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A Day In Your Favorite City Ebook

A Day In Your Favorite City
Ebook cover: A Day In Your Favorite City


Title: A Day In Your Favorite City
Prepare for Your Vacation Before You Leave

Learn Where to Go, How to Go, Where to Eat and Much Much More Before You Step on that Plane.

Plus Tips on Simple Travel Planning, Cheap Air Tickets and More.

Have you ever considered going on a vacation to some well known location like, London, New York, France, or wherever ..... but then got to thinking about all the details of your trip.


  • What city do I fly into?
  • How do I get there?
  • Once I am there, how do I get around? walk, subway, bus, car??
  • What should I see?
  • Where should I stay?
  • Where do I eat?
  • What entertainment is there?
  • Where do I shop? ;)

To have all these questions answered you could hire a travel agent or, better yet, purchase this eBook of "A Day in Your Favorite City."

This ebook will go into the details of all these questions, and more, for these famous cities:

  • London
  • New York City
  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Christchurch
  • Rome
  • Amsterdam
  • Singapore
  • Prague
  • Vienna

And there are tips for:

  • Money saving airfare tips
  • How to have a safe road trip: Prepare yourself, your passengers, your vehicle
  • Protecting Your Home While on Vacation
  • 10 Tips for Hassle-Free Business Travel
  • Simple Planning Makes for a More Enjoyable Vacation!

You could easily purchase a bunch of different books, one for each city, or you could get all the basic information you need in this one compact ebook.

You can have this down-to-earth and practical e-book for only $ 5.95 and be reading it within 5 minutes.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you are not pleased, simply e-mail and we will refund your purchase price immediately. So .....

"Don't Delay, Start Planning Your Vacation TODAY!"


  • A Day in London
  • A Day in New York City
  • A Day in Paris
  • A Day in Sydney
  • A Day in Christchurch
  • A Day in Rome
  • A Day in Vienna
  • A Day in Singapore
  • A Day in Amsterdam
  • Simple Planning Makes for a More Enjoyable Vacation!
  • A Day in Prague
  • 10 Tips for Hassle-Free Business Travel


A Day in New York City

Getting To New York:

Served by three major airports, two train terminals and a massive bus depot, New York City is the most important transportation hub in the northeastern USA. John F Kennedy Airport (JFK), 15 miles (24km) from Midtown Manhattan in southeastern Queens, is where most international flights land. Recently voted the third-worst airport facility in the world by business travelers, JFK is best avoided.

La Guardia Airport in northern Queens is 8 miles (13km) from Manhattan and services mostly domestic flights. If you're arriving or departing in the middle of the day, La Guardia is a more convenient choice than JFK. Newark Airport is in New Jersey, directly 10 miles (16km) west of Manhattan.

Eating In New York:

Need some recommendations? Try the relaxed gourmet cuisine of Portuguese restaurant Alfama on 551 Hudson Street (especially on Wednesdays); the funky yet provincial Italian hotspot, Max on 51 Avenue B; and in the summer there is always the 79th Street Boat Basin for sunsets, barbecued food and great atmosphere.

Getting Around In New York City:

There are 5 main ways to get around New York, they are;

  • By Taxi
  • By Subway
  • By Car
  • By Foot
  • By Bus

The subway isn't the cleanest form of transportation---homeless people live in stations and even in subway cars---but since everyone uses it all the time, central Manhattan is generally considered safe.

Nighttime is not necessarily a dangerous time to travel as long as you are taking a popular subway line, abstain from flashy jewelry, and are not going to one of the outer boroughs. Stay away from the platform's edge, and board the train during non-rush hours from the off-peak waiting area, marked at the center of every platform (this area is monitored by cameras, and the conductor's car often stops here).

Once you board, try to be in the same subway car as other people you think are safe and stay near the middle to be close to the conductor (you'll see his face from the platform).

During rush hour and in crowded stations like 42nd St.-Times Sq., hold your bag with the opening facing you to discourage pickpockets. A real concern for women is sexual molestation---there are quite a few crazies who ride the subways to brush up or grope others. If this happens, be loud in your indignation.

When dealing with taxi drivers, remember that they know where they are going better than you, so don't presume to know the best route to somewhere because it's what you've heard.

Remember to tip at least 15% and a minimum tip of at least 50 cents if not more.

Where To Stay:

Lambda Mews - New York City North Chelsea Guest House in fabulous residential loft. Located on West 30th Street between 5th Avenue and Broadway. Spectacular views of the Empire State Building are yours when you stay in my stunning 2,600 square foot loft.

An exclusive elevator takes you takes to the 6th floor with entry directly into my spacious living room. Because of this room's extra large windows it almost seems as if the Empire State Building is in the room with you, making for an unforgettable New York City memory.

More Where to eat:

If you're looking to splurge, try one of the Upper West Side's well-known and expensive restaurants, Cafe Luxembourg between Amsterdam and West End Aves, attracts the pre-performance crowd from Lincoln Center with its French-inspired food: cassoulet, escargots and interesting salads.

Prices range from $15 at lunch to $25 at dinner for main courses. Don't even try getting in here without a reservation.

Ebook cover: A Day In Your Favorite City
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Reviewed by radheradhe on
My Rate 4
If you are one of the person who want to travel all over the world then this book"A day in your Favorite City " is for you which will tell you where ,how and why to travel in that place and all other important things you get to know.

Reviewed by Avinash Hasija on
My Rate 5
I love this and will give 5 star to this book as it has helped me to develop & Create various ideas in my mind which always help me to answer various questions like What city do I fly into?
How do I get there?
Once I am there, how do I get around? walk, subway, bus, car??
What should I see?
Where should I stay?
Where do I eat?
What entertainment is there?
Where do I shop? ;)

Reviewed by charlie cannon on
My Rate 4
this book made me deposit semen in my pants.

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