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Title: Internet Kiosk - Business Opportunity

What you need to know about Public Internet Access Terminal business opportunities

  • How much money can you make?
  • Can you make money in this business?

Avoid costly errors and lost investment by reading this ebook

Save at least from $2,000 to $20,000

This 32-page ebook presents the reader with facts on public internet access terminal business (PIAT) using real life experience. A number of business opportunity sellers offer PIAT products as a lucrative opportunity. Not all (or most) of such opportunities may not be that lucrative in reality. Many PIAT problems can be uncovered by closer look at the opportunity and by actually going into the business. The ebook provides a potential public internet access operator with valuable information uncovering real PIAT facts and helping avoid many errors.

From reading this ebook you will learn the following:

  • what service after sale you may expect
  • what sales people tells you and what they do not tell you
  • what revenue you may expect
  • what problems you may face
  • what other terminal owners go through when implementing the business plan
  • the steps absolutely necessary to take before investing any money
  • the real price of the opportunity
  • the real ongoing expenses
  • technical knowledge needed
  • public internet access industry analysis
  • other information you must know before
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Category: Business

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Title: Employee Motivation, the Organizational Environment and Productivity


  • Overview of the development of management sciences from earliest times to the present and the search for productivity.
  • The three basic approaches to improving productivity
  • Practical application of good business communication practices
  • Practical application of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Managing and leading informal workgroups
  • Importance of leadership perceptions when motivating employees
  • How to design jobs to maximize employee motivation
  • Employee motivation theory and practice
  • Developing a cohesive HR strategy
  • Productivity at the macro and micro levels.

The Supervisors Guide to Employee Motivation, the Organizational Environment and Productivity contains a framework to comprehensively improve business performance. With extensive insights, diagnostic checklists, references and techniques to help you transform your workplace and improve your management and leadership potential.

Produce superior workplaces
Product workplaces where employees at all levels feel their contribution is valued, their needs are catered for and their creative talents are promoted and improve productivity at the same time.

Design and develop

  • Improve formal and informal business communication systems
  • Explore how a considered and planned approach to people management can improve business
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Category: Business

Press Release Magic

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Title: Press Release Magic
How to generate $1,000's worth of exposure by writing and submitting your own press releases!

Introduction: Marketing to the Media Mindset -
An Overview of Why They Accept and Deny Your Submissions.

Submitting your well-crafted press release is a bit like standing behind the red velvet rope, hoping you have what it takes to make it past the doorman and gain admittance into an "A" list event. The competition is fierce, with only the best of the best making it to the editor's desk, much less into the hands of the public.

So how can you rise above all others and make your press release gleam in the eyes of the publisher? All you need is a dash of researching skills, a pinch of creative talent, and a sprinkle of media insight, and you've whipped up a blue ribbon recipe for a results-oriented press release.

The media mindset is a very powerful entity. What filters through the desk of an editor to the pulse of America is whatever he or she deems newsworthy. Scandals. Tragedies. Triumphs. From international terrorism to Cousin Cathy's canine hero, the media hold all the cards when it comes to what we do and do not know.

They also decide, to a certain degree, the influence each story has on the public by the size of space they assign to it. Readers are obviously going to focus on a half-size, front-page feature article more than they will a 10-line blurb buried in the back of the local section. Placement is crucial because it determines how close your news will get to the reader's eyes.

Fortunately, news sells. So

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Category: Business

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Title: Practical Report Writing System
Author: Daryl Grant
  • Do you worry that your poor grammar may make your reports look unprofessional?
  • Do you often wonder if there is a better way to structure your reports to give them more impact?
  • Do you often sit staring at a blank computer screen wondering where to start?
  • Do you often procrastinate, putting off writing reports because "it's just too hard"?
  • Do you have difficulty finding the right words to make your reports clear and easy to understand?
  • Do you feel that your reports are so complex that no one but you is even going to understand them, let alone act on them?

Chances are, if you're anything like my students you would have answered "yes" to many of the questions above.

And it's not your fault. You see, the trouble is, you never get taught how to write a report that is clear and concise, that gets the results that are intended. And without the proper training, the end result is often confusing at best, and sometimes downright embarrassing. And every one of my students has faced the same frustrations as you - because they were never taught a structured, logical process to make report writing easy.

I'm constantly amazed when I go into organizations to train managers and staff in report writing, at the number of reports I see that are:

  • poorly laid out - they are confusing and sometimes down-right dangerous
  • lengthy and complex - they are hard to read, hard to understand,
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Category: Business, Home

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Title: How to Start Your Own Machine Quilting Business
Author: Chuck Smith

"They Laughed When I Said I Was Starting My Own Machine Quilting Business, But When They Saw My Customer's Quilts Piling Up..."

This helpful ebook will show you how to start, run, and market a successful machine quilting business that will allow you to earn a healthy part-time or full-time income...

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

1) Comprehensive machine quilting business guide

General business books don't go into enough detail about the specifics of opening, running, and marketing a successful machine quilting business. This ebook delivers the step-by-step instructions you need to get your machine quilting business up and running in the least amount of time.

2) Written with the novice in mind

Never run a business before? You don't have to worry about getting bogged down with over-complicated terms or unnecessary information. This ebook provides an easy-to-read primer to help guide you through some difficult concepts of starting a machine quilting business and running it effectively.

3) Excellent marketing section

Without customers, your machine quilting business will quickly die. That's why there's an entire section dedicated to marketing your new business. You'll see which advertising and promotional techniques will be the most useful and effective methods of getting the word out about your new machine quilting business.

