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Title: The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual
Author: Greg Sushinsky

This practical, concentrated ebook written by a natural bodybuilder for natural bodybuilders, shows you why natural bodybuilders need to–even must–train with methods and techniques specifically tailored to drug-free trainers.  The ebook features both an introduction for beginners as well as information and an overview for intermediate and advanced trainers.
Ebook Include:

  • How to Train Drug-Free
  • Workouts, Routines, Sets & Reps; Over a Dozen Workouts to Choose From
  • Why Natural Bodybuilding Training is Different
  • Practical, Usable Information
  • Energy, Recovery & Overtraining: Learn How to Use These Principles for Muscle Growth
  • Natural Bodybuilders, Your Training is Different!
  • Simple, Clear, Easy to Understand and Apply
  • The Natural Bodybuilding Training Manual

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Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: Target ABS
Author: Todd Emerson

EASILY start getting ripped six pack abs with these 5 simple scientifically proven methods that GUARANTEE real results!

  • Have you been trying everything to get a ripped six pack yet nothing seems to be working?
  • What would you do if you suddenly found out, that the standard common methods you’ve been using to get an awesome body were well, WRONG?

...So let me start by explaining the 5 simple yet scientifically proven methods that will completely change the results you see from your current workouts (which are more than likely sabotaging and killing your results).

Putting these different methods together correctly is crucial, it's the same as when you cook a special dish you may have all the ingredients but you have to put the right amounts of each in and at the right times for everything to come out great.

The “Target Abs” program is currently only available in digital download format. Which is ideal since I want you to load this onto your tablet or phone and take it to the gym with you…

  • This is a complete A - Z course crammed full of incredible information and step by step detail on exactly what you need to do to get your dream body in the shortest time possible.
  • Target Abs includes my manual along with 45 specific exercise videos. The manual is like the secret ingredient and the videos are your “reference”.
  • You get 24 weeks worth of muscle
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: The Fat Blowtorcher Program
Author: Siv Rao

"Discover how you can FINALLY have the Lean, Sculpted, Sexy Body You’ve Always Desired…WITHOUT Living at the Gym, Crazy Diets, or Expensive Diet Pills."

If you’re like most men, you’ve wished you could develop the kind of body that other men would envy – the sculpted, “V”-shaped body that would allow you to effortlessly attract women and make other guys think twice before messing with you.

Do any of these common experiences sound familiar to you?

  • You spend tons of money on supplements to help you lose body fat. Unfortunately, your wallet loses all the weight, and your belly gains all the weight! Lose-Lose Situation.
  • You spend so many hours in the gym every day and then get tons of muscle and definition, right?! NOPE…SAME BODY
  • You do countless hours of online research about Diet Plans, Workout Routines, and Supplements, that you are confused about WHAT to actually do
  • You feel like you have lost muscle or gotten smaller when you try to Lose Fat
  • You are fed up with constantly eating 6 small meals spaced 2-3 hours apart
  • You have given up Alcohol or Dinner with your friends because you were on a “STRICT” diet

My friend, you’re not alone.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here:

  • You have to drop what you’re doing and eat a little meal every few hours just to
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: All About Powerlifting


Powerlifting can test your constitution, discipline, will, and dedication. It can push your body to its limits, and show you your best. Strength is the foundation for athletic performance, and powerlifting being wholly devoted to it’s cultivation can help you reach and break barriers not only on the platform but on the field.

The definitive book on Powerlifting, everything you need to know about the sport and it’s practice as well as how to translate it to your athletic performance.

  • Detailed strategies and training programs to improve the powerlifts
  • Learn how to master the competitive lifts
  • The rules of competition
  • Detailed interviews with some of the strongest men and women to ever walk the planet
  • Extensive nutritional information to help you look and perform your best
  • Learn how to manipulate your weight for weigh-ins
  • Learn how to properly warm-up in the gym and in a competition
  • Strategic plans for selecting the proper attempts in a competition
  • Guidelines on how to perform your best on meet day
  • Extensive lifter classification system for each competitive lift for men and women
  • Learn how to use powerlifting to improve sporting performance for all sports

This one of a kind book is dedicated to bringing out the strongest individual you can be, to help you reach new athletic

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Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: The Trouble Spot Training

Now You Can Use The World's ONLY 3 Phase Training System Proven To Target Your Most Stubborn Body Parts and Transform Your Trouble Spots – All While Quickly Burning Fat and Building Lean Muscle.

Yes, starting TODAY you can instantly coax your most difficult body parts to transform - all while achieving your ideal body shape WITHOUT performing thousands of useless crunches or WASTING your hard earned money on dangerous creams, pills and potions.

Even if you;

  • Have tried expensive spot reducing gimmicks
  • Have failed miserably in the past
  • Have been working out for years (or hardly at all)
  • Have skinny guy's syndrome
  • Have considered getting implants
  • Have terrible genetics and a slow metabolism
  • Are over the age of 40 (like me!)...

Most trainers and dieticians are DEAD WRONG when it comes to transforming trouble spots and are actually causing you more harm than good!

Today’s Most Popular Workouts Are STOPPING You From Transforming Your Trouble Spots and Targeting Your Worst Problem Areas

And you want to know the best part?

This isn't some "elite method" reserved for competitive athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders with superior genetics.

YOU can use the EXACT same techniques to produce the exact same results – regardless of your genetics.

Believe it or not…these results are achieved

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Category: Body, Fitness, Health

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Title: Healthy Mind, Fit Body
Author: Kevin Koskella

"Discover how to maximize your fat burning while you achieve the body you deserve."

