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Category: Arts, Decorating

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Art Deco Decorating Ideas

DECORATIVE DRAPERIES & UPHOLSTERY is an answer to numerous requests, over a period of years, from home builders and interior decorators, for information and advice about color schemes, draperies, decorative furniture coverings and problems of interior decoration.

NOTE: This is a digital reproduction of Decorative Draperies & Upholstery, 1937 edition by Edward Thorne. 255 pages, including 64 Color Plates. The Bonus contains 34 pages including 17 pages of color illustrations.


  • Theatre Curtains
  • The Dining Room in the Home, Club, Hotel - Plates 30-39
  • Study, Office, Lounge, Billiard Room - Plates 22-29
  • Shop and Theatre - Plates 59-64
  • Living Room, Library, Hall, Sun Room - Plates 1-21
  • Kitchen and Bath Room - Plates 53-58
  • Draperies Through The Ages
  • Bed Room and Boudoir - Plates 40-52

Accordingly, Decorative Draperies & Upholstery offers solutions of familiar problems in decorative draping and upholstering, embodying complete color schemes and including many familiar decorative problems of background and furnishings.

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Category: Arts, Holidays, How To

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Title: Tattoo Shading Secrets
Author: Tim B. Miller

"The Secrets of Making Awesome Black & Grey Wash Tattoos& Tattoo Shading Techniques!" Learn tattoo shading tips and advice for beginners in mind. Tattoos are growing more and more popular and tattoo artist are in demand.

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

  • 28 pressing tattoo questions about shading answered!
  • How to mix your inks for grey wash shading.
  • Discover proper speed for your machine.
  • Internet Videos to help you visually
  • Do you know the most important thing when it comes to shading? Discover what it is!
  • Know you tattoo needles and what's required for proper shading.
  • Also know all about your work place the human skin.
  • Find the exact steps for proper shading.
  • Discover tattoo care and the right products to use for this.
  • Discover trade secrets that only professional tattoo artists now.
  • Depth and tattooing very critical discover what the pros do.

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Ebook Type: PDFVideo Included,
Category: Arts, Science

The Practice and Science of Drawing

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Title: The Practice and Science of Drawing
Step-by-Step Manual teaches you how to become an expert in drawing and art even if you failed art in High School!

In a Few Minutes, You Can Be Learning The Fine Art of Drawing From One of the Foremost Authorities of The Science and Practice of Drawing!

Finally, You Can Now Learn How To Draw Like A Pro Without Having To Go To An Expensive Art School!

Dear Friend,

It's never too late to learn to draw, and the best thing is, it doesn't have to be expensive to learn to draw!

At last, you can now learn the fine art of drawing without enrolling in an expensive art school.

Learn the art in the comfort of your own home in your spare time at a fraction of the cost in enrolling in an art school with the "The Practice and Science of Drawing" by Harold Speed!

No commuting to and from a trade school ever! No hours lost to your existing employment, housework or studies!

Learn Drawing Step By Step!

"The Practice and Science of Drawing" is a comprehensive manual that contains over a hundred illustrations to guide you step-by-step and help you achieve mastery in the The Practice and Science of Drawing.

Let the author's illustrations guide you through the various stages of drawing. With this step-by-step manual learning the art of drawing would be enjoyable and easy!

The illustration below shows the different stages of mass drawing with the brush (Plate I. The Practice and

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Music

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Title: Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar
Author: Martin Koch

It's easy to Build Your Own Lap Steel Guitar

"This eBook explains how to make a solid-body lap steel guitar. Because building a lap steel is relatively easy, it provides an excellent introduction into the art of guitarbuilding. With 225 photos and 40 line drawings, Martin Koch shows how to make two different lap steel guitars in simple, easy-to-follow steps. He even explains how to make your own guitar pickup using the world's simplest pickup winder. The author puts special emphasis on the use of hand tools."

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, How To, Photography

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Title: Photoshop In A Day
Author: Duncan Wherrett

Open Photoshop for the first time and it's intimidating. Manuals can be confusing and full of messy instructions and jargon. Photoshop In A Day avoids all this and makes the learning of Photoshop a pleasure.

Photoshop In A Day is a way to learn Photoshop fast. Complete beginners can start working on real tasks in Photoshop within minutes. The layout and style are simple with easy-to-follow tutorials. The numbered step-by-step instructions are clear and precise and make for easy progress.

One topic is focused on at a time and the tutorials are short and specific. Information is in small manageable sections and divided into individual practical subjects.

Descriptions are jargon-free and the clarity of the tutorials in this quick-learning system will save you time. After the basics, Photoshop In A Day moves on to an intermediate then to an advanced level. Users can progress in the shortest possible time and at their own pace. Every user of Photoshop will find new knowledge, new information and new tips and tricks.

The manual comes with over 200 practice images to give hands-on experience doing genuine Photoshop tasks.

