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Title: Singorama: Superior Songwriting

Who Else Wants To Master The Art Of Songwriting And Discover Powerful Secrets to Capturing Your Thoughts And Opinions In The Art Of A Song?

Here's what "Songwriting Success - The Ultimate Guide To Writing And Selling Your Songs" has inside:

  • The one fatal mistake that you cannot afford to make when including rhyme in your songs.
  • Networking: How to do it and why you should
  • Powerful advice on how to use melody to add strength and meaning to your songs.
  • We're going to look at the creative and the business side of things: from the actual how-to-get-a-good-idea right through to marketing your stuff to industry insiders.
  • It's easy to spend too much money on a demo tape. Studio time is very expensive, and some people make the mistake of investing every last cent they have into a super-high quality demo tape. That's why you need to follow my tips for managing your budget when cutting a demo.
  • Everything you need to know about becoming a professional songwriter is contained within this ebook.
  • It's all too easy to forget the essence of a good idea: that particular rhyming sequence, snatch of a lyric, or just the plain guts of the inspiration itself. I show you how to capture your creative ideas so that they don't get lost!
  • Publishers: Who they are, why you need one, and
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Category: Arts, Business, Education

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Title: Some Buyers Will, Some Buyers Won't.
Author: Renato Grant

A full & concise explanation regarding conducting business in the real world of fashion. Explains everything the starting designer or experienced brand need to know regarding such things as incoterms, settlement terms, costing sheets, cutting dockets and much much more.

The ebook also contains a full detail 400 store buyer directory which outlines the top 400 retailers and e-tailers for high end fashion and fashion related products in the UK.

Written by an industry insider with 26 years experience. This is an ebook written in laymans terms and which offers a clear understanding of exactly what to do and what not to do in terms of targeting, attracting and securing orders from fashion and fashion accessory buyers.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, How To, Photography

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Title: How to Take Better Photos. Quick And Easy
Author: Laura Fechete

How to Take Better Photos. Quick And Easy

Dear friend,

Are You Frustrated With This 9 Questions?

  1. What light should you use?
  2. What is the most important thing to know in digital photography?
  3. How to use exposure?
  4. What is shutter speed?
  5. What megapixels are and how do they impact resolution for viewing and printing?
  6. What is aperture?
  7. What is depth of field?
  8. How do you know if a picture looks good or not?
  9. What is focus and how to control it?


Are you tired to:

  • not know how to frame a scene in order to obtain a good photo
  • not know when to zoom in and when to zoom out
  • not know the art of photography
  • not know what to shoot, when to shoot and how to shoot it
  • not know when and how to edit a photo
  • not know how to obtain a black and white photo
  • download your photos from the camera and see that they all look blurry and are not well framed
  • not know how to use exposure, shutter speed, aperture
  • not know which light is the best
  • not know what camera settings you should make


HERE is your chance! I can teach you NOW how to shoot photos like a pro. Everybody starts from

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Music

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Title: Blues Jam Chords & Scales
Author: Peter Morales

" Get Instant Access To Over 60 Blues Jam Tracks, 3 Hours Of Videos Lessons & Improvisation Guides... As Seen On Guitar Player Magazine! "

In the next 5 minutes, YOU can learn how to play blues guitar using our jam tracks, step by step videos and tutorials!

  • Over 60 Blues Backing Tracks
  • Funk, Pop, Country, Rock and Fusion
  • Suitable For Beginner to Advanced
  • Improvisation Guide + Video Lessons
  • Comes With Scales & Chord Charts
  • Great for both electric & acoustic guitar


Read on to find out more...


The "BluesJamSession" Complete Pack: The Ultimate Blues Guitar Resource

Every Track Comes With Chords, Scales And Improvision Tips and Tricks:

Each track comes with keys to improvise over, suggested scales and styles to use + jamming tips and tricks. Add a different dimension to your guitar playing!

Here are some of the highlight videos included: 

  • Soloing Over Blues & Improvisations
  • Acoustic Blues Finger-Picking
  • Complete 12 Bar Blues Video Series
  • Crazy Blues
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Ebook Type: Audio Included,
Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music

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Title: Alternate Picking Fast Start
Author: Craig Bassett

"If You Are New To Alternate Picking (And You're Willing To Practice For Just 20 Minutes A Day), Then Here's How You Can Quickly Start Unleashing Your Ultimate Picking Potential Today..."

  • You'll build a powerful foundation of scale technique. Let's face it, many alternate picking licks use scales. So as your scale technique grows, so will your ability to learn licks faster.
  • You'll gain an understanding of some essential rhythmic theory. Understanding this theory will help you to alternate pick with more accuracy, control and confidence.
  • You'll develop your ability to synchronize both your hands even further. Your hands will learn to work together in a powerful way, allowing you to develop even more speed.
  • You'll discover how to play in time when using a metronome. This will allow you to confidently use a metronome in a way that will maximize your progress.
  • You'll learn to evaluate just how good your current timing is. By looking at four specific measurements you'll discover whether-or-not you have crippling timing weaknesses that need addressing.
  • You'll develop a strong timing foundation that will enable you to learn to alternate pick at fast speeds. I've noticed over the years that the better my students get at timing, the faster they can play.
  • You'll discover 12 different picking mechanics. Each mechanic is four notes long. And once
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Category: Arts, Music

Learn to Play Piano

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Title: Learn to Play Piano

For years you wanted to but you never thought it was possible...

