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15 Day Resell Rights Success Ebook

15 Day Resell Rights Success
Ebook cover: 15 Day Resell Rights Success
15 Day Resell Rights Success

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Title: 15 Day Resell Rights Success
Transform Your Collection of Products with Resell Rights Into Income-Producing Assets That Puts Money Into YOUR Pocket In 15 Days!

For The Restless, Frustrated Resellers Out There (That's YOU, alright!)... Finally, There Is A Detailed, Step-By-Step Reseller's Plan That You Can Blindly Follow And Copy After For Only Under $200 - That The Average Reseller Do Not!

Dear Frustrated Reseller,

Once upon a time, there were three friends who have decided to take a short break from a long discussion. They agreed to row a boat to the middle of a lake and have an afternoon tea.

The three friends rented a boat and rowed to the middle of the lake. As they sat down to enjoy their tea, they realized that they had forgotten to bring the teapot. "I'll get the teapot," said the first friend, voluntarily. He stood up, put one leg over the side of the boat, and began to walk on the water to the shore and back to the boat with the teapot.

As they boiled the water, the realized that they had forgotten the tea leaves, too. They laughed at each other, and the second friend volunteered to take get the tea leaves. He put one leg over the side of the boat and walked on water. He returned shortly after getting the tea leaves by walking on water, too.

The three friends soon enjoy their afternoon tea on the boat, but it would be nicer if they had some tidbits. The third friend volunteered to get some tidbits from the shop rows by the shore, though he was somewhat reluctant to do so. He insisted so anyway.

He stood up like the other friends and put one leg over the side of the boat. He began to put his weight on his leg and... SPLASH! He sank and struggled to keep himself afloat. Seeing that he was drowning, the other two friends jumped in to rescue him.

As the third friend climbed into boat for safety, soaking wet, he asked, "How did you two manage to walk on water?" The two friends looked at each other and said, "Oh, that's because we know where the rocks are."

I Know Where The Rocks Are, Don't You Want To Know, Too?

If you know where the rocks are when it comes to Resell Rights, you too can be the next smashing reseller success without struggling.

How often do you hear the average reseller complain about the following:

  • "Products with Resell Rights are made to benefit only their original product authors."
  • "Resell Rights products are junk. There is no real money to be made in Resell Rights."
  • "With thousands of other resellers? It sure is tough competition! How can I win? No way I can!"
  • "Acquiring quality products with Resell Rights is expensive, and I cannot afford it."

I don't blame the average reseller for complaining about some or all of the above because I mean, he doesn't have a copy of my manual after all!

Notice something? The average reseller often blames the product rather than his incompetence when it comes to reselling. While I do agree that the Internet marketplace has its big share of low-quality Resell Rights products, but the fact is this:

No matter how HIGH or LOW in quality the Resell Rights product is, if you DON'T have what it takes to turn a "potential" asset into an asset, it will remain what the average reseller aptly calls it - TRASH!

That's right. The power reseller has what it takes to turn trash into cash while the average reseller does the exact opposite - turning cash into trash. Very often, I hear that someone has spent a fortune on a HUGE collection of products with Resell Rights, but fail to know how to turn them into cash-generating assets. Talk about an "unmined" gold mine!

But what has ALL these got to do with you, you ask?


Blindly Follow Your Way To A Proven Resell Rights Blueprint - That The Average Reseller Do Not!

That's right. You can now know and follow where the rocks are when it comes to your Resell Rights success, and "the rocks" whereabouts are neatly presented in this 15 Day Plan Reseller's Road Map.


  • How you can build and operate your Resell Rights business in just 15 days!

I lay out the easy-to-understand, day-by-day plan for you and all you need to do is follow them religiously everyday for 15 days.

I won't be wasting any time and space in the manual, teaching you what types of rights are there and so forth, because this is strictly a road map. A plan. It is as simple as "I say, you do".