4) Industry statistics and

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Category: Business

Business Tips Guide Collection

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Title: Business Tips Guide Collection
Here's Over 200 valuable business tips to help you on the road to online success...

Dear Friend,

As you probably know, most e-books these days are packed with fluff and filler, designed to pad the e-book out, purely to justify a higher price tag.

Our special Business Tips Guide Collection is a refreshing change,featuring nothing but concise powerful business tips to improve your business.

This great collection features a total of Over 200 valuable tips, packed into eight concise guides covering a range of important business topics.

Here's the details of each guide - and to give you an idea of what to expect, I've even included an example business tip from every guide...


Business Tips Guide Collection Little Known Net Business Advice

Example: You could offer your potential customers a bonus coupon when they buy one of your products. It could be a coupon for another product you sell. For example, you could say, "Free Bonus! A 30% Off Coupon For Our New E-book! How To..." Another example, "Free Bonus! My Good Friend (their name) Is Allowing Me To Give A Free 40% Off Coupon For His New Product (product name)!"

Secret Selling Blueprints

Example: Use a "P.S." at the end of your ad copy. This is where you either want to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close, like a free bonus. For example, "P.S. You can get (product),

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Category: Business

Profiting With Press Releases

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Title: Profiting With Press Releases
Author: Liz Tomey
Your One Stop Guide To Getting Free Exposure Using Press Releases!

Revealed! The One Advertising Method That Wont Cost You A Single Penny As Long As You Follow This Secret Manual!

As business owners we have all been in the "no budget" advertising zone. I've been there and every time I create a new idea I'm in the "no budget" advertising zone. After creating several businesses and websites I have developed a full proof way to get targeted traffic to my site almost instantly.

No, this isn't any type of SEO trick, or some system that you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make work. It's a simple technique that anyone no matter their marketing experience can do.

This incredible technique has brought literally thousands of targeted visitors to my site each and every time I use, and today I'm going to reveal EXACTLY how to do it in my "Profiting With Press Releases" e-book. This is your one stop manual to getting free exposure using press releases.

I haven't found anything that works better or faster than this amazing free publicity technique, and I suggest you take advantage of it right now before your competition beats you to it!

The "Profiting With Press Releases" e-book will take you step-by-step through creating your first press release all the way to how to get it published to thousands of targeted visitors.

The 63 page information packed e-book isn't full of fluff and garbage. It covers in depth techniques for:

  • The proper way to format your press
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Category: Business

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Title: Start your own Care Package Business

Turn your feel good skills into money!

Who doesn't love to receive a special package in the mail filled with all kinds of goodies? Care packages are the ideal gift for students, friends, relatives and just about everyone else you can think of! But most people don't actually have the time to go to different stores to get everything to go into special themed care packages for loved ones. You can turn sending warm fuzzies in the mail into a profitable work-at-home business!

With this exclusive eBook you will learn:

  • Starting up
  • Different types of care packages - everything from starving students and get well packages to breakfast in bed and romantic getaway packages! The opportunities are endless!
  • How to sell your care packages
    • on the internet
    • in local stores
    • by word of mouth
    • by mail
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Category: Business, Investing

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Title: Real estate course for quick & easy profits
Author: Joe Crump

Here Is How You Will Profit Within 21 Days...

Technique #1 - Immediate Cash Flow... Make Thousands Of Dollars In A Few Short Weeks With This Technique.

  • Finding Investors To Buy Your Properties - How to find a few investors who will buy from you over and over again! ... This is so easy you'll laugh with delight when the phone calls start coming in!
  • The Purchase And Sale Contracts - You can print these out and use them or modify them on your word processor.
  • Systematize your business so you can repeat this process every single day... effortlessly!
  • Making The Offer (Step-by-step dialogue) Questions to ask, answers to give. How to negotiate the best possible price!
  • Inspections - How To Keep From Losing Your Shirt! Repairs That Make Sense And Repairs That Will Make You Go BROKE!
  • Finding The Properties - Where do you find profitable deals? A profile of the perfect money-making property.

Technique #2 - Monthly Income... Replace Your Income With Rental Property And Quit Your Job!


  • Selling The Homes You Purchase To New Buyers Using The Lease Option Technique! Learn how you can get 5-10% more for the homes you sell AND get higher than market rent! You will also learn how to get non-refundable lease option money from your tenants rather than a security deposit that you have to give back to them at the end of their lease. Lease option money can pay for your vacancies
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Category: Business

Presentation For Profits

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Title: Presentation For Profits
Discover How To Increase Your Sales By 750% In Just 45 Minutes, Simply By Changing Just One Simple Aspect Of Your Business..

Let me take you back almost seven years to when I first started out in my online marketing career, I have an important lesson I'd like to share with you that almost destroyed my business, and if you can avoid it, all the better.

It all started with the very first site I put up. It was entirely online business based, and with dollar signs floating around in front of my face (you know how it is) I dove in headfirst and put up a membership site. This was no ordinary membership site though, it was packed full of live tools such as ad tracking, autoresponders, forums, conference rooms, reviews of services I'd tried and the like.

Everything went well for a few months...

I'd just started out with only bare bones knowledge of business and no online business experience, but before long I was sitting pretty with enough members to replace the income from my job and things were peachy.

The problem was, I was totally unprepared for what came next..

It all started one cold November morning when I received an e-mail from my host stating I'd used all my available resources (those autoresponders really took a lot to run I tell you). Anyway, from then on things went downhill. I had quit my job, but I'd spend all day wrestling with server resources to keep the site afloat, meanwhile my marketing was suffering, new customers were sparse and things started going south.

To cut a long story short..

Nine months later, I

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