"Now You Can Learn How You Can Discover to Play the Piano!"

Dear Friend,

Why is learning to play the piano such a chore? It seems that people who take lessons work and work but take years to discover to play anything interesting or enjoyable. They are always unhappy about their lessons. People who take lessons sometimes even hate their teachers because they feel ashamed of their playing. The teacher may or may not intentionally make the student feel bad, but the fact remains that you lose interest if you never feel any satisfaction.

Teachers also alienate their students by asking them to play music that is either too hard or worse yet, too easy. Without a challenge, there is little point in trying to discover anything. Teachers might pile on too much work for the student to practice on at home, or not give the student a clue as to what to work on. Finding a good teacher can be extremely difficult.

Trying to discover on your own can be just as frustrating if you do not have the right guidance. You can search the internet infinitely and find all kinds of information on piano theory. Most of it you will not even understand. It is often in difficult language and assumes that you know quite a bit about music already. You also have to deal with conflicting theories.

Sure, there are different points of view. You just do not... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Entertainment, Music

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Title: Guitar Scale Patterns
Author: Jonathan Boettcher

"Discover The Essential Guitar Scale Patterns That Will Catapult Your Guitar Playing To New Heights"

Picture Yourself:

  • Knowing how to play all of those notes fluidly, in easy-to-remember patterns
  • Connecting scale patterns together, creating your own scales and runs
  • Knowing all relevant notes on the guitar in any given key
  • Soloing across the whole fretboard, or even just on a single string!
  • Instinctively knowing how to choose where on the neck you should solo


It's Like Playing Connect The Dots...
If you can play 'Connect The Dots' then chances are you have what it takes to be a great guitar player.

Seriously though - I've condensed the most essential guitar scale patterns into a handful of handy cheat sheets, all color coded so that you can see the patterns at a glance, and how they relate to the bigger picture.

  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the major position
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of A, with the main box patterns labeled
  • CHEAT SHEET: Entire fretboard in the key of E, with the main box patterns labeled
  • CHEAT SHEET: Connecting scale starting from the minor position


In addition, at the end of the

... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Arts, Entertainment

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Title: The Complete EarPrompter Book
Author: Dennis Martin

Presenting The Complete Ear Prompter Book

Everything you every wanted to know about using this device to get more work and make more money!
Never Memorize Scripts Again!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: What's So Great About The Ear Prompter? All the reasons you should learn to effectively use the ear prompter
  • Chapter Two: How Do I Get Started? Effective strategies for getting started with the ear prompter
  • Chapter Three: When Can I Use The Ear Prompter? Acting situations that are ideal for using the ear prompter
  • Chapter Four: Components Of The System All the equipment that you'll need to become an ear prompter pro
  • Chapter Five: Techniques That Work Step by step instructions on how to effectively use the ear prompter
  • Chapter Six: Auditioning With The Ear Prompter How to best use the ear prompter for auditions
  • Chapter Seven:
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Category: Arts

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Title: Secrets Of Figure Drawing

How To Draw People And Figures Perfectly, In Any Position… Without A Model!

Who Else Wants To Learn The Secrets To Always Keeping Your Figures In Proportion… Creating Dynamic Poses… And Make Your Figure Look Realistic?

Here’s just a few of the things you’re going to learn in this course:

Module 1: Human Proportion Made Easy

  • A simple trick to measure out your figures so they will always be in proportion
  • How to construct the figure from scratch and front, side, and 3/4 view so you can permanently embed that knowledge into your mind
  • The three different types of human proportion and how to draw them
  • Common mistakes beginners make that cause their figure to be out of proportion and what to do about it

Module 2: Drawing The Figure In Perspective

  • How to use perspective to make your figure look more realistic and interesting
  • Basic rules of perspective and how they apply to drawing the human figure
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to draw basic figure and objects in perspective so you can everything gradually without getting overwhelmed
  • How to draw different types of perspective (1-point perspective, 2-point perspective, 3-point perspective)
  • How perspective affects proportion so you can keep your figures in proportion even when drawing it in different angles and
... Click here to read the full description!

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Ebook Type: Video
Category: Arts

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Title: How To Sketch
Author: Kerry Godsall

Would you love to learn how to sketch... in a fun way... as quickly as possible?

Well, now you can, using the accumulated knowledge of artists from all around the world!

Are you searching for the perfect book that teaches you how to sketch? If you are frustrated by books bogged down in too much theory, then this book is your answer!

After years of research, I felt that I must share all this valuable information with you because it really is the legacy left to us by past artists.

It's All In One Book...

Essential instructions have been gathered together and condensed into one easily accessible version - saving you hours of trawling through numerous books!

The how to sketch guide is unique because it explains the simple concept of sketching based on my own study, experience and progress.

Illustrations in the eBook show you how to achieve this look - see the example (on right) of how to sketch a branch - it's like trickery with a pencil.

Here are just a few more benefits of learning how to sketch:-

  • You can sketch any place, anytime.
  • All you need is a pencil and paper.
  • Meet new friends at sketching clubs.
  • Very fulfilling, interesting hobby.
  • You can sell your artwork if you choose.
  • It's therapeutic!

What You'll Learn in this Book:

Chapter 1: Sketching With Pencil

Of course, you can use any medium, but

... Click here to read the full description!

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