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Category: Thrillers, Mystery, Action

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Title: TO HIDE from DEATH
Author: Theresa Mortimer

Kelly Price believed her nightmare was over.  The man trying to kill her was finally dead.  WRONG AGAIN!  Her nightmare has only begun.

As she awakens from her nap after Tom has left, Kelly hears a tapping on her window and the window is streaked in blood.  She frantically dials 9-1-1 in the hopes of someone helping her.  The operator tells her to stay put until someone arrives.

When the deputy does arrive he discovers a gruesome scene and tries his best to shield Kelly from it.  Kelly had tried to reach Tom, but to no avail.

The person wanting her dead is still very much alive and Kelly is really running out of time trying to find out who it is before it's too late.  

With so many scenarios dancing through her head she has a hard time trying to decipher fact from fiction and friend from foe.  Will she ever be able to find someone she can trust?  Will she be able to discover who the sadistic stalker really is?  Find out the answers to these and many more questions in Theresa Mortimer's TO HIDE from DEATH II: When death comes stalking.

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Ebook Type: PDF
Category: Action, Military, Thrillers

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Title: Quest for Honor
Author: David Tindell

What price would you pay to restore your honor?

Jim Hayes lives a quiet widower's life in Wisconsin. Unable to prevent the murder of his pregnant wife six years ago, Jim has trained in the martial arts and studied the warrior ethos, vowing that the next time he is called upon to act in defense of the innocent he will not fail, and his honor will be restored.

His estranged younger brother Mark, a career Army officer commanding a base in Afghanistan, approaches the end of his military career and wonders if civilian life will provide him with the same sense of honor he has found in uniform.

In lawless Somalia, terrorist chieftain Yusuf Shalita, tired of endless jihad, has decided to defect. Armed with intelligence about an imminent and massive attack planned against the US homeland, he tells CIA he will turn himself over to the only American he has ever known who was an honorable man: his old college friend Jim Hayes. This condition will bring the Hayes brothers back together in a way they never would have imagined.

Jim Hayes' time is now.

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Category: Military, Action, Nonfiction

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Title: Policing America's Empire - Pax Americana
Author: Fred Dungan

Forty-five years ago I was drafted into the U.S. Army during my sophomore year at the University of California at Irvine, despite earning good grades. The draft board ruled that my Social Science major wasn't essential to the war effort. After completing Basic Training, I attended Military Police School at Fort Gordon, Georgia, for twelve weeks. Following graduation, I was sent to the 534th Military Police Company at Fort Clayton in the Panama Canal Zone. My duties were to eliminate communist insurgents infiltrating the border, maintain discipline, and enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

This is a non-fiction account of my 18 month tour of duty. At 19 years old I was given almost unlimited authority. As long as the Provost Marshal judged my actions to be in the best interests of the U.S. Army, I could get away with murder.

I have PTSD. This book was my effort to dredge up incidents that were buried dep in my subconcious and restore my sanity.                                                                                                                                                  

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Ebook Type: OtherAudio Included,
Category: Action, Fiction, Novels

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Title: Loyal To A Degree
Author: Horst Christian

The book is based on a true story about the events that took place in a young boy's life in Germany in the days before Berlin fell.

Karl Veth is only 14 years old and a member of the Hitler Jungen (Hitler Youth), which German law requires. As the assitant of an evacuation camp in Poland, he is given orders to see to the safe transport of 120 boys under the age of 12 from the camp back to Berlin to be reunited with their families.

Once he is back in Berlin, Karl is then ordered to act as a guide for SS demolition commandos in the subway tunnels as the Russian army advances on the city.

Every day, Karl witnesses death and destruction all around him and as he does, his loyalty begins to waver. He has been drafted to fight for a cause he does not understand and he is expected to fight like a soldier. He reaches a point where he must choose whether he wants to save his own life or die fighting.

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Ebook Type: OtherVideo Included,
Category: Action, Fiction, Thrillers

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Author: David Carl Mielke

AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK! Over a three day period, coordinated bombings have destroyed six American iconic landmarks, killing and injuring thousands, staggering the economy and triggering riots in cities across the nation. One of the targets is the world's largest cruise ship that is destroyed by a hijacked airliner. Former FBI agent SHARON RICHARDS is on board with her husband and twin sons. Sharon's family is killed but she miraculously survives and vows to avenge their murders. Lacking adequate proof and restricted by constitutional law, the government seems helpless to prevent further bombings. In a strange quirk of fate, Sharon is recruited by the President of the United States to penetrate a suspected mosque housing a home-grown terrorist cell and gather evidence. But time is running out before the next round of devastating explosions. Sharon must act outside the law to save the country from unbridled anarchy and total economic collapse. If she fails, it could be the END OF AMERICA!

