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A Beginner's Guide to Outsourcing

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Title: A Beginner's Guide to Outsourcing

Dear Reader,

Do you have a project that you needed to complete yesterday?

If this sounds like you, don't worry, you are not alone. But why be one of those companies that are always missing deadlines because you do not have enough employees to handle the workload? There is a way to beat this problem, and it is actually quite simple...

The answer is Outsourcing

But I don't know anything about Outsourcing

Again, you are not alone! There are thousands of people that don't know anything about outsourcing, yet they find a way to meet every deadline, while also saving money.

If you want to be one of these people, you need to buy a copy of A Beginner's Guide to Outsourcing right away. This e-book is easy to read, and will put you on the fast track to outsourcing success.

We Give you Want you Need to be Successful

This e-book is not simply a long definition of the word outsource. A Beginner's Guide to Outsourcing dives deep into this business solution in order to ensure that when you are done that you can hire a provider within a couple of minutes! That's right; read this e-book, and by the time you are finished you will be fully ready to take the steps necessary to start your first outsourced project...

What will I learn?

The answer to this question is quite simple; EVERYTHING! There is not one area of outsourcing that is not covered in A Beginner's Guide to Outsourcing. This book is written for

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Category: Business

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Title: Success: A Spiritual Matter
Author: Rick Beneteau

"The deepest "spiritual" success secrets of 13 stellar business minds including the late, legendary Jim Rohn. This timeless advice has nothing to do with business tips, tricks and tactics and everything to do with achieving fulfilling and rewarding success. In other words, success in its truest form."

In Success: A Spiritual Matter you'll discover:

  • The primary obstacle to achieving amazing success... and how to overcome it!
  • How Yanik Silver, a leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking Web sites, applies his spiritual principles to make money AND overcome fear.
  • How Joe Vitale, the world's first Hypnotic Marketer, turned what could have been a devastating situation -- being laid off from his job -- into one where he became a best-selling author.
  • Why so much of what most people believe to be true about achieving success is completely wrong -- and how to easily "re-learn" the simple success principles that produce the results you want.
  • How setbacks can turn into golden opportunities -- and how you can use "failure" as another chance to succeed.
  • How (and when) goals can actually hinder -- instead of help -- you achieve amazing success.
  • How these marketing leaders have found the courage to pursue their goals with gusto... and how you can uncover the same courage within yourself!
  • The people who had the most positive influences on some of the country's most
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Category: Business

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Title: Start your own Rubber Stamp Supply Business

Turn your love of stamping into a business!

Rubber stamping is such a hot business right now. Everyone loves to make notecards, scrapbooks and other crafts using the latest techniques for stamping, but most towns and cities lack a business where stampers can purchase supplies, and when they are available, they tend to be very expensive. This is a great business that can even be run out of your own home!

This Original MyMommyBiz eBook is tailored for running a stamping supply company out of your home, but much of this also contains usefuls information if you are planning on opening your own rubber stamp store! There is also a special section just for selling on eBay and other auction sites! Contained in this exclusive MyMommyBiz eBook you will find:

  • Starting up
  • What's in a business name
  • What you need to do to purchase supplies wholesale
  • What sells and what doesn't: How to determine your best selling products from your worst (everyone has them!)
  • Taking orders: How to supply and deliver your stamping supplies to customers
  • Setting your prices
  • Selling in
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Category: Business

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Title: 8 Top Marketing Secrets Every Hairstylist Needs to Know

ATTN: If you're in the stylist industry, here's some startling news...

You're losing money every day!

"If you're a hair stylist, and your business isn't making as much money as you want, then you've come to the right page. Read carefully so you don't make the same mistake Sherry made..."

Sherry didn't know secrets like:

  • The best way to make current clients want to spend more money
  • How to keep an appointment book full weeks in advance
  • How to harness the immense power of the internet to increase business sales and profits
  • Five ways to radiate professionalism
  • How to make sure clients never cancel
  • Effective, low-cost ways to attract steady streams of new clients


Now, I can almost read your thoughts right this second...


  • "I don't know the first thing about marketing"
  • "What the heck IS marketing, anyway?"
  • "Doesn't the shop owner take care of that?"
  • "I wouldn't even know where to begin"
  • "I don't want to sell
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Category: Business

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Title: Million Dollar Pre-Foreclosure Idea
Author: Alex Gurevich

Would You Like Owners In PreForeclosure Eating Out Of Your Hand?

Real Estate Investors Use This Simple Pre-Foreclosure System To Generate Fast Cash Profits

...And So Should You!

What's Your Profit On A Deal Like That?

No, not quite 40%-50%, as if you were to "help them out of their home".

But before you jump to a conclusion, consider that 40%-50% is gross. Once you figure in time, expense and hassle to get the thing bought, renovated and sold.... it's probably quite a bit less.

(Actually, once you start playing my kind of game, there won't be anybody in your market place who could profit that much.... while you'll be getting one sweet deal after the other.)

Let's talk YOUR terms.

  • Your profit is in hard CASH, not in soft equity
  • You'll get your profit UPFRONT, not later
  • Nobody moves in or out
  • No sales process, no listings
  • No rehabs and costs associated with the deal
  • No closing costs to buy and sell
  • No carrying costs
  • It's NET, no expenses, except LOW COST marketing to let them know about your deal
  • No commissions, etc....


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Category: Business

The Windfall Profits Paradox

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Title: The Windfall Profits Paradox
Author: Jay L. Abraham
How You Can Build Tremendous Long Term Business Wealth and Success

Using Short Term "Windfall-Generating Opportunity" Thinking

Dear Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Start-Up,

Building a long term growth-oriented business as an enduring wealth generating asset is every business owner's dream.

