ll Learn From Experts on Topics Such As:

  • Additional Revenue with Certifications
  • Authenticity as a Business Advantage
  • Writing Client-Attracting Copy
  • Intuitive Marketing
  • Business Automation Systems
  • Clarifying Your Message
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Creating Premium Coaching Packages
  • Building Your Business with Blogging
  • Multi-Speaker Live Events

You Will Be Learning:

  • The biggest mistake new coaches and healers make when starting their business
  • What email service to get started with that is easy to learn and use
  • How to avoid paying thousands of dollars to set up your website
  • The key to creating effective marketing packages
  • How to shift your view of the sales process to attract more clients
  • The numbers of an online business: what do you need to look at to measure the direction of your business
  • Use the same method Royal Caribbean uses to increase sales and help people see the value in health coaching
  • Why it’s important to have more than just the standard six month program with sessions every 2 weeks
  • How to identify your best clients so you don’t waste your time and energy
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Category: Business

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Title: The Technology Seller's Bible
Author: Jim Kleidon

Streamline Your Sales Process Quickly Diagnose Customer Needs Create Personalized Solutions

  • Do you know how to build customer loyalty through every stage of the sales cycle?
  • Are you getting the most from your sales efforts? Are your marketing and sales campaigns fully aligned?
  • Are you in a business or a career that depends on selling technology to other businesses?

Fact is, how well you understand the needs of your customers determines how much money you’ll make, and how well your overall business will perform. You need to know exactly what it takes to improve sales results and revenue—and keep your customers coming back for more.

The Technology Seller’s Bible is highly unique because it takes B2B relationship building to the next level using proven customer-centric strategies at each step of the customer's journey. It shows you how to accelerate sales results by tightly aligning marketing and sales activities, targeting decision makers with a common buyer profile, and creating a pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Here's What You'll Gain...

  • Achieve alignment between your marketing and sales activities though a shared buyer profile.
  • Actionable best practices to efficiently and accurately diagnose your customer's critical business issues.
  • Understand your target audience on a deeper level and create customer-relevant messaging.
  • Efficiently tailor
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Category: Business, Home Business

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Title: How to Start a Wedding Decorations Business

Get Paid For Your Creative Skills Whilst Enjoying A Flexible Work Schedule

Here is a taster of what you will learn in this comprehensive package:

  • How To Make Sure Each Job Makes The Highest Profit Possible
  • Insider Secrets To Starting Your Wedding Business On The Cheap
  • Customer Satisfaction Techniques That Will Bring You More Business
  • What Services to Sell for Maximum Profits
  • How To Find New Wedding Clients Without Having A Huge Marketing Budget
  • How to Work Part Time But Still Make Hundreds In Profit Each Month
  • Eliminate The Need For Expensive Advertising With Satisfied Customers
  • Make Money From Word Of Mouth Advertising So You’re Never Out Of Pocket
  • Free and Cheap Ways to Connect with Hundreds of Brides Using the Internet
  • How to Get Wedding Experts Help you Set up your New Business
  • The Best Wedding Businesses to Start with No Special Training
  • Google, Facebook, Twitter? We Tell You What Works and What's A Huge Waste of Time and Cash
  • How to Earn a Sizeable Income While Still Enjoying Quality Time with your Family
  • Proven Wedding Business Forms and Templates that will Save you Countless Hours
  • Where to Get Wedding Decorations Wholesale to Maximise Your Profits

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Animals, Business, Home Business

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Title: Prosperous Pet Business
Author: Kristin Morrison

20+ Pet Business Experts Give YOU Their Insider Knowledge In These Strategy-Packed Conference Videos!

These videos are perfect for you if you’ve experienced any of these frustrations:

  • You struggle to make the kind of money you want from your business… and you’re not sure how to boost your sales and profits
  • You are a pet sitter, dog trainer, pet groomer, doggy day care owner, or dog walker… and you find yourself thinking and worrying about your business even when you’re not working
  • You find it hard to get (and keep) clients… even though you offer a service that lots of pet owners need
  • You’ve got so many clients that you’ve lost the enthusiasm you had when you started your pet business… and almost dread going to work some days
  • You feel like you’re on the fast track to burnout… and desperately need a change
  • You are a new pet business owner and wish that you could find someone who could help you market more efficiently, make more money, and enjoy running your pet business

When you have access to this simple, on-demand resource that can turn your business around (and give you your life back) in a matter of days…

  • You’ll feel optimistic, knowing that your business is generating the income you need to provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your
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Ebook Type: Video
Category: Business

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Title: How to Become a Private Tutor
Author: Richard Harris
  • Do you want to work a few hours in the evening, that you control, to greatly supplement your income?
  • Are you looking for a 20 hour a week business that pays better than most full time employment?
  • Do you love bringing out potential in young minds?

Take advice from an expert to cut your learning curve

Private tutoring has grown dramatically in recent years. In the UK, over one third of families now hire a private tutor at some point in their child’s schooling to help boost grades.

I’ve put everything you will need to set up as a tutor in my book, including:

  • Which materials you need to get started
  • How to deliver exciting and effective lessons
  • how to successfully market, both online and offline
  • A long list of tried and tested advertising avenues
  • Plenty of psychological tips to make you an effective educator
  • Where to find organisations who will advertise for you
  • Neat presentation in PDF, EPUB and AZW3 (Kindle) formats
  • Little strategies to make everything work better

You can ride the tutoring wave and set up your business this week.

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Category: Business, Home Business, Internet

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Reviewed by Chuck Boney on 2015-11-04
My Rate 5
Great e-book!I have been looking to be a paid online survey taker,because i think it is a great way to make money,so this e-book will help out alot!

Reviewed by on 2010-08-30
My Rate 5
Please i acturally looking for e-book that will dive me a perfect understanding about on line survery and the best company to sign for.

Reviewed by Ian Noel Beltran Barte on 2010-08-06
My Rate 5
its been a month that i am looking for informations that will answer my questions about paid surveys and now i found it here. thanks.

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Title: Paid Online Surveys - A Complete Guide
Author: Lynne O'Connor
Description: international guide to paid surveys with around 300 companies looking for your opinion. Over 100 pages!

Topics Include:
· What are Online Paid Surveys?
· Can you make money with paid online surveys?
· Why People Fail to Make Money With Online Surveys
· Online Paid Surveys - ­ Truths And Myths
· Benefits of Paid Survey Work
· Tips for maximizing your income with paid surveys
· Get Paid to Complete Surveys Online in Australia and New Zealand
· Complete Surveys in Europe
· Complete Surveys in The U.K.
· Complete Surveys in Canada and U.S.A
· Complete Surveys in America
· International Survey Opportunities
· Complete Specialist Surveys

Open ebook.
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Rating: (4.47 after 23 votes)
Category: Business, E-Business, E-Marketing

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Reviewed by amaka morris on 2012-11-16
My Rate 5
please i need some guild lines.

Reviewed by Ray Bauer on 2010-12-28
My Rate 5
Straight to the point - No bull***t
Great book, Ido !

Reviewed by dcstrade on 2010-05-24
My Rate 5
Very clera and very helpfull

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Title: Practical Guide to Internet Money
Author: Ido Jansen

Have you ever heard of people making money online? Have you asked yourself how do they do it?
Well, This ebook if for you.
Ido Jansen, an experience Internet marketer, has written a practical guide on how to start making money online called "Practical Internet Guide". In this ebook Ido is explaining the basics of online income together with 6 step-by-step marketing plans.
The ebook is available for immediate download and is free.

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