You'll learn all this:

  • How to use all the tools from the Brush and Eraser to the Pen Tool and Shapes
  • Adjust tone and colour with Curves, Levels and all the colour correction functions to give you complete control over the final result
  • All the
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts, Music

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Title: Building Electric Guitars
Author: Martin Koch

How to make solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars and bass guitars

235 pages, printable, 229 drawings, 627 b/w photos, 15 color photos

Everything from the first steps of design to the final set-up of of solid-body, hollow-body and semi-acoustic electric guitars is covered step by step in this eBook. It contains a section about winding your own pickups and another on active guitar electronics. The last chapter is about visits to Steve Jarman Guitars (UK), Sadowsky Guitars (US) and PRS-Guitars (US)

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Category: Arts

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Title: Easy Face Painting Design and Instruction for Beginners
Author: JoAnne Westcott

Discover How Simple & Fun It Is To Master The Art Of Face Painting.

Kids Will Glow With Excitement When You Start Painting Faces At A Birthday Party Or Charity Event!

Below Is A Sneak Peek Of What You'll Find In Easy Face Painting:

  • You'll learn the very basic supplies you'll need to get started so you don't spend money on unnecessary tools.
  • You'll learn the simplest techniques that will get you started right away.
  • Which paints are appropriate for use in face painting and which are not... and why this is important to you and the children you are painting.
  • The very best ways to keep an antsy child from fidgeting in the chair as you are painting.
  • The simplest way to prevent cracking and peeling of your finished masterpiece.
  • Step-By-Step Photo Library of over 40 Super Simple Designs!
  • Learn the "why's" for each essential face painting tool. You'll also discover which tools are absolutely necessary for your success as a face painter.
  • How to quickly and easily promote your new income-producing hobby to the folks that will hire you for cash
  • How to organize your face painting workspace or booth so your customers will be lined up out the door.
  • How to create your own designs through the use of stencils
  • HOLIDAY DESIGNS! Step-by-Step Photo Instructions Of 10 Holiday Designs including Halloween, Thanksgiving And
... Click here to read the full description!

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Category: Arts

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Title: Vintage Clothes
Author: Pauline Weston Thomas

Contents for Vintage Clothes

  • Vintage pickers look out for specific 50's items and these include Big E jeans, scarves, beaded knitwear, bags and costume jewellery.
  • To wash or not to wash vintage clothes. How to hand wash vintage. How to deal with typical Vintage stains and problems found on textiles. Reviving leather jackets.
  • The importance of measurements and how body sizing has changed in the past 50 years.
  • The importance of displaying clothes on a mannequin, dress-form or otherwise and using photographs in a clear uncluttered way.
  • Making a Garment Condition Assessment Form. Guidelines for making a description, measuring and record of condition chart.
  • Links to Vintage sellers, vintage dress patterns and re-enactment sites.
  • Guidelines aimed at new sellers of vintage considering selling clothing/dresses via the internet. Buyers may also find the tips useful when buying.
  • From the Egyptians to the 20th Century. Covers advice on Earrings, cameos necklaces and broaches.
  • Establishing the look that typifies collections of 50s vintage and what to collect from day dresses or evening wear choices. Typical 50's motifs.
  • Defining why Couture Vintage is valuable and collectible. Worth and Fortuny vintage couture photographs from vintagetextile.com.
  • Considerations for posting and packing. Pressing /Steaming Velvets and other vintage materials. Personal touches with
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Category: Arts, Home Business

Graphics Designer

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Title: Graphics Designer

Do You Know Exactly What Companies and Clients Are Looking for in a Graphics Designer?

Get a leg up on the competition, and find out exactly how you can catapult your name to the top of the list when it comes to Graphics Designing.

Learn The Basics To Becoming A Graphics Designer!

2 Of The Main Benefits to a Graphics Design Career

1) High Demand and Salary that is Worth the Amount of Work

Many jobs nowadays are high-training, low-paying. With graphics design, there are numerous possibilities that are all growing in demand. Whether you work for a big company, or freelance on your own, graphics design is worth the effort.

2) Opportunities Are Growing, Rather than Shrinking

With an increase in visuals across all medias (be it print, television or even internet), now, more than ever, graphics designers are in high demand. On top of that, this trend looks to continue to grow by leaps and bounds for the foreseeable future.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

  • What qualifications are needed? Do you HAVE to go to school, or can you be an effective graphics designer without it? More importantly, what are your potential clients looking for in a designer?
  • What is a graphics designer? There are so many different types of
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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Arts

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Title: Oil Painting Lessons For Artists And Students
Author: Andre Grobler
  • TEXTURE on canvas
  • Studio TOOLS
  • Practical Paint VIDEO
  • Make a Palette
  • Make a CANVAS
  • Copy onto canvas
  • Color Mix Video CD

About Andre Grobler

Andre is acclaimed as the master teacher and professional for 43 years, world wide.

He is self taught with his inquiring mind, searching for the natural answers about the light spectrum of colors, the wavelengths of color and their properties. These easy 'Color Logic' lessons for the artist - to understand how to mix, and paint with color How to be in full control and use any color to create - not just coloring in.

His paintings are unique in Tone, Color, Edges and Composition as supposed to be for a real artist. This knowledge is what he teaches, as well as his tricks that save you years of trial and error. You will start at the TOP where he retired. He could teach you to paint and sell your work in a week if you listen well.

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