But making it through the business "growing pains" usually poses quite a dilemma for the entrepreneur. Although your vision should and must be long term, you can't usually do that easily because too many short term challenges, obstacles and problems need to be handled--first.

After studying the problem for the last few years, although I've always focused on marketing problems, but what really a lot of quality business people around the world usually struggle with is frankly---a cash flow problem.

They need more cash. They need more profit. They need more sales. They need more high yielding revenue.

And most importanfly, they usually need it right away.

It's great to have your financial income set for next year and the year thereafter, but for people to be able to go the distance, for them to be able to build the growth- oriented enterprise they want---they have to be able to get through the short- term, temporary cash crunches and the demanding financial constraints of the moment.

There is nothing wrong with this. It is sometimes part of being an entrepreneur. It is just very stressful--when it doesn't have to be that way--at all. Once you know how to generate all the cash you

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Category: Business

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Title: Learn To Buy Businesses Even If You Have No Money
Author: Rudy LeCorps

Literally Buy Your Income Even If You Have Very Little Or No Money...

Here is a Partial List of What You Will Learn About No-Money Down Financing

This program is so comprehensive, it will teach you all the tricks and techniques you need to buy your own businesses with no money down!

You'll learn:

  • Why selling a portion of a business can be the easiest way to finance its purchase
  • Why being your own Business Broker is the fastest way to buy a business with none of your own money
  • Where to find GRANT MONEY that you can use to buy a business
  • What you should always do when submitting an offer
  • What you can learn from franchise companies that operate in the same industry in which you are buying a business
  • The correct way to use public information to come up with a value for a business
  • The Pooling Group: An unconventional Source of Capital
  • Structuring Lease-to-own financing options
  • Simple ways to find sellers willing to sell for little or no money down
  • Pooling Group Contribution Strategy
  • Owner financing
  • In-depth coverage of Financial Statement (extremely useful for valuation)
  • How to use the Seller's security deposits towards your down payment
  • How to quickly and easily evaluate a business financial statements
  • How to organize a "Pooling Group" to raise cash quickly
  • How to make
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Category: Business, E-Business, Spirituality

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Title: Get the Money! Get the Money! Get the Money!
Author: Tom Pauley, Penelope Pauley

Rich Dreams invites you start your rich, abundant life today with their all time, best selling product,

Get the Money! Get the Money! Get the Money!

  • Would you like to become a magnet for money?
  • Would you like to have opportunity thrust itself upon you?
  • Would you like to stop seeking out wealth and have it actually find you?
  • Would you like to Get The Money, Get The Money, Get The Money?

Stop working long hours for little pay! This remarkable ebook reveals the secret to bringing wealth, abundance, and opportunity into your life!

Sharing the secrets they've learned, Tom and Penelope Pauley show you how to move far away from struggling and into attracting. Through stories and experience from their own lives, this dynamic duo of attraction offers unique tools and exercises to help you draw money, success, love, fun, happiness and so much more to you once and for all.

  • Finally Understand Money For What It Is!
  • Learn The Secret!
  • Learn The EASIEST Way To Deliver Money To You!
  • Start Living Your Abundant Life Today!
  • Image, Draw, And Initiate The Endless Flow Of Money To You!
  • Unlock The Door! Open The Floodgates Of Money TO YOU!
  • Never Be Intimidated By Money Again!


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Category: Auto, Business

How To Start a Car Detailing Business

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Title: How To Start a Car Detailing Business

See how easily you can start your own mobile car detailing business from home!

Who Else Wants To Control Your Own Income Potential, Set Your Own Hours, And Enjoy Extra Freedom With A Business In Car Detailing?

Tell me if you know this person.

He or she always seems to have money. Works when she wants (if at all) and can take off for vacation on a whim. And never feels guilty for buying as many "toys" as desired.

Let me guess, this person has their own business!

Do you want to be the one who decides how much money you can make? How many hours you're going to work? When you want to take that Hawaii vacation? Then you need to be in business for yourself.

One of the hottest business opportunities out there is the car detailing business. The market for car detailers is a growth market. And if you're looking for a low cost, big return (without backbreaking labor) business opportunity, then look no further.

Because now you can discover...

How To Start A Car Detailing Business!

Greetings Friend,

You don't have to be a business major to start your own car detailing business!

If you own a car, you already know your target market well. You know where your car needs the most work. The hidden cracks that haven't seen a vacuum in years!

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Category: Business

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Title: eTeach: A Teacher Resource for Learning the Strategies of Master Teachers
Author: Adam Waxler

With eTeach you'll learn how to:

  • Use time effectively to maximize learning
  • Use the best instructional strategies in teaching mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts...or any other subject for that matter
  • Use teaching strategies for Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
  • Use strategies for teaching disrespectful students
  • Use review games effectively so ALL students are actively involved
  • Use research based science teaching strategies
  • Use reading strategies that will increase your student's achievement
  • Use effective teaching strategies for large lectures
  • Use easy tricks to keep yourself on task during your lessons
  • Use classroom management attention getting techniques
  • Use child-centred teaching strategies
  • Teach effectively with movies and documentaries
  • Stop student procrastination
  • Spend less time on classroom management and more time actually teaching
  • Reduce the undue stress caused by classroom management problems.
  • Organize your room layout to facilitate learning
  • Motivate students to learn
  • Keep kids on task
  • Keep disruptive students from ruining your lessons (and your career)
  • Increase standardized test scores.
  • Increase reading comprehension
  • Improve your relationship with your students
  • Have fun with your students by using exciting
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