Author's Note: AMERAGEDDON is a story that could be eerily prophetic. According to a recent national poll, over 70% of Americans think that an incident like 9-11 or worse will occur within the next two years. The question is: ARE WE READY? 

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Category: Action, Fantasy, Fiction

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Title: Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins
Author: Ian Thompson

A world split by hatreds and conflicts plunges towards annihilation...

Huge scythe-wielding demons swarm from beyond the Wall of Light, slaying everything in their path. Villages and towns are eradicated. Armies are crushed by dark magic, terrible siege weapons and sheer brutal force.

This is an invasion like no other. Not to conquer. Not to expand territories. Not to make their enemies submit to new beliefs or monarchs. The demons seek to destroy every living thing.

Across Emeran, the nations try desperately to survive and strike back. A huge Human army meets the demons on Deshnere Plain. The Callis defend their forest townships. The Graex see their beautiful city of Mesamir threatened...

Witness the war through the experiences of diverse characters. Two royal sisters, one a warrior, the other a mystic. Soldiers and officers, fighting and dying across the continent. A farmer traumatised by loss. A coward seeking redemption. A revenger with awful bloodlust. Pacifists forced to make a terrible choice. And many more...

An Era Of Darkness consumes the world with ravenous haste.

Hundreds of thousands of demons close in upon the walled city of Tremok and a mammoth siege begins.

Far to the north, a tiny group of fighters embark on a suicidal mission.

Yet it seems no action can stop the relentless hordes. Even the Unseen Gods themselves have been slain...

Extinction is inevitable.

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Category: Action, Horror, Thrillers

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Title: Dead Weight
Author: Jon Schafer

After the zombie apocalypse, a group of survivors are trying to get a 10 year old girl. who is immune to the virus that is bringing the dead back to life to kill and eat the living, to a place where she can be studied and a cure found.
it follows the survivors as they finally reach land and see how bad the devastation really is. In a land now populated by the dead, entire cities have been destroyed by fire and looting.
Running across another group of survivors, they agree to take them along as they make there way across a land full of the walking dead.

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Category: Action, Horror, Science Fiction

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Title: Dead End (Book Four of The Dead Series)
Author: Jon Schafer

The fourth, and last, book in The Dead Series.

With hundreds of miles to travel across a land teeming with the living dead, Steve and his group must first find a way out of the Happy Hallow Insane Asylum.

Thwarted at every turn by the thousands of reanimated corpses that surround them, they try numerous ways to lure the dead away, but they all fail.

Relying on everyone's expertise, the group finally escapes in a hail of bullets and improvised explosives, to be met with new difficulties as they run into more of the dead. But these are not the only lethal things they must face.

In a world where the dead challenge the living for control of the earth, the living can be much more deadly than the walking corpses that now populate it.

Brigands and gangs travel across the United States, seeking only to rob, rape and murder anyone that crosses their path. 

With the near collapse of the government, they group must rely on themselves to carry the last hope for a cure across a ravaged landscape.

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Category: Action, Mystery, Thrillers

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Author: Theresa Mortimer

Kelly and Rhonda find themselves in the middle of nowhere trying to to follow poorly written directions and a map that doesn't contain all of what they need to find.  Frantic because time is of the essence, they desperately search for the place they were told to be. If they fail to get there in time Star will die...

Ryan receives a phone call at his office in LA and finds that he must book a flight to BWI immediately. He knows what's at stake and is willing to put his life on the line if necessary.  His colleague joins him on his quest making him believe there was safety in numbers...

Tom arrives at the asylum to find Ty already there. He believes that Ty has found who he came to save but finds that is not the case. Now they must search for the missing before time runs out.

Not everyone will survive.

Someone will be saved.  Someone will be found. Someone will die.

Find out who in Theresa Mortimer's new spine-chilling novel, TO HIDE from Death III Death comes no more...Or does it...

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