Lose stubborn fat permanently & gain happiness without wasting lots of your valuable time!

Here is a small sample of what you will get in this revolutionary book and a peek of what to expect:

  • What mainstream High-Carb Low-Fat and calorie-restriction diets don't tell you that makes a huge difference in your body's fat-burning potential
  • Why diets don't work and how you can avoid this pitfall
  • What is the optimum nutritional balance for Triathlon or Endurance Training
  • Discover the keys to preventing wrinkles and looking younger
  • How to successfully lose your addictions to foods that make you fat
  • What type of fats help you lose weight and boost your immune system, and which ones to avoid
  • The falsehoods that are promoted about exercising hard to burn calories and why this is an inefficient way to lose weight.
  • 7 items to look for in a grocery store that can do wonders for your health
  • Fat-reducing workout techniques that will leave you feeling energized instead of beat up
  • What men should know about reducing and eliminating love handles and belly fat
  • What women should know when it comes to weight lifting and reducing fat in problem areas
  • The 2 main supplements you'll need to slow the aging process
  • The one thing you need to know about
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Category: Body, Fitness

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Title: Size & Strength System
Author: Yufeng Yang

The One Technique That Gives You Virtually Unlimited Muscle Growth and Immense Strength

A scientifically-backed, gym-tested 12 week program that guarantees LEAN muscle gains, SKYROCKET your strength, improve your cardio so you can work-and-work. Shock yourself with what you can do in a matter of 12 weeks, as you SEE AND FEEL improvements in each phase.

To recap what you will get with this program

  • Why old-school stretching as a warm-up sucks, makes you WEAK and puts you at risk of injury.
  • The how, why and what behind the program that allow you to get the guaranteed lean-mass and strength gains in the 12-weeks.
  • How to PROPERLY warm-up so that you are STRONGER and reduce the risk of injury.
  • A nutrition program that OPTIMISES your hormones for MAXIMUM GROWTH while MINIMISING fat gains
  • A nutrition lesson without the fluff so you know how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. Most importantly, how to adjust it so that it works for YOU. If you struggle to get enough calories, you will learn how you can get those additional calories easily. This nutrition plan works in synergy with your training to fuel your workouts and give you the growth you desire.
  • What supplements to take, what supplements to not waste your money on, when to use which and why you need to use it. I also give you recommendations that I have used and approve of so that you won’t need to waste time trying to
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Self Help, Health, Body

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Title: Elbow Mender Pro
Author: Hans Christian

"Discover How To Eliminate Tennis Elbow in 4 Weeks or Less"

No BS system, 100 percent based on science.  
Physical therapy, Corticosteroids and Surgery have scientifically been proven NOT to work.  I will show you the data.

In this book and video system that you can implement from your home, you'll discover the formula for healing your epicondylitis

-Increasing bloodflow, reducing irritation

-How To Know How to get the most from your doctor

-When to do what, (the reason Physical therapy is failing) on massage techniques, lengthening and strengthening

-How to trigger away points of tension 

-Differential diagnosis

-How your neck is involved and how to solve it

-How to avoid stressful situations and lighten grip

-How to strengthen the interscapular muscles and prevent injuries in the future

-A-Z everything you'll need to know about Tennis/Golfers and other overuse injuries 


Trying the next new thing will leave you frustrated! 

Go ahead, and check out this groundbreaking No BS. Solution






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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Body

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Title: Seven Steps to Building and Sculpting a Firm, Curvy Lower Body

Seven Steps to Building and Sculpting a Firm, Curvy Lower Body

  • Fat Reduction, Slimming and Firming Progression Plans
  • Cellulite Reduction, Toning and Shaping Progression Plans
  • Building, Sculpting and Lifting Progression Plans


Bonus to the "The Ultimate Leg Butt Hip and Thigh Makeover"

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Ebook Type: Video Included,
Category: Body, Fitness, Weight Loss

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Reviewed by Satish on 2016-03-13
My Rate 4
Your abs is the best indicator to your health. Wait, if you have shabby hanging abs then there is trouble for sure and you should start concentrating on fitness programs. There might be many such programs which are for sale both online and offline friends but wait. . what matters is the one which works the most. This particular book will give confidence first for anyone who want to try the methods as they are simple and easy. Must read for everyone.

Reviewed by james on 2011-02-11
My Rate 5
fantastic weight loss product

Reviewed by karen on 2010-07-23
My Rate 5
Good info

Read all 5 reviews...

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Title: From Fat abs to Flat Abs in 10 Days or Less
Author: James Penn

Dear Friend,

Have you been struggling trying to flatten your stomach and firm up your abs? Is it holding you back from the things you want to do in life?

I imagine the majority of the population are unhappy with the excess fat around their stomach, but very few have the will power to do anything about it and even fewer have the know-how to achieve a flatter stomach and reduce abdominal fat, whilst also firming up their abs.

Today that's going to change however. By downloading the free report from this website you will discover how to:

Develop the will power to embark upon a training regime that will improve your quality of life considerably by eliminating the one thing holding you back - your flabby abs!

Discover the simple 10 day abdominal exercise workout routine that will enable you to burn stomach fat and firm up your abs and notice remarkable results within just 10 days.

Discover the five simple, yet powerful abdominal exercises to flatten your stomach and leave you with a more toned abdominal area.

Discover the perfect time to exercise to achieve maximum results by burning the most fat around your abs.

Discover the sure-fire way of achieving your goals every time so that you can achieve the results you desire.


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