Don't worry if you are hazarding any guess that there would be anything in the plan you CANNOT do or understand because I have already leveled the playing field for you.

It doesn't matter if you are new to Resell Rights or that you haven't acquired a single Resell Rights product. Perhaps, you haven't even got a web site and all of the other necessary tools you need to get started. I show you where to acquire all of them at dirt-cheap prices.

This is because I will show you step-by-step on what you need to do to profit from your Resell Rights business - in the right direction.

  • Get all the things you need to get started and run your business as a reseller for under $200! If you are on a strict budget, this is good news for you. I didn't write this manual with the intentions of having you engage my team of professional copywriters, designers, and marketers whatsoever. In other words, you can do everything highlighted in the manual on your own.
  • Where to acquire quality Resell Rights products. I will show you the ONE and ONLY place you need to go to acquire your constantly-adding collection of quality products with Resell Rights that appeals to a variety of niches. Trust me that this is nothing quite like what you already know so well, especially if your impression is that ALL Resell Rights products are only Internet Marketing related, because the truth is that there a lot of untapped niches that the average reseller did not venture to.
  • The 2 (two) very important, very crucial aspects that this 15 Day Plan stresses on that the average reseller takes too lightly, which is responsible for the razor-edge that divides the POWER resellers and the broke! Quickly discover the two important business success factors that this plan stresses on that will make your Resell Rights business easily profitable as and when you have a new product to resell - and even continue to sell without extra effort on your part!

And much, much more!

Which I have to make it clear that:

  • IF you are a lazy person with very weak will power, this is NOT for you. I'm handing you the road map to Resell Rights success, not a silver plate. And since your maximum investment in your business is less than $200, it would mean that you have to invest more effort instead. I admit that I have probably lost some potential customers and sales because I was straight-forward on this fact, but hey, it is not my loss. I don't want lazy customers, anyway, but it will be small wonder if their income statements didn't change for the better.
  • IF you are desperate or looking to make quick cash, this is NOT for you. Like anything else in real life, there is no guarantee of income that you will make. As mentioned earlier, the testimonials above are exceptional results. You can do better or worse, or even nothing at all.
  • IF you don't know how to create web pages and write, this is NOT for you. While the tasks you need to accomplish for your business throughout the 15 day is relatively easy, you are required to know how to create web pages and write well.
  • IF you are reluctant to invest $200, this is NOT for you, too. This manual is aimed at those who are interested in making more money rather than saving another couple of hundred bucks.
  • IF you cannot follow instructions or a plan as it is, this is NOT for you. I know that plans are boring and almost automatic, but that is what a plan is. If you don't have what it takes to stick to a proven plan like this one, I don't know what else will, though I personally don't find being broke an amusing experience.

Now, are you still looking forward to a better, profitable Resell Rights Business after the 15th day?

Get Your Copy Now.


9 Common Mistakes Resellers Make When Sourcing For Products With Resell Rights!

Quickly discover the 9 common mistakes most resellers make when sourcing for Resell Rights products in their pursuit of profits. You can now wisely dodge these mistakes and tell the good investments from bad!
Ebook cover: 15 Day Resell Rights Success
15 Day Resell Rights Success

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P.S. Finally, no more "general knowledge", "what kind of rights are there" and "Lessons 101" on Resell Rights... because I show you what you need to do from Days 1 through 15 in order to get your profits as a reseller, struggle-free in the long run!

P.P.S. It makes sense to try a better, result-producing alternative for only under $200 anyway. After all, if what you have been doing before this as a reseller has never worked, you will do well to give it up and try my solutions out for better, pragmatic results.

P.P.P.S. A wise man once said, "If you in for the worse right now, you have probably traded something better for it." Why not trade $35 with me and I give you a better solution, all packed in an electronic guide which you can download and print within minutes from now? It was never fun to see a $0 in your Resell Rights income statement, so don't you think it's time to change that figure to 4, maybe 5?

Price: $24.95
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