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Title: Drop-Ship Anything
Author: Dima Sorokine

"Finally, You Can Find A Real Drop-Shipper For Virtually Any Product You Want, Move On To The Next Step And Start Doing What You Really Want To Do...Selling Products And Making Money"

And here is just some of the stuff I've learned during my research:

  • Things to watch out for: What to do when a supplier refuses to give you samples, what to do when a supplier accepts only one kind of payment method, how to NOT get ripped off by the many con artists and scumbags etc.
  • There is a lot more to making a deal with a drop-shipper than knowing their website address. You need to know how to deal with the suppliers you find in order do get what you want (best prices, order quantities, drop shipping arrangements etc.)
  • The one rule you must follow before you make any deal with any supplier (this can lead to literally thousands of dollars in saved money for only half an hour of your time)
  • The one irresistible offer you can make a supplier to make them forget about those large minimum order quantities. They will love you for it, and will want to do business with you again and again.
  • The most important thing of all...You can find a real drop-shipper for ANY product you want!
  • The amazing secrets about something called back door suppliers. This will teach you how real eBay power sellers get their hands on the extremely hard to get items (expensive watches, rare electronics, and other things that are
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Category: Business

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WHO really makes money in Real Estate?

The Seller makes money. The Real Estate agent, Bank, Appraiser, Lawyer, Insurance Agent, and even the City, County and State (tax collectors) make money -- but -- the BUYER pays (even if the 'lucky' buyer buys a distressed fixer upper for no money down, he pays).

But, each year, poor slobs across this country who want to 'Get Rich in Real Estate' fall for the same old sucker-pitch and pay out millions upon millions of dollars for courses, tapes, manuals and books on 'How To' -- buy distressed properties -- buy with No Money Down -- buy tax lien properties -- buy fixer uppers.

Real Estate BUYERS are the ones who have to make the monthly payments (if they can get the financing to begin with); pay the interest; pay the taxes and assessments; pay the cost of upkeep and maintenance; and pay the commission to the Real Estate agent when they decide to sell. (How do you get rich "paying?")

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Category: Business, E-Business

Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights... Explained!

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Title: Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights... Explained!
Author: Joesy
The lazy guide to "understanding" and "profiting" from Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights

Now YOU Really Can $Profit From Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights EVEN if You Are A Complete "Newb" to Resale Rights

EVEN if You've Never Been Able to Make a Red Cent From Any Resale Rights Before!

Dear Marketer,

Have you ever wanted to get in on the "hype" of Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights... But just found it too confusing to figure out what your actual rights are?


Maybe you've even taken a dig at it and couldn't pull a dime from it...

Well... I come with good and bad news. The bad news is, I've been in your situation before - many wasted dollars with little to no results.

The good news?

You get to take advantage of all my mistakes and also discover by "how" I made my Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights actually "profit" for me.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Joesy.

And you and I share the same passion... We both want to create a better life for ourselves. We want more time to do the things we love, we both want more time with friends and family and we both want financial freedom.

Internet marketing is the closest thing I've found to achieve all the above - Time is precious - And thats where Private Label Rights & Master Resell Rights can help us "create" more time for the things we love.

It takes time to create your own products (A lot of TIME!)... That's why I **LOVE** cashing in on other people's

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Category: Business

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Title: Finder's Fees
Author: Jim Straw

In "FINDER'S FEES - The Easiest Money You'll Ever Make"
I teach you ...

How To Get Paid the Finder's Fees You Earn.

  • How about trading less than $1 in postage and a couple hours easy work for $100?

    Not a big fee but it was so easy another Finder couldn't pass it up. Reading a "collectors" magazine, he came across an ad seeking some college memorabilia from a college near his home. He made some local telephone calls, located the items wanted, wrote a letter, and earned an easy $100.

  • How would you like to earn $75,000 per month for 5 years?

    One Finder did. He saw an item in a newsletter offering 10,000 barrels of Crude Oil per day for 5 years. Putting that seller together with a buyer at a small refinery, he earned a fee of only 25¢ per barrel, and collected his fee of $75,000 every month for 5 years.

  • Two Finders -- Two Fees!

    One Finder had a "seller" offering a warehouse full of closeout and surplus inventory. The other Finder had a "buyer" looking for closeout and surplus inventory. They saw each other's listings in the same newsletter. After a few telephone calls and letters, they earned over $25,000 each.

  • Would you believe over $50,000 per year by just matching Newspaper Classified Ads with the Telephone Book Yellow Pages?

    One Finder makes that much and more each year by just matching-up the wants and availables in Newspaper Classified Ads

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Category: Business, E-Marketing, Forex

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Title: Learn to Trade Markets
Author: Karl Richards

Who else wants a stress-free lifestyle, trading for a living...?

FACT: An army of cut-throat traders are poised to bleed your cash dry, every time you trade

"Give me 5 minutes and I'll show you how to
conquer their deadly game, humiliate market pros and consistently suck explosive profits
from any market you trade!!"

"Multi-million dollar trader slams his head on the chopping block by revealing precise methods you can use to amass your fortune - trading any market you choose."

Here's just some of the gems hidden away for you inside Learn To Trade Markets:

  • A simple method you can use to trade breaking news for incredible returns. Some of the most prolific profits you can ever make may come gushing in within minutes. This is a stunning technique with breathtaking potential.
  • Day trading or end of day trading: the most important decision you may ever make. A step by step map to help you make your choice.
  • Winning traders. Are they born or are they made? Is your financial destiny sealed before you even start? Finally an answer to the fiercest debate in trading history.
  • Are automated trading systems where the profits of
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Category: Business

Work Place Warrior

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Title: Work Place Warrior
Author: Simon Hodgkinson
The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Job and Earning The Salary You Want

If You're Stuck In Rut . . . Looking For A New Job . . Or Need To Earn More Money Then This Web Site Is The Most Important One You'll Visit All Year . . .

Dear Friend,

When you wake up each morning do you dread the idea of spending another day in a mind numbingly boring job, slowly stagnating for not enough pay?

Are you unemployed and nothing you seem to do is working to find the job you need?

Maybe you love your job but can't afford the lifestyle you want on the money you earn?

Whatever reason that brings you to this web site let's get one thing straight. . . . You deserve better.

Simply taking the time to find this page is proof of that. But you're far from alone in your plight, hundreds of thousands of people feel just like you do. It's one of the mazes of modern life . . .

. . . However you have just discovered the way out. . . .

Work Place Warrior is a brand new guidebook that puts you firmly in control.

So whether you're looking for a new job, seeking a more than average (and quite frankly pitiful) 'in rise with inflation' pay rise or your looking to change your life for the better - then you'll find out how to with this ebook.

Here are just some of the areas covered in detail in the ebook:

  • How To Learn Great Jobs: A little known tactic that could lead you to the job of your dreams.
  • How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Job Hunting:
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Category: Business, Home, Manuals

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Title: Starting a Daycare
Author: Cindy Cohen

Here's A List Of What This Amazing New Ebook Will Teach You...

  • Where the best places to advertise your daycare are... especially the local places right in your neighborhood that nobody else even knows about!
  • Use our proven pricing strategy for coming up with your daycare rates... insuring that you'll be perceived as the best bargain in town, while still making a big profit! (Example: should you charge for the days that the child is absent or on vacation? Should you charge by the hour, day or week? You'll learn all about the best ways to set your rates from an experienced pro.)
  • Learn what to do when parents get behind with payments that will stop late payments in their tracks.
  • Learn what to do when a child has not been picked up from your daycare.
  • Learn what kind of forms and information you should provide the parents - Hint: If you don't use the right forms in the beginning, there will almost definitely be problems down the road when parents question your policies. By starting out right, you'll avoid these time (and money) wasting hassles.
  • Learn the smart way to interview parents when they come to you for service.
  • Learn the most important things to include in your contract for clients (do NOT forget to include these items, or you'll have big problems down the road).
  • Learn how to talk to parents about any problems with their children in a way that gets them on your side & agreeing with
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Category: Business

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Title: Pharmacy Technician Training

Our Online Pharmacy Technician & Orientation Training Program is designed for people with little or no pharmacy experience and is generic and basic in nature. The goal of this program is to introduce potential pharmacy technicians and students to the very basics of the pharmacy profession...

Do you know what an NDC number is and it's significance?
How about the brand name of the drug Metformin?

By completing this training program, you should:

  • this program is NOT intended as a study guide for the PTCB Exam.
  • save yourself time and frustration during the in-store training process.
  • prove to future employers that you are serious about becoming part of their pharmacy team.
  • know whether a career in pharmacy may be right for you.
  • have an idea of what a typical Pharmacy Technician's duties will entail.
  • have an edge on any other non-experienced applicants for a particular pharmacy position.
  • gain general and basic knowledge of a typical pharmacy and its operations.
  • feel less intimidated and overwhelmed during their first few weeks of employment.

This pharmacy training program is composed of 5 parts and should be completed in the following order:

General Pharmacy Information

Information covered includes:

  • Stock Ordering
  • Special Pharmacy Cash Register Duties and Details
  • Pharmacy
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Category: Business

Shop Management

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Title: Shop Management
Author: Frederick Winslow Taylor

Shop Management (1911)

Through his business in changing the methods of shop management, the writer has been brought into intimate contact over a period of years with the organization of manufacturing and industrial establishments, covering a large variety and range of product, and employing workmen in many of the leading trades.

In taking a broad view of the field of management, the two facts which appear most noteworthy are:

(a) What may be called the great unevenness, or lack of uniformity shown, even in our best run works, in the development of the several elements, which together constitute what is called the management.

(b) The lack of apparent relation between good shop management and the payment of dividends.

Although the day of trusts is here, still practically each of the component companies of the trusts was developed and built up largely through the energies and especial ability of some one or two men who were the master spirits in directing its growth. As a rule, this leader rose from a more or less humble position in one of the departments, say in the commercial or the manufacturing department, until he became the head of his particular section. Having shown especial ability in his line, he was for that reason made manager of the whole establishment.

In examining the organization of works of this class, it will frequently be found that the management of the particular department in which this master spirit has

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Category: Business

15 Mail Order Reports

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Title: 15 Mail Order Reports

These Reports are sold as information only. The contents of these reports were correct at time of publication. Purchase of these reports includes full reproduction rights and the right to resell this information in any manner desired. If You come across any information that is out-dated please let me know. I will be happy to send you the next edition free when published.

STOP PAYING REAL ESTATE TAXES FOR FOREVER. No more property tax, no school, sewer or other local civic taxes--avoid ALL these taxes by simply LIVING ON THE WATER in your own boat. The Chinese have been living aboard their boats for many generations so this is nothing new! You can buy a 40 foot houseboat with two 220 HP engines for a little as $11,000 on terms. Get more information by sending a SASE to: H.C WILSON, BOX 177, RIVERSIDE, NJ.08075.

GET AN EXCLUSIVE OFFICE WITH NO RENT. The way you do this is become a "Rental Manager." Many office complexes have vacant spaces because there is no on-the-premises manager to show the space and answer questions. Find out which complexes are having vacancy problems and locate the owner. he will normally be glad to offer you an office if you answer calls, and show off the spaces to prospective clients.

GET $20,000 WORTH OF FREE FURNITURE. You can obtain free furniture and a lot of other merchandise by starting up a
"freebie Newspaper." What you do is contact store owners and merchants who normally advertise in regular